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Enhanced Cloudscapes

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A freeware cloud replacement add-on for X-Plane 11
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  2. Hi, I am unable to create a Mac version myself, as Mac OS requires a different OpenGL context to be created, which I really don't know how to. It also requires a different development environment, which again I don't have any experience with. I really hope someone picks the source code up on GitHub and compiles it for Mac OS one day.
  3. could i try your preset? Thanks in Advanced.
  4. @BiologicalNanobotAny ideas or updates?
  5. Just curious: is a Mac version in the pipeline?
  6. I'm still trying to find the cause of clouds disappearing issue on Vulkan, I was suspecting depth buffer is the culprit, but I'm no longer sure about that.
  7. Hello, I will be posting various development updates about the upcoming alpha and future versions here.

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