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  2. Hm, that seems like there may be some plugin trying to take over the autopilot or something, is anything like that installed on your system?
  3. TODAY IT WORKED! For awhile. I pushed the ap button several times and then it stayed on. I was able to do heading mode, fly ILS and GPS approach. Once while on the glideslope on the GPS approach the AP went off but by pushing the button once it came back on and finished the approach. Then I switched to a different airport and the autopilot refused to connect. I can't think what I could be doing wrong?
  4. I appreciate your help as this is frustrating. Still no joy. I'm running X Plane 11 on a single computer with 3 screens. Attache are a CH products yoke and Saitek pro rudder pedals. I also have a wireless keyboard and a second wired keyboard that has keys assigned for various functions. The computer is just for X Plane and has minimal other software. I tried deleting the prefs.txt file as suggested, but no change. Just to make sure it wasn't something weird in my hardware I disconnect yoke, rudder pedals and wired keyboard. No change. Besides the Autopilot everything seems to work fine, both manually operated on screen or using dedicated keys on the keyboard. I would really like to fix this as many planes I fly in real life have a similar equipment setup. The plans I fly very from 6 pack with gns430-530 and various bk and stec autopilots, also Avidyne glass instead of 6 pack as well as g1000. I like to fly approaches and SIDS and STARS. One of the main reasons I bought the AFM M20R is that it is a higher performance (faster) airplane. This is what I'm used in the real world and keeps me on my toes with operating avionics automatically, not having to ponder what knobs to dial and buttons to push. Thanks again for your help.
  5. That is definitely odd. Are you using any switch/ap external panels? I am trying to figure out what would interfere with the AP to cause it to not engage. Can you try deleting the M20R_prefs.txt file in X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation II and see if that stops the issue?
  6. Okay, I just tried straight and level "hands off" push autopilot button and AP flashes for 1/10 of second. Autopilot show Rol, Pit, 3900ft, YD So I tried doing a clean install of the M20R. Same results. Just so you know I bought this about 3 months ago so have only been using version 3.03.
  7. I don't have any control forces on the yoke or pedals. Before I did my original post, I tried trimming the Ovation straight and level and when I push the autopilot wouldn't go on. What does happen is AP flashes, YD goes on and whatever other settings, usually roll and pitch. I will try again with straight and level flight, trimmed out, with my hands and feet completely off the controls. Just so you know I am a real pilot and have been using XPlane since version 8. The G1000 autpilot in the Ovation 3 works fine, the stec 55x in the stock 172 works fine. Like I said I am stumped.
  8. These are being worked on with our new FMOD sound pack
  9. The interior is being revamped and we will make sure this included in the update
  10. Yes, that bug is an odd one that is the top of the list for updating in the v4 cycle. Thank you for the screenshots!
  11. That sure is weird, can you confirm that you are holding no control forces on the yoke when actuating? Significant forces will disengage the autopilot.
  12. Some minor things I've noticed: Parking Brake - it would be nice to have a sound assigned to setting and releasing the parking brake. Landing Lights - no sound associated with switches when using keyboard (when mouse operated produces clicks) Flaps - would it be possible to have flap switch sound only activate when the flap can be operated (raised or lowered) from current position? ie, no sound when raising flaps if they're already raised. Autopilot Disengage - could use an AP Disengage warning.
  13. The O2 control is difficult to set when flying at night. It would be a nice improvement to have the gauge/controls illuminated for this. I fly the Acclaim mostly, not sure if the other models could use this improvement as well. Thanks! -Drew
  14. I've noticed on the Acclaim (not sure about the others yet) there is a flickering of the cockpit light. It's the same intensity and position as the regular cockpit light, even when it's off. Occurs with certain cockpit views when panning around. Not sure what else to describe about it, it's kind of random in terms of which view position causes this, yet there are certain positions that will always cause it (see images below). This does not appear to be the cockpit light as the flickering is still visible when the cockpit lighting is on. The light definitely flickers sometimes, depending on where the view is positioned, the light will flicker, almost like lightning or a possessed strobe light. There are at least two flickering light sources - one on left side of panel and the other on the right side. They flicker independently. Has anyone else noticed this? Please let me know if I can provide more info or a log file. Thanks! Drew I've added some screenshots below - the view angle only needs to change slightly for the cockpit light to come on, but it stays on as long as the view angle remains the same. When panning around the cockpit, the light will briefly come on/off, almost like a flicker, but it will stay on at certain viewing angles.
  15. It would be nice if the engine RPM (pitch) sound changed according to the prop RPM. Right now, the engine RPM pitch sounds change according throttle setting, not prop setting - like a fixed pitch prop rather than the constant speed prop. It should sound like a constant speed prop. Thanks! -Drew
  16. I can't get the autopilot to turn on in the Ovation II plane. If I push the AP button, AP will blink but not stay on, and the autopilot won't work. All other buttons work as expected. Occasionally when I first load the plane it will start, but not consistently. I've tried having the plane in trimmed out level flight but AP won't engage. I'm stumped!
  17. Sounds good (pun). I was wondering, because i saw a review on youtube and there the interior sounds got louder when he opened the door. In my installation it's not doining this. Good to know that there is something in development to make a better sound immersive. So i will wait for it. Thank you for your quick reply...
  18. Hi Raller, While the aircraft is using FMOD for the sounds, the sounds are definitely a spot for improvement. We have a new sound pack in development by my dev partner at TorqueSim - he is way better at it then I am, so expect a major sound update soon!
  19. Hello, i just purchased the M20 and installed it in my x-plane 11.34 like described. The sound within the cockpit is not realy good, no volume change if i open the window or the door. Nothing to hear from "Full FMOD Sound Pack with recordings from the real aircraft". The sound in outside view is exactly the same as the cockpit sound. No change and no fmod-sound if i go around the airplane. What am i doing wrong? Best regards Raller
  20. You are correct. I charged the battery and it worked. Thank you for the help. Faisal
  21. The plugin should be loading fine - as it looks OK in the settings menu. The battery might be dead, that might be the problem, you can charge it from the sidebar menu -> settings -> charge batteries
  22. Pls find attached the Log.txt Thank you Faisal Log.txt
  23. Can you upload your log.txt file located in the X-Plane 11 folder? Grab this file after loading the Ovation 3 in-sim, so it has the applicable information. Thank you!
  24. Good Day, I have a problem with the Ovation III and Acclaim. Both load fine into Xplane, but when turning on the Master switch, nothing happens. Even when hitting (shift,ctrl,E) the engine does not start. What is interesting is that the Ovation II works fine. Any help will be appreciated. Faisal.
  25. So, I just purchased the AFM M20 package. Followed installation instructions (AFM folder in main aircraft folder, load Ovation II first) and everything worked great with the Ovation II - frame rates 35-40 fps. Then, I loaded the Acclaim and it's not usable - frame rates below 1 fps at any view. I am running a Mac but it's pretty decent - 2017 15" MacBook Pro 500 gb hard drive 16gb ram. I closed all other applications, tried restarting computer, etc... I have no problem with other heavy-hitting planes and 4k scenery so I know it's not just that my computer can't handle it. Any ideas?

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