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  2. Is XE compatible with Reshade+RT this relevant demo is really fascinating
  3. Are their any nearby plans for XE to Mold the feed of Metar Data with the landscape obstacles such as mountains/hills/buildings - similar to the competition? such as (https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/dbhxrb/this_picture_of_ridge_lift_in_msfs2020_looks/)
  4. Fair enough, ill stop the hate and wait to see how 1.14 goes.
  5. Use xenviro.net for support. If you have had any system changes or hardware changes you might need to reset your key.
  6. As I said: 2.0 is far in to the future and 1.14 (as mentioned countless times) addresses performance.
  7. well considering this $70 software has been useless for the years I have had it it would be a nice good faith gesture. It hasn't been installed on my system for over a year because I fly in 4k. Im done with you guys...good luck in the future.
  8. 2.0 will not be a free update. But ---> "...what will be part of the foundation of xEnviro 2.0 (That is far down the line still - don't worry)." --> So don't worry.
  9. I do hope this X-Enviro 2.0 you mentioned in the update @Captain Kitten will be a free update to existing users. Kinda been sitting on broken software since this project started and would like to see a finished product.
  10. Yeah tempt us more with videos! Proud to say I like what I see... V1.14 with the fps increase you witnessed wasn't releasable as it was? Performance is the main reason the community uninstalls it... just feedback I'm sure you've heard before. I think I need to be on the beta team... where will i find the time.
  11. Is it possible to post a video recording for 1.14t26, we miss the days of 1.10 alpha/beta and the beautifully commented sneak-peak videos.
  12. Thank you for keeping us updated! Thank you for your transparency & keep up the good work!
  13. Those clouds do look excellent. Despite the issues and the wait, have never regretted buying into XEnviro (came in at 1.11). Thanks for the update Magnus and the work of the team. Respect the honesty and transparency. Yorkshire
  14. In fact, am not sure if the XE CLUB members have really noticed those last screen-shots. Update from Kaptain Kitten sounded apparently as bad news -- I SAY IT IS ACTUALLY GOOD NEWS (this is a MILESTONE update actually) based on recent discussions in this forum, it is now established by now that it is the same technology being used to render the noise-based clouds (XE vs MSFS2020) Here are my observations: Before Today's Dev Update no doubt the clouds in MSFS2020 looked far superior than XE 1.13 by measures, in terms of Cloud shapes: The cloud puff in MSFS2020 looked deeper and more authentic than XE, especially from distance. though I was not convinced with clouds in MSFS2020 which were very close to airplane, as -they looked less impressive - rather like *white fade in the eyes*, less defined (probably this is the trick how they juice more performance, so that the visuals looks great from far distance, giving that sense of huge cloud definition coupled with plausible light-scattering-effects and color shades ) Light Scattering: The rendering and scattering and shadows casting shade on each other is clearly superior in MSFS2020, and also thanks for the multi-layering which plays nice along. After Todays's Dev Update Cloud shapes: The reworked cloud shapes in XE 1.14 - according to my eyes - are sharper, more defined, and having finally that Deep Cloud Puff feeling, giving the cloud a better visual volume and is sharp to extent of /satisfying the retina/ ----- thus i would proclaim at this point that XE (private alpha Clouds) are better than MSFS2020 (public alpha clouds).. From far and also low Distances, the new reworked cloud shapes in XE 1.14 are SUPERIOR - (based on above screenshots) Light Scattering: It seems that XE teams had done some color-shading tuning in the lab, to make the cloud capture light in a much better algorithms than 1.13 The overall tune is improving, to be almost on a part with MSFS2020 - the gap has narrowed considerably - overall they have crossed the barrier of my taste of satisfaction - Kodus on that. ---------------- Big Thanks for the DEV Team on their achievement, if we look way back to 1.10 and compare with 1.14 alpha screenshots - and considering the plan going forward, i expect that in few months time, X-Plane + XE 1.14 is going to set stage and give us a taste of competition... especially coupled with a proper airplane such as FlyJSim's Q4XP (https://www.flyjsim.com/q4xp) , which proofed that other airplane developers where not really making justice to what x-plane can do today. see the screenshots and judge for your self. I dont see any further disruptive changes for the XP 11.x platform - except we have to wait for 12.0 that should address the limitations which are now a show stopper going forward - Laminar knows that. They are doing good effort already to live the transformation phase, to cleanup their table of priorities and takes the lessons to re-engineer the Next-Gen engine for XP.
  15. 1st 2 images and the Toliss A319 coming into KMIA 2nd image is the A330 departing RPLL for RJTT
  16. Seems like the app itself is functioning and the serial is valid but weather won't update. Does anyone monitor this forum anymore? Any suggestions?
  17. The plugin works other than the weather is not updating. I chose an airport where should have been stormy conditions, but Xenviro is showing clear skies and no weather whatsover. My serial and activation appear to be fine.
  18. i have observed the clouds in game "Red Dead Redemption 2" - it seems the same or very similar underlying engine of MSFS2020 is that possibly a franchise ?
  19. As sailors of the sky we skip 1.13 and go straight for 1.14. With the luck we have had so far on getting what we want it should be a natural move to skip any instances that traditionally symbolize bad luck. So - after a vacation that lasts until the middle of this month - we will start on 1.14. MAYBE we will get a hotfix ready before that - for stutter and excessive haze. But that depends on the fix and if it is worth it to run after something that will be mended in 1.14. [EDIT: we released 1.13 as a haze hotfix] As mentioned in various social media and discords: this update will be all about performance We have no less than five performance enhancing ideas. So screenshots will probably be far between since this is not a visual update. We have no idea how much performance gain each path will result in so there is no way we can plan on anything or reveal what to expect. This is not like building a car where you can just add a component and know what approximate power you will gain. These paths need to be tried and tested. But since we have five of them we are cautiously optimistic that we will manage to get a good result. Worst case scenario we get enough to gain some so we can add in a couple of more optional features and smoothen out performance for everyone. Best scenario we gain enough so we can implement VR and Multi monitor support in addition to features we have planned. So this update will NOT include: VR multi monitor Night environment or any other elements on the roadmap free beer (sorry) Lemme xplainatoriitze a bit more: xEnviro is for the most part made on a 4 year old laptop. My previous computer (just changed last week) is 5 years old. And xE performs well. xEnviro is almost purely gpu demanding. So rest of system should have little to say unless you're bottlenecking there - hardware wise or task wise. As I mentioned there are many factors that play in for fps. And then the expectations of given fps is the major rest factor. xEnviro runs well on systems with 1050 gfx cards. And it runs poorly in some environments with 2080ti's Your performance has to do with: 1: Your HW setup AND config 2: Your XPlane setup 3: Your addons and their setup. 4: Your Windows environment and background programs/services. 5: Your expectations of how it should perform. (this is huge for some users - stop looking at fps unless you need to!!) So here are some additional facts: Background tasks, Windows programs running, x-plane settings and clean ness of prf file / shader folder. All play a big role. So it may depend on your version of fluidity equals above 60 fps or if you are a bit more down to earth and see that a sim like this doesn't need more than 22-25 to look fluent. (preferrably 30+ though). If you can live with ~25-30fps you should be fine with a 1050 and above. So, my system, where xEnviro is tested the most was (1.12 has been run on both systems new system is .... drumroll.... new): 4790k @ 4.6 32GB ram @ 1800 1070 ASUS ROG SSD's and so on Now I am on 3900x @ 4.6Ghz 64GB RAM @ 3600 1070 ASUS ROG M.2's and so on. My performance in x-plane has gone down some because of the single core clock being a tad weaker than the all mighty 5 year old veteran 4790K. But xEnviro stays the same because of the 1070 being the same. Now, my fps numbers or anyone others for that matter just don't reveal what you can expect from your system. It's all about your environment setup as a whole. I would wait if you have a lower tier gfx card than a 1050. It might work perfectly well. But the lower the tier, the higher the risk of borking your gpu. WE KNOW PERFORMANCE IS AN ISSUE. It has been stated enough times. Next update will be solely performance focused. So yeah you may complain about it and criticize our choice of path to get to where we want but repeating it constantly gets very exhausting. (looking at social media keyboard jockeys that I know have read my comments). Let me put it this way: If we were to get everything to where we want it to be before we release we would not be releasing for another 6 months at the earliest. So since people have bought the previous versions and every update is free of charge within the 1.xx run we offer it to you now. And for most people it works fine. So feel free to try this one - if that doesn't work after looking in to the above mentioned factors, we have no choice but to say go back to a previous version or wait for the next update. Until we return: Happy flying - if you have issues contact support at xEnviro.net Ceers Magnus
  20. RANDOM EVENT SCREENSHOT COMPETITION OK, this is a thread where you can add your screenshots and have a chance to win a 5$ gift card in the Threshold store. This event is continous and random by nature. Starting now and never ending. How to win? Simple - choose your most fantastic screenshots and post them here. (read rules) Your screenshots may me chosen to be featured on website, promotions, Facebook events and so on. When chosen you also have a chance to win a 5$ gift card. If your screenshot is especially good you can even win 2 cards at once... Told you it's random Admission rules: xEnviro 1.10 or above Max 3 screenshots per post 1 post per week Add your real name if you want to be credited. (optional) Light "in sim modifications" allowed such as reshade maxxfx and so on NO PHOTOSHOP! When adding your screenshots here you agree that We can use your screenshot where ever DarkSpace or Threshold sees it fit You will not necessarily be credited where it is used (but we will try to do so where possible) Your screenshot might be picked but you will not receive the random event gift All gifts are given by Threshold's own selection (You have to be registered in the store to receive gift cards. Go to the store via the link in the top menu.)

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