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  2. dont change haze tolerant, keep it dynamic , follow real world visibility data, i like it a lot, if i aanna see ground below, i turn off xenviro. But very rare.
  3. I am a loyal supporter of this add-on and I don't believe urging developers to work faster and complaining do any good. However, I think everyone is tired of waiting for the incredibly slow updates and fixes including myself. I am thankful for the free new features being added, but what we need most is performance, compatibility and bug fixes ASAP. Hopefully measures are being done to address the rather slow development and the developers are more open to suggestions.
  4. The images on page 5 showing the mountains in the background show what I would consider normal haze. What I am seeing in 1.13 is much stronger. It could have something to do with the METAR reports in my area but I see this stronger haze no matter where I fly. Sorry for any frustration I'm displaying but it just doesn't seem right to have such strong haze covering the ground when I'm only 2.000 AGL (Flying at 8,000 ft over terrain that is around 6.000 ft). But enough of this discussion as its taking away from this forums purpose and I shouldn't be doing that.
  5. Hear what you’re saying, but I have also noticed similar using x-planes real weather, is it possible that the weather predictions aren’t as accurate as we think for local areas, particularly concerning visibility/ haze, or is our monitors adjusted with too much contrast, you probably have seen the pictures of visibility shots on page 5 of this thread that Magnus put up for us, what do you think.
  6. Yes I understand that. I used to fly for a living. But like what was said above, I also can go outside and in my case take a picture of the Rocky Mountains (I live in Colorado Springs) and show a comparison between the real world conditions and those depicted in xEnviro 1 13. Again the difference is night and day. But perhaps someone could answer this question. I have tried different locations in X Plane 11 to compare the haze levels. I haven't noticed any difference. I live at 6,000 feet. Shouldn't the haze be lower at this altitude than it is at sea level? It isn't in X Plane 11 with xEnviro 1.13.
  7. Perhaps a bit harsh. Just because they’re ‘developers’ doesn’t mean that’s all they do. They may Very well have other jobs during the day and working on Xenviro is the domain of their spare time. Not to mention family commitments etc. Who knows. Meanwhile 5,000 children died of starvation overnight in Africa and the free world continues to be led by an orange muppet. Perspective is an underrated commodity.
  8. Well I think you have a point. Development for this plugin is so slow compared to the changes in X-Plane and X-Enviro's developers are just not progressing fast enough, each update takes an average of half a year??? So it is indeed frustrating no matter how much I love this plugin.
  9. This has been the most expensive add on in the history of x plane with the smallest return on investment. Every version is either too advanced with low FPS or will not support the newest version i.e Vulkan so then just wait another 11 months while Kitten posts jaw dropping screenshots that never materialize because right before the new version is released he posts a comment saying “there were compromises done for performance” and assures everyone that it will be fixed in the next release but it never is and it’s a snowball effect so there’s more and more to fix it’s always another fix and another bug discovered and grain is still present we are working on a compromise for grain and performance and then he shows us a screenshot of 1.14t1000000000 saying it’s almost close but another bug has been found in the rendering layers yadayadayada and it’s Laminars fault not xenviro. Except the fact that every reputable dev releases hotfixes!! Cut the act already. This is why most of us are in the FS20 beta and tune back in this page for entertainment. Good night Kitty Cat
  10. Well, hello... it's always been based on location - IN THEORY. However there are times when the depiction is overdone as the haze can be. It would be great to at least be able to adjust the amount. As I've said, I can go outside right now and photograph the Sierras from my location and show you the depicted conditions versus real world and it would be like night and day.
  11. It is dynamic, which means it is based on the location. If it is hazy in real life in that location, then it's going to be hazy, if it's clear then it's going to be clearer, do you understand it?
  12. I must say it looks clean. Shadows are spot on very accurately casted / depicted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hazy conditions are understandable but currently most of the time it's more like flying in fog. So I will be waiting for the release of 1.14 to see if there is an improvement. I hope there is because currently flying in 1.13 is a bit depressing seeing so much haze I can hardly see the ground and that is only flying 4,000 AGL But I have to say that the haze in your screenshots looks very good, so I'm hopeful that when 1.14 gets released I will be happy with the results.
  14. It's really not. It is based on the conditions and has been tweaked for realism based on what real pilots see. We speak to many pilots in addition to Andrey being a 737 pilot. It will be looked at but we will not change the fact that it is dynamic and that you will find yourself in hazy conditions.
  15. I have asked this a couple of times and have been told that it is being looked into with 1.14. I'm hoping the haze will be reduced as for me right now in 1.13 it seems to be a bit excessive, at least near and in the mountains of Colorado where I fly.
  16. I am using 1.13 in 11.50b11 in OpenGL mode without any issues.
  17. Is there a way to cut down on the haze?
  18. Have you had recent hardware changes to you computer? That disables the add-on for security reasons. I installed new ram last year and xEnviro stopped working. Sent a support ticket and got a reply in two days. It is not that long. Don't keep sending tickets or else you will not get a reply. Wait patiently please.
  19. How long does it take to get a response for a ticket submitted via the support site? I just installed Xenviro v1.11 into Xplane 11.50 (Vulkan turned off). But the weather isn't displaying. It is turned on (dot is on). But still no weather (no clouds). Are you seeing a problem? Plus , Will the latest version of Xenviro v.1.13 work with Beta 11 if Vulkan is turned off?
  20. I don't know about that. All other weather plugins have been able to update their plugins to be suitable for the platform they were intended for. But I thank you for your comment.
  21. Have you been a beta tester before? - no Are you familiar with test routines? - i am not How much time can you dedicate to this in a week? - 10 hours Which weekdays are you most likely available? all except monday and thursday Your location (Country and City): - Netherlands, Urk Your Discord name: - Koert Your system spec: CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 eight core processor 3.20 ghz GPU - GTX 1070 inno3d RAM - 32gb Screen resolution - 1080p List your addons: Flywithlua, autogate, avitab x camera, FJS 727, FJS 732, bell 407, carenando pc12, SIAI marchetti sf260
  22. Have you been a beta tester before? No If so for what? Are you familiar with test routines? A little bit, but in a different kind off. (Logical programming) How much time can you dedicate to this in a week? Up to 10h, sometimes more Which weekdays are you most likely available? Everyday Your location (Country and City): Germany, Bieleleld Your Discord name: Schlaumeier22#8895 Your system spec: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 4,4Ghz GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming 8Gb GDDR5X RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4*8GB) DDR4 3200Mhz Screen resolution: 2560*1080 List your addons: xEnviro, SmartCopilot, FF AVS, World Traffic 3, X-Life Deluxe, BetterPushback, AviTab, Xchecklist, SAM Suite (AutoGate), FlyWithLua, xPilot, Ortho4XP, X-Europe 5, Scenery (Payware) EDDM, EDDH, EDDF, EDDB, OMDB, LSZH, xVision (not actively used with xEnviro) FF A350 XWB, A320 Ultimate, B767 Professional (+Avionics Upgrade) JarDesign A320 Airliner, A330 Airliner ToLiss A321, X-Craft E195, ZIBO B737-800
  23. Have you been a beta tester before? Yes for about 1 year If so for what? for some aircrafts to provide with rl knowledge (J-Pro a380, X-Bureau a318) Are you familiar with test routines? yes How much time can you dedicate to this in a week? 12 - 14 hours Which weekdays are you most likely available? everyday Your location (Country and City): Germany, Bremen Your Discord name: UnKn0wN#9963 Your system spec: CPU i5-6600 3,30ghz GPU gtx 1060 6 gb RAM Corsair DDR4-2132 2*8GB Screen resolution 2k List your addons: FFa320 / a350 XEnviro smartcopilot/sam and many scenery addons like EDDM EDDW EDDF KLAX ... some orbx
  24. Just to chime in, your purchase is not in vain. xEnviro was way ahead on the volumetric cloud attempts and that was a risk I still feel is gonna pay off huge compare there skies to some of the screenshots of msfs2020 even I feel they are artistically different and love the looks. They’re in the right direction.

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