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Club for Enhanced Skyscapes and Enhanced Cloudscapes users
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  2. After installing Enhanced Skyscapes today X-plane crashes after loading. The X-plane log file shows Enhanced Skyscrapes loaded successfully. If I remove the Enhanced Skyscrapes plugin folder X-Plane loads normally. Any suggestions?
  3. Enjoying this product very much. Is it possible to get the cloud reflections in the water like regular weather. I'm using Active Sky if that makes a difference.
  4. Hi BNB ok, thanks for the reply. It's a small visual price to pay for what is a great product you've created, so thanks!
  5. Hi, This is sadly an X-Plane "limitation", so currently there is nothing that can be done about it. The same issue also occurs in other add-ons that render a custom sky.
  6. I have some weird autogen effects since installing ES. Any objects that are protruding above the horizon line at a range of approx 2 miles or more have a luminescent blue shade to them. No problem with objects below horizon line, or close range. Any ideas on settings to improve? Cheers
  7. Happy New Year! Sorry for the belated reply my Discord name is lknfly ... Still cannot get in your discord this day
  8. Overall so far I'm really loving Enhanced Skyscapes, and i really was supprised on how good it turned out for its really competitive price. The only thing I'm missing a bit is a replacement of the vanilla rain and snow effects (you know, those that look like you've turned on your hyperdrive) since they don't interact with light in a realistic fashion and seem to be always lit at night and completely break immersion for me. A replacement of those two effects i think would be the cherry on top of an already astonishing plugin. (Something along the lines of how X-Enviro displays rain could be a good start)
  9. Hi, Yes, in fact this is one of the main focuses of the upcoming update.
  10. Hi there, is there a chance, that the next update will fix the sudden cloud scattering change every time flying into a new METAR station? thanks, Steve
  11. Hi, Thank you for your kind comments. The main reason behind lack of Linux support for Enhanced Skyscapes is the fact that I used Visual C++ as my compiler during the development phase. Turns out this was a big mistake, because Visual C++ allows developers to write non-standard code and not notice it. Right now when I try to compile the code using GCC I get several errors, which were absent when I used Visual C++ instead. Other than that, there are no differences between Windows and Linux, at least in theory. I'm also working on the upcoming update, which will introduce ASXP integration and a bunch of other improvements for rendering artifacts, cloud lighting and cloud shapes, combined with my studies I simply did not have enough time to address these compilation errors. I promise the development will get quite a bit faster in following weeks. Have a nice day!
  12. Good Morning @BiologicalNanobot, and thank you for the response. Merry Christmas! No apology necessary! I bought this product very well aware of absence of Linux support, but seeing how Enhanced Cloudscapes can run on Linux, I was just curious, and thought I'd ask anyway. Best of luck in your exams and your double-major; it's admirable you have so much dedication to both this and your studies. Take care, Dominick
  13. Hi, Linux support is planned, despite progressing rather slowly as I am very busy with exams and other things I need to handle in my double major. Given you already have the add-on this part does not apply to you, but I would not recommend purchasing it based on the premise of Linux support. I hope this helps and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Hi, This is extremely weird - it is the first time I have heard of such an issue. I would recommend removing other plugins and/or FlyWithLua scripts that might be potentially clashing.
  15. Hi, whenever I am at cruise, the aircraft just descends and crashes rapidly. I deleted enhanced skyscapes to see if it makes a difference, and it did. So is there any way in which these crashes can be prevented with the software? thanks.
  16. Good Afternoon! Just gotta say I love this add-on. The sky looks so beautiful now! So, I've been considering fully migrating from Windows to Linux for X-Plane since I have an AMD GPU (RX 6800 XT), and the Windows drivers have given me all manner of problems with X-Plane (the OpenGL support in the Linux Mesa drivers is way better). I've compiled the Enhanced Cloudscapes source so it works on Linux (and love it), but I was wondering if there is any chance of seeing Enhanced Skyscapes on Linux, too, since .NET Core 5.0 is cross-platform. Just wanted to ask, and if it's not planned, then no worries! Great work on this add-on either way! Merry Christmas! Dominick
  17. Hi, Has your fix worked? What I mean with my previous comment is that installer itself (not the plugin) needs to reach a folder in C drive, which requires administrator permissions. Maybe this is why you are getting an "access denied" error. However you also mentioned that it still doesn't work with administrator permissions, which is really weird. Do you have screenshots of what's happening?
  18. Hi there. Where should my X-Plane be located, if not at 'C' drive? Every other plug in and software for X-Plane works as soon as installed. I did run the executable as admin. I can try uninstalling and reinstalling the software and seeing how it goes, in case I did something wrong during the install process. I'll let you know.
  19. I believe this is happening because your X-Plane directory is at C drive. Have you tried running Enhanced Skyscapes Installer.exe as administrator?
  20. Hi, The same was happening when choosing C:\X-Plane 11. I just retried this directory and I am getting this message: "Access to the path Enhanced Skycapes Installer.exe is denied". What could cause this issue? Details.txt
  21. Hi, This is because you are choosing the wrong direction. You should choose root X-Plane directory ("C:\X-Plane 11" in your case) instead of the plugins directory.
  22. In the Installer, I am simply selecting path "C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins". I am not sure why, when I select 'Install', the Installer adds all the other stuff after plugins? My Installer is in the correct 'C' drive. Let me know what I am missing please.
  23. That's really weird, for now I just gave you a Member role but I will look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience. On second thought, I might have confused you with someone, so what is your Discord name?
  24. Hello. Somebody please help. There is a problem with shadows. When I set the "overcast" in the sky the shadows looks sharp and the sun shines on all surfaces like the no clouds at all.


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