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  2. I've addressed developers directly on this issue on another post, and this post is clearly visible on the front page and has been for the past 2 weeks. While the developers respond to other posts, some older, they won't respond on this. It seems deliberate to me. I think it's really a shame, I've been actively following development, but the fact that we cannot get a simple answer for a product that we bought for $70 is really disappointing. My understanding now is that real storms (with heavy winds and thunder) aren't in 1.10, otherwise the developpers would have answered this question for a while now. The devs are avoiding this question, because they do not wish to admit this, but I wonder, did you really think people wouldn't notice that storms are missing? and that all we have is big rain clouds. Seeing how storms behave is literally the first thing most of us do when we try a new weather plugin, and you didn't expect anyone to notice? I'm not even disappointed by 1.10 overall, even without storms it's a pretty great product for me, but I find this behaviour really shady, I didn't expect this from the X-Enviro team, and I think it's a shame that you would avoid questions in order not to tell the truth.
  3. What is expected for 1.11
  4. As I have said on multiple occations: we released this now with the known issues. Performance being one of them. The fact that 4k (or any higher Pixel count) is much heavier on performance than 1080p is something that I failed to mention. It was just too obvious to me so I didn't.. Performance is being worked on in paralell to the other known items we have. But it will take some time since it involves a deeper restructure. We hope to see both a performance gain and a gain in resolution when doing what we have planned. We do understand the frustration some express when having to lower their Pixel count for xe, but the alternative would have been to postpone the release of xe until the performance were better. The vast majority wanted a release now and we felt it was ok to do so while making it very clear to everyone that we have known issues. In the meantime we still do offer all of the previous stable versions if 1.10 does not work for you now.
  5. Hey @Vendia I am having this same issue, did you end up getting rid of the rendering options mod entirely, or changing the settings?
  6. Hi Captains! I also run a 4K, Processor Intel (R) Core i7-6700 CPU @ 4.00GHz, RAM 16,0 Go ,Window 8.1 Pro 64 bits, Nvidia 1080GTX, Screen LCD Philips 4K 127cm (50 inches),resolution 3840/2160 60htz. I have no base for complaints in terms of performances, Active Sky XP in overcast, Xp settings to the right at 80% and I get 28/30 FPS over big cities, high autogen and objects... I downloaded the last version of Xenviro 1.10, the verdict is just like an uppercut in my perf: in overcast my FPS get hit so drastically that they go down to the ground at 10 to 15 fps when it comes to (only) SCT 4 oktas in the sky! 3D volumetric clouds, no doubt it's great but if I have the faster car in my hangar and can't go over 30 MPH not sure that I will be happy with that. I'd rather by a horse. There isn't any indication that we can't run Xenviro 1.10 with a 4K! The reply received yesterday from Xenviro was a little bit laconic imo : "xEnviro works nicely on 2560x1440 and below." Well, I was very surprised even "speechless" when I had to face this answer. Because technically I just can't go on the lower resolution as I've already mentioned without getting horrible pixels or even more: a screen divided! So I don't really understand the reason why I received that reply... If I wanted to be gently ironic, I'll say that if Xenviro works on Atari or a Xbox 3D clouds at 30 fps that's fine but where am I concerned that Xenviro works nicely on 2560*1440? Fine for those who run this resolution but how could it solve the issue for those who run a 4K? That what happens in the virtual world, we are beta tester after purchasing the first release even if we are just costumers at the end... Information are important: at least something like this: "Our product don't work on high resolution, please wait for the next update" (that can be considered positively) because I really don't care if Xenviro works nicely in window mode or whatever... If I land my plane in the real life as it happens every week and if I have a brake issue for instance, I will notify it (which is not bashing!), just at the end I hope that the aircraft mechanic won't tell me "look pilot, don't you know that the brakes work nicely on my car, do you? " Anyways, the good news somehow is that they are working on optimization code... I try to be patient again again and again but I should have knew from XEnviro that the current 1.10 don't work with a 4K, it's basic in terms of solid and constructive relation-ship between devs and costumers because we are their investors... That being said I really do support the team despite if I was worried about my "virtue patience expiration date" but I feel that it has to be extended because they bring new great features especially concerning turbulence effects and CAT, they did a good job (couldn't test turb in clouds or IMC because of extreme bad performances) however in CAT, in approach till the very touch down turbulence are often very realistic (based on my short flight tests), imo I've never seen that at this level of realism.. I (like many of us) just want to enjoy the product fully, the one we had purchased, just this, that makes our critics legitimate and respectful as well, period... Happy Landings honorable pilots! Lkn
  7. Hi Guys, Having an issue here, no cockpit shadows. Any idea?. Thanks -Avinash
  8. Update: Was rendering options mod, I needed to increase draw distance even further for some reason when xenviro is active. Maybe just a PSA for others who use that mod along side xenviro https://imgur.com/a3LjTT4
  9. If I turn xenviro off everything loads and looks fine.
  10. This does not look xEnviro trelated. Either your orthos arent loading or you have some othe addon interfering.
  11. When I have xenviro enabled the draw distance of my scenery is significantly lower than when I have it off to the point of ruining immersion. Is there a way to fix this because all the screen shots I've seen posted for 1.10 don't seem to have the problem I'm having. In the first screen you can see the parts of the mountains that have not loaded in. In the second one you can see the squares that have not loaded in. https://imgur.com/IIUUpnr https://imgur.com/JPqLPzV
  12. Thing is if I let the Snow slider on max I get snow in june everywhere on the planet. But even if I change the slider to minimum, all my ground textures are more "grey" and darker. I thought Xenviro was changing the atmosphere, not the actual ground textures (orthos), they are ugly now! I know you are aware about the snow but the main problem now is when snow slider is on minimum. 1st pic is with Xenviro off 2nd is with Xenviro on snow accumulation slider on minimum 3rd is with Xenviro on snow accumulation slider on maximum (in june) I know you have a lot to do now but if this could be fixed in next update it would be great Thanks
  13. Sorry for the late announcement of the winners. It will be done. I just need to get the time for it.. Expo had me exhausted and I'm exploring Florida for another week and a half. I'll be back though. (also with updates on xE 1.11 progress)
  14. I guess that is not quite odd-enough We seem to have as well some unique square icebergs in nature too..
  15. So I wanted to start this off by saying awesome job, love the program, and I know there is issues but I was curious about some odd cloud cover I was seeing, wondered whether this was an known issue or not; Seems little box'd shaped cloud cover, its a bit weird.
  16. My apologies. Didn't see that post in that thread. Now I'm aware. Thank you.
  17. Thank you , yes exactly, you are absolute right. We will have to remind Captain Kitten after his return from Orlando...
  18. I can confirm a 10fps hit, not more. I fly now between 20 and 30fps and my specs are quite low (GTX960, Intel I5 3.2ghz)
  19. This was your idea! But I 100% Support it! xEnviro is "Breaking Though" the positives are being shown in timelapse and videos... Just like anything else it takes some people to get used to a change.
  20. If you read my statements upon release then you'd know that this is a known issue.
  21. Before I start, is there anywhere specific to post bug reports? I don't want to put that type of post somewhere it shouldn't be! This is a first time occurrence. Flying in southern california and there's snow accumulation everywhere! https://imgur.com/a/5lgzyyt I can tell you with certainty it is not snowing in real life haha. I tried restarting Xenviro numerous times over the course of the whole flight and snow still accumulated, even though there aren't even clouds. Any tips/recommendations/etc are appreciated!
  22. Yeah sorry. I should have elaborated. The settings window started where it was supposed to be. An unintended drag of the mouse somehow got the upper portion of the window off my screen. @Captain KittenI did try restarting xenviro with no success. I have been much more careful with dragging the settings screen around since then.
  23. Hey ashman, great idea & greetings...BTW love your Phantom pictures, the second one is awesome
  24. Yes I hereby request a v1.10 Show OFF Gallery/Museum with Video Embeds.

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