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  2. I would also add on the wish list: When the battery is turned ON, the avionics fan sound is kind of a ON/OFF sound instead the fan sound frequency should slowly increase with time when the fan accelerates to its normal operating speed. The transition between the starter sound and the low idle engine sound is too brutal and not very natural. One can clearly hear that they are 2 different sounds played. Any way to make it more natural with a smooth transition between start and idle RPM? That s very noticeable when running the mags check before shutdown. When binding the cockpit switches to keyboard stroke, there is no more sound effect: For instance if you use a keyboard key to turn ON and OFF the strobes light, when activating it, there is no sound whereas when clicking on it with the mouse, there is a sound. Add custom brakes and suspension sounds. That would already significantly improve the immersion with those small mods. Cheers
  3. Hi I finished a flight today with the Acclaim variant and was not able to tie it down; put chocks and cones. The covers work fine tho. Cheers
  4. Sounds good already! Thx for sharing the website! Good luck TIPAH
  5. Hi, Thanks for the feedback! Version 4 will bring a lot of features, you can see our current planned feature list here . Regarding your comments: Walk around mode is currently not planned, maybe after v4 though Will be added in the v4 cycle Will be added in the v4 cycle Will be added in the v4 cycle Already implemented in code - should be in the next 4.0 public beta Currently not planned due to lack of documentation on this feature in lib rain. Possibly in the future. Happy flying!
  6. Dear developers! First of all thanks for this wonderful plane. 3 variants of the Ovation, plenty of liveries, convincing flight model, all custom commands available via the xplane joystick and keyboard menus...I love it so congrats! On the wishes list I would add: 1. Full walk around with clickable spot to toggle the elements such as chocks, pitot tube cover or checking flaps and flight controls...etc 2. A manual and POH for the Acclaim version of the Ovation. 3. Fuel flow values are missing from the POH of the Ovation II and III. 4. More detailed manuals by adding sections about how to use the oxygen and the TKS de-icing systems. 5. Rain drop windshield effects via integration of the librain plugin by Totoritko. 6. Visual ice accretion on the wings and propeller and animation of the TKS fluid. And...that s it since it is already a long list of improvements Cheers TIPAH
  7. That s perfect. I ll buy tomorrow, too busy this evening. Can t wait to try it It means that you can add some command if I need? Like the ELT switch for instance? I know it is not really used in the sim but since I have it on my panel Does the plane save the status of the radio units? I m used to toggle all the avionics ON with a single switch (since it is the case for the 172 with bus 1 and 2 avionic switches). Is it possible with the mooney? Otherwise it means that I will have to scroll down in the xplane cockpit to turn ON the DME or ADF for instance with the mouse? Put it that way: can I turn all the avionics ON using a single command? Sorry to bother you with such details but with home cockpit that makes our life more complicated. Regards PS: curently downloading finally
  8. Awesome! All the commands start with the prefix afm and are visible in the command browser. They should all be self-descriptive, but if you have more questions let me know. For the switches, there are both Toggle commands and Up/Down commands.
  9. Awesome! I think you can count me among your customers soon I love the Mooney! Thanks for your prompt answer! I m asking because of this: So I need everything to be assigned to keyboard stroke. The gauges are driven by a software that read xplane native dataref. Cheers TIPAH
  10. Interesting. I will look more into this. For operations, until I can figure this out, the High Boost Pumps are not necessary for normal operations, only needed when the engine fuel pump fails, so the standard boost pump should work just fine.
  11. Hi TIPAH, Yes, every function in this aircraft can be toggled by our (custom) commands. These commands are published to the X-Plane Command interface and can be toggled by keystrokes, buttons, etc. If you have any question about a specific command, I am more than happy to help. The gauges do use custom datarefs (all are published to dataref-editor for viewing), but the values are based on the native X-Plane engine datarefs, so both will display similar values. Regarding FPS, the plane performs quite well on my system, on par or better on FPS to other high-quality payware aircraft.
  12. Hi all, I have a home cockpit so basically I don t use the keyboard and mouse any more. Before purchasing this bird, I d like to know if every single function of this plane can be bind to keyboard stroke? I mean functions like the lights, avionics, fuel selector...etc or does it use custom dataref that manes the function not available from the xplane menu? Similarly, does use custom dataref for the insturments data like the engine oil press/Temperature, EGT, manifold pressure...etc or does it use the native xplane dataref? How does it affect the FPS? Thanks in advance. Taxi Into Position And Hold (TIPAH)
  13. Unlatching the cover doesn't work for me in the Ovation II, no matter how I click and zoom and change the perspective in the 3d view. I believe from acoustic feedback and a change of the mouse cursor that the click region is there (there is a difference in sound whether I try to flip the switch or try to unlatch the cover), but clicking in the right region doesn't do anything. Unlatching the High Boost Pumps works fine in the other two planes. (Tested in 11.31 and 11.31rc1 on Steam)
  14. Glad to hear that fixed it. Attached is an image of where the clickspots are for the High Boost Pump switches. The cover needs to be unlatched by clicking below where the switch is. Let me know if this works:
  15. You were right! Removing the calibration and joystick settings files and re-assigning them fixed the toe brakes. It works now. I love those planes! Only one small issue: In the M20R Ovation II, the high boost pump is always switched on and the little safety lever cannot be switched away to switch it off. That's odd because it works fine in the other planes.
  16. Thank you for the log. I can see from this that the rudder pedals are being loaded in by X-Plane, but I can't see much more than that. Since our aircraft doesn't touch the toe breaks (we only trigger the X-Plane failure after real hard landings, but that is instantly visible in the X-Plane default failure page) I think it may be a joystick calibration/config issue. Can you try backing up, then removing these files inside X-Plane 11/Output/preferences: X-Plane Calibration.prf X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf X-Plane Keys.prf And removing the M20R_prefs.txt files from inside the X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20 *version you prefer*/ folder. Let me know how this works!
  17. I've tested with XP 11.31 and it's the same problem. I'm sure this must be something wrong with my configuration. I'm using Saitek Pro Rudder pedals that work in all other planes and a Saitek Yoke. Axes are assigned correctly, no other devices assign the same axes. The steering shows some visual feedback and works. Toe brakes do not give any visual feedback and don't brake. All systems are operational, both in X-Plane and in M20 Failure menus. This is the only thing that isn't working, so I'd very much appreciate any help. I'm uploading the log. Log.txt
  18. Glad you found the menu. Interesting that the breaks aren’t working, I currently can’t reproduce this issue on my end, it could be something with 11.32.
  19. Ah, I've found the custom menu. Both gear brakes are fully operational and there are no other system failures. Brakes still don't work so I suspect it's an X-Plane 11.32rc1 thing or I've missed something else.
  20. What is the AFM maintenance menu? In the airplane plugin I cannot find such a menu. If I look in X-Plane's "Edit Failures" all systems are operations. Brakes say "always working". However, the toe brakes do nothing. There are some other things I can't explain but maybe because I'm not sufficiently familiar with the plane. In the M20R Ovation II the indicator panel always says "Boost Pump" even if I switch off the boost pump. "High boost" is always on and it cannot be switched off. That's intended, right? I hope there is a way to get the brakes working.
  21. The plane should certainly have breaks, can you check the AFM Maintenance menu and see if they are failed?
  22. Hi! I bought the m20 collection yesterday and made two tests flights. I love the planes! I have Saitek rudder pedals that work in X-Plane and with other planes, axes are assigned to yaw and toe brakes left and right and X-Plane shows they work. Steering works left and right but toe brakes seem to have no effect. Stupid question: Do these planes have no brakes except for the parking brake? Is this a bug? I'm using X-Plane 11.32rc1, latest version of m20 downloaded yesterday.
  23. Nice plane good work. Just some finer art on modeling would make it top notch.
  24. Found the issue. The "AFM" folder is required to be directly inside the X-Plane 11/Aircraft folder and not inside any sub-folders. If you move the "AFM" folder back a layer, the plane should work. Let me know if this fixes the issue
  25. Log.tx Hi. XP log file attached, see closing remarks in this file wrt to fonts. Thanks.

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