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This is the club where you can post questions, answers, and more about livery painting for X-Plane

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  2. Would anyone consider doing a 1967 Piedmont Airlines N68650 "Manhattan Pacemaker" for the FlyJSim 727-100 ?
  3. Hey there is this beautiful BBJ livery I see quite often that has different liveries on each sides of the plane, here are a few pictures:
  4. Hi may please someone do el al 4x-ekd plane? Thank you!
  5. Well guys I don't know about you but the liverie G-EUSS from DeltaWho are not working very good. See the photo below: https://imgur.com/ThzQEW5 https://imgur.com/DMbdxvs As you can see the BA livery is changing also the texture of the FF ground equipment.
  6. Hi There, I would like to request a livery for the Ceiba Intercontinental 737-800 in Zibo mod.
  7. Which paint kit. Where are these mythical paint kits? I've only found one paint kit that has any layers and it really doesn't make sense at all.
  8. Where is the paint kit for Zibo's 737-800? I can only find one really crummy paint kit for the 737-800 and literally no where is there any information anywhere.
  9. I request this livery for a tribute to Niki lauda! R.I.P
  10. I would love to see a Turkmenistan 737 - 700 livery. Thanks in advance!
  11. I would appreciate the Novair livery for the -700 This new livery is fictional for the 737 however they did have 737´s in the old livery so it would be nice to see the aircraft in the current livery. This is how the new livery looks like (on an a321)
  12. Hi, I would like to request a livery for China Southern Airlines, B-1123 Thank you very much
  13. Hi there, Would be great to get this livery for the Zibo B738. Theres currently not one of EI-FJV Thanks
  14. Hello together......plz sorry for my English...i know it´s terrible. I am an old man.... I request for my toliss Germanwings D_AKNO (Bearbus) Thx LG ANDI https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:A319_Germanwings_D-AKNO_EDDK_01.jpg
  15. Hi There, I would like to request a livery for Nationwide airlines. Fictional Livery as the airline no longer operates. Please see attached picture. Thanks
  16. Hi, Thanks for the great Forum. I would like to request a livery for Nationwide Airlines. It is a Fictional Livery. Please see attached Picture. Thanks
  17. I think this Blue air YR-BMA livery would be great as Blue air is a well known company in Europe.This company usually makes flight from Romania to Italy and England
  18. Hey I'd love to see the Toll cargo (ZK-TLL) livery done
  19. easyJet (w/o winglets) would be awesome (as not many 700s flew from the UK)
  20. Can someone make SAS Scandinavian Airlines LN-RRA? https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8565628
  21. I've been trying some of the C-40 stuff out!
  22. Maybe an Avengers:Endgame themed Southwest (fictional of course) I am a huge marvel movie fan.

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