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  2. My next obvious question. Can I use this version to also add VR functionality to the V35?
  3. Hey, Drew "Bel Geode" here. I would really really love to see the Skymaster get some love. Request for: Cessna 337 Skymaster Made by: Carenado Does the addon currently have a VR compatible yoke (does it move with touch controllers)? Not that I am aware of. Does the addon have a VRConfig.txt in the root aeroplane folder? No it does not. Are there any switches broken? If so, how many? None broken Are there any knobs broken? If so, how many? At least 3 (Altimeter, Heading, OBS) Does the addon have any teleport hotspots? Zero hotspots Does the addon have any touchscreen elements? No touchscreen. GNS 430 by default, cannot interact with it in VR. Are there any broken levers? If so, how many? No broken levers, but functionality could be improved a little since it is a twin engine. Any additional comments or things that might help: It is a unique craft, in that it is both a pusher and puller prop. Most of the panel switches work ok. On the side is an avionics switch that works ok, the brake and parking is just forward on that, and to the best of my knowledge cannot be manipulated. Carenado also included the "exterior objects" when tied down, that would be good to be able to click on the cones to remove them. Main door and small pilot side window open fine, but Luggage door in the back may need work. THANKS!!
  4. Nice effort, Unfortunately after downloading latest version of this aircraft from x-plane store (v1.31), it has some incompatibility with the gauges, they are skewed outside of the plane.
  5. Hey guys! I have everything installed correctly as far as I know but the trigger in the heli still won't start the vr menu for me. I also tried setting a physical button for it and I still get no response. Any common issues with this or is there anything I can try? I have Lua NG installed and the 412 is installed correctly because the vr control changed and i noticed the collective controllable with the rift controller but the magnet for the ipad is still not there and ipad spawns in the old location still. I also reinstalled everything from scratch. Also using the 3.0 version of the 412 from the x-plane store. could the 3.0 version be why things are wonky or did u guys mod this on the 3.0? Thx for your help.
  6. @Joe_K is there any chance this can be updated for v1.6 of the aircraft. It has been updated to include Avitab but there are issues with double-clicks because the tablet cannot be naturally displayed in the new version. Thanks! Love your work!
  7. This program allows you to adjust the speed/sensitivity of your aircraft's knobs easily and while still in VR. It auto-populates the knobs based on whichever aircraft you have loaded, and provides a simple slider for each knob where you can adjust the sensitivity and reload to test. Tame those pesky knobs and tune them to your liking. The program also creates a backup of the original vrconfig.txt file so if you screw it all up you can easily just revert back to the old one. This program will only work with aircraft that already have a vrconfig file. It does not modify, add, or remove click spots, or build new vrconfigs, it only is a quick, easy way to modify an existing one in an intuitive manner, with no typing, editing, or guessing, all while keeping your headset on. Enjoy! Massive thanks to IanQ, Sparker, and Folko for teaching, pushing, and believing. Instructions: Make sure you have an updated version of Flywithlua NG. Unzip the file, and drop both the file and the folder in the resources/plugins/flywithlua/scripts folder. You can find the file in the flywithlua/macros menu, and you can also assign it to a keyboard key or joystick button. Further instructions are in the program itself. vrknobtweaker1-0-0.zip (deprecated, use latest version) V 1-0-1 update notes: Added switch degree manipulation as well to keep all manipulators in sync on read/write file. Code cleanup. Bug fixes. UI enhancements. vrknobtweaker1-0-1.zip
  8. Does it align the ap buttons to the correct spots?
  9. SOLVED - Guys, Just grab the VRconfig.txt of the standard 172 copy twice and rename both the new text files : Cessna_172SPBushTW_vrconfig.txt & Cessna_172SPBush_vrconfig.txt. The only thing it won't do is you can't move the trim but all other buttons and normal movement of the yoke work.
  10. Out of the VR Lab: X-Trident Bell 412 with Swisscreations mod. This fantastic Swisscreations enhancement mod gets some much deserved VR touch controller love. The enhancements downloaded from this page do not work with just the stock X-Trident 412, they only work with that 412 with the Swisscreations mods. This works for both the HP and EP mods. The cyclic and collective are now usable with VR Touch controllers, and some knobs were added and tuned, as well as teleport hotspots added for Pilot and Copilot positions. Manipulators that have been tweaked to work in VR are: -Cyclic stick -Collective -Nav knobs -Com knobs -Heading knob -OBS knob -Horizon knob -Brightness knobs -GPS knobs etc... -Custom Teleport Hotspots Added New Optional Custom Features: -We coded up a new VR compatible menu system for the Swisscreations 412 mod that combines the Configuration, Load, and SAR menus as well as many other toggles and options into a clean, modern, resizeable and repositionable window. It works well outside of VR too. This is the first version, many more enhancements to come and please give me feedback. You can toggle it on and off by clicking a hidden clickspot on the bottom right screw head of the center console (see picture) or the toggle is also a registered command that you can assign to any joystick button or keystroke. To assign once installed you can find the toggle command under FlyWithLua/SimVRLabs 412 Menus. What's new in Version 1.1 -Save State for loadout and options (reload the way you left it) -All Swisscreations Options now selectable -Each Passenger has real weight -Weight is kgs now, instead of incorrectly showing lbs. -Many various bugfixes and enhancements -Weight is no longer changeable with slider (unrealistic)...add or remove people, gear, or fuel to add/reduce weight What's new in Version 1.2 - Sling Load items have accurate physical weight - Sling Load hookup Sound added - CoPilot toggle with auto-magic seat switching - Bugfix to squash incompatibility with FlyAgi Tweak Utility - Added weight readout next to Jettison button - Moved X-Pad to a more logical position instead of in your right ear Installation Instructions: I recommend making a backup copy of your Aircraft/AB412 folder. Just rename it to something like AB412 Old, so you can easily just revert back if you need to. Step 1. Unzip the file and you'll find three folders. To add the VR enhancements, just open the EP or HP "VR enhancements" folder. Then select all the contents and copy/paste into your that aircraft's root folder, overwrite and enjoy! Step 2 to add VR compatible custom menu: You must have FlyWithLua NG installed. If you don't have it already, do that first. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38445-flywithlua-ng-next-generation-edition-for-x-plane-11-win-lin-mac/ If this is your first installation of flywithlua, once you've installed it make sure you remove every file out of X-Plane 11/resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/scripts folder. The easiest thing to do is create another scripts folder and call it "scripts disabled" and just cut/paste them into there, in case you want to drop any of them back into the scripts folder in the future to see what they do. Step 3: In our zip file we had one more folder called "Custom VR Menu". Inside you'll find one lua file. Paste that file into X-Plane 11/resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/scripts. Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported X-Trident or Swisscreations update, so don't expect support from them on it. If you need help you can always ask me or just revert to your backed up folders. If you lose the old files and just want to reset everything just reinstall the aircraft.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------ You must be a member of the club to download any files so please go ahead and join up, otherwise you will get an error. SimVRlabsX-TridentwithSwisscreationsModv1.2.zip
  11. Hey guys just giving this a bump as it would be great to work out why the bush kit uses ergonomic mode over full movement considering it uses the laminar 172 a base for the mod.
  12. Hi there, Many thanks for your contribution to the world of VR flightsimming! I'm very happy with the Saab340 file created by you. Many thanks for that! I was wondering if it is possible to add yoke and throttle support to the FLYJSIM 732? There is a VR config set around which has optimised VR controls however I'm still unable to find a config file which actually does support proper yoke and throttle control. My guess, based on the many requests I find from the community that this could be a very nice add-on to this plane and make it proper VR supported. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51951-fjs_732_twinjet_vrconfigtxt/ Many thanks in advance, Regards, Tango1977
  13. Well, 6 months later, the 2 jets are in VR beta! I have completely reworked the cockpit.OBJ file from the ground up to ensure that the jets are future-proof and won't break with coming XPlane updates (VR Updates). More info to come. Matheson
  14. Yeah, same for me, also now with this version, the vrconfig by simVRlabs doesn't work on it so you have to revert back to the old file. How come VR lab can get it spot on but Carenado aren't even close. I find it hard to believe they even tried it before release.
  15. Update Time! I am essentially rebuilding the cockpit.OBJ file from scratch because the default system does not permit VR manipulators. Work is progressing nicely, though. Because I am reworking the aircraft's manipulation system and cockpit.OBJ, I will need a small team to help me test that NO system functionality is lost. If you'd like to help out, please PM me. Matheson
  16. I’ve been wanting this since the plane was released!
  17. All of the work you've done here has truly made flying in VR realistic. There are a few payware developers that claim their planes are VR ready only to spend $30+ and find their implementation is exceptionally poor. Aerobask even admits they don't have any VR hardware to test their planes! This shows in their "VR ready" airplanes, which are NOT VR ready and rely on kind souls like this group and the guy that works on MoveVR. That said, there's a highly accurate G-IV on the .org that's excellent freeware, but with no VR implementation. Any chance you could work on this plane by ghansen?
  18. This is a request for Airfoillabs King Air 350: All planes seem to be the same for flat screen flyers. Nice pop up graphical windows that make things big and straight and level for you to interact with the instrument easily. Unfortunately, if you are in VR ... NONE of those pop-up windows work. MoveVR does not make these work either. Can code be written for the Airfoillabs King Air 350 so that these flat screen pop-ups can also pop up in VR? Wouldn't even bother asking except these screens have a lot of much needed functionality for these aircraft. Thank you.
  19. In my opinion this amazing freeware plane is set to be the Zibo of general aviation. Would you guys please give it the VR love it deserves: Request for: Yakovlev Yak-18T (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51672-pwdt-yakovlev-yak-18t/) Made by: PWDT Does the addon currently have a VR compatible yoke (does it move with touch controllers)? No Does the addon have a VRConfig.txt in the root aeroplane folder? No Are there any switches broken? If so, how many? Yes, magnito selector switch, prime switch etc. Are there any knobs broken? If so, how many? The trim handle and fuel levers does not work well in VR. Does the addon have any teleport hotspots? No Does the addon have any touchscreen elements? No Are there any broken levers? If so, how many? The levers work in VR, but not very well. Any additional comments or things that might help: I would really appreciate if you guys at least download the free addon and take a look. This is a really great freeware addon, and getting the VR up to scratch will be a great gift to the community. Yours in anticipation, Christiaan Hoek
  20. Hey guys, A quick update: the project is not dead. I've been working with XCrafts on a secondary project while this one was on hold. Because this plane uses old-fashioned 'Panel manipulators', it will be a while before I can get this out. It's not quite as simply as the other projects. Right now, both jets fly beautifully in VR. I cant wait to share them with you. Matheson
  21. Is this still working? the entire cockpit is mostly missing for me
  22. Out of the VR Lab: AirFoilLabs KA350! This is a the first SimVRlabs VR mod release for the KA350, compatible with version 1.0.0 of the aircraft. I worked very hard to make things just act and "feel" as right as they can. As future AirFoilLabs updates come out, I will try to be timely on modifying the SimVRlabs mod to adjust to any new changes. In time, I'm sure AFLabs will make her 100% VR compatible, hopefully this mod allows us to enjoy the KA350 fully in VR until then! It's an amazing aircraft. What's Tweaked: - Added Yoke control for VR controllers. - Added VR Config file with over 80 manipulators, knobs, and switches tuned for speed and functionality - Added Teleport hotspots throughout the cockpit and cabin - Tweaked pitch trim wheel for better feel and function with VR controllers and/or mouse - Fixed FMS numbers 1-3 bug Version Information: V100 - Initial Version of the Mod V100a - Fixed Surface Deice switch not working with VR controllers. Installation Instructions: 1. For this to work, you MUST disable "Automatic Update Checking" in the AirFoilLabs product manager plugin. If not, the files will be overwritten each time you run X-Plane. So open that product manager and click the "..." button at the top, and uncheck the "Enable Automatic Update Checking" box. 2. Download the SimVRlabs zip file. Unzip the file and add the two files to your AirFoilLabs/King Air 350 folder. Overwrite. Save a copy of these files somewhere else so that when you do update your aircraft to the latest version, you can re-apply the SimVRlabs mod without having to re-download. 3. Enjoy! I recommend making a backup copy of your X-plane 11/Aircraft/AirFoilLabs/King Air 350 folder. Just rename them to something like ****** Variant Old, so you can easily just revert back if you need to. Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported AirFoilLabs update, so don't expect support from them on it. If you need help you can always ask me or just revert to your backed up folders. If you lose the old files and just want to revert back to default, just run the updater. AFLKingAir350SimVRlabsModV100a.zip Useful KA350 Docs.zip planecommandaltitudeModKA350.zip Plugin to make the autopilot altimeter gauge sync with PlaneCommand spoken commands. Add plugins folder to KA350 root folder, overwrite if needed. SimVRlabsYokeCenterv106.zip Returns your yoke to center when you let go of the yoke with the VR controllers, putting trims back into play for VR controller Yoke Control pilots. Add plugins folder to aircraft's root folder, overwrite if needed.
  23. I have installed it on the 1.1 version and the throttle quadrant is all backwards with movement. i.e if you push the throttle forward, then it goes backwards. To make the Throttle go forward you actually make a downward movement which is counter intuitive. this problem continues for the rest of the the throttle quadrant including flaps etc.
  24. dear joe, what about this file now that carenado updated the 208 to version 1.1 will it still work? best regards, michael marx
  25. Request for:King Air 350 Made by: Airfoilabs Does the addon currently have a VR compatible yoke (does it move with touch controllers)? NO!!! Does the addon have a VRConfig.txt in the root aeroplane folder? Don't know. Are there any switches broken? If so, how many? No. Are there any knobs broken? If so, how many? No. Does the addon have any teleport hotspots? Don't know. Does the addon have any touchscreen elements? No. Are there any broken levers? If so, how many? No. Any additional comments or things that might help: I didn't buy it because the lack of VR yoke. If it can be added I will buy it on the spot!

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