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  2. Amount of grain has never been dependent on your system and will never be.
  3. First of all these images are not representative of final product. And second of all its not something you just do. This is not cut and paste or textures you just refine. All visual issues are known and worked on and if it is fixable at a given stage it will be fixed.
  4. @Captain Kitten The grain are good now but, it's appear on lower config ? Very good work :)
  5. Pls reduce the white outlines around the clouds, I noticed that from 1.10 to 1.11 and and it seems even worste now. Other than that it looks great.
  6. Yes I think you are right about the cloud formations. I tried other regions and the clouds were the same very blocky clouds but today the clouds looked much better(as in the screens at my local airport). I also wonder if its something to do server side?
  7. Just for the folks that are still having this issue, I've done a reinstalled and it works again.
  8. This forum is not a support furum. If the fix doesn't help then contact support at xenviro.net
  9. In my experience it really just depends on the cloud formations. Taller cloud formations in particular are more fuzzy for me. I'd try other (distant) areas to see if it's just localized to where you're flying.
  10. I have the same problem. Any solution. I've downloaded the fix but no luck on my side. Should I re-install?
  11. Yesterday and today the clouds in XEnviro 1.11 have been very pixelated(As in the screenshots,but look worse) and to be honest look truly awful. But I have had no issue with them before and the looked MUCH better(Still grain but still fantastic looking) Anyone else with this issue?
  12. Wow, the grain looks SO reduced! It looks very nice.
  13. NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF FINAL PRODUCT 1.12 is a performance update mostly so screenshots will be far between on this update. Most of the work has gone in to performance. It has been partially successful. Enough to warrant a closer look. Not going in to detail about what we have done so far but we found a way to improve performance slightly and reduce grain slightly at the same time. Cloud definition is still the same as before. Problem is you will probably find it less detailed since grain has been reduced to some extent. So we might have gotten some headroom to work on more definitions in the future. We have also put some elbow grease in automating the rebuild of each version so the compiling at the end stages of each production cycle demands less time and effort. Right now we are testing performance and general feel of the improvements and making sure we are in a good spot to either push the update or refine some aspects. That does not mean that we will push earler than my expressed hope for an end of the month release. But then again nothing speaks against it at this point either. We'll see.
  14. This still doesn't seem to work still I updated with the fix but I get random events now where I see the log; "Error reading file from server." and no weather.

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