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Captain Kitten

Hello! Welcome to Threshold forums
You may not have noticed, but we do not have any sponsors or commercials on any of our pages: This is something we wanted from the start. We believe this isn't the way to go because nobody likes ads, and we would like to keep our pages free of them. Additionally, we want all the information you see on our pages to be uncluttered and relevant, as well as being free of any suspicion of affiliation. We would love to keep it that way and hoped the store would be able to carry Threshold alone; however, this, so far, has not been the case. If everyone here would support us with only 1USD each we would be guaranteed to survive a whole year and well into the next. Support us through this link or by shopping in the store- where you'll be supporting a developer at the same time. (any amount donated over 5$ gives you business class and any amount over 15$ gives you 1st class -please send me a pm if you have so I don't have to search for you ❤️ )

Read more about us and why we created Threshold



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