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This is the club where you can post questions, answers, and more about livery painting for X-Plane

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  2. Hi all I am looking for two liveries for ZIBO 737, is it possible to request some? 1. New airBaltic livery with green engines and bigger logo on the fuselage (there is older version available only) 2. FlyLAL Lithuanian airlines They don't and didn't operate 737-800, so it is kinda fictional I would be really grateful from all Baltic countries community to have these beauties in the fleet Will attach pictures below
  3. I'm requesting the Lauda Air livery..... We don't have any realistic Lauda Air liveries..... Great work out there guys!
  4. Hi, requesting Kenya Airways -700 reg 5Y-KQG, would love to have this. Thanks for your hard work guys.
  5. You'd have to ask Audiobird, but I'm sure that's possible.
  6. Hey @Xephyr, is it possible to change the Regristration and make the Winglets white ? Than you have the Tuifly German Livery ... I hope you can do that ;).
  7. Would a Belgian version suffice? Here's Audiobird's version:
  8. Can you paint the last TUIFLY Germany D-AHXG(737-700). It’s for me a must have , because it looks sweet on -700 ;).
  9. I'm doing Alaska Old and refreshed for the 738 and then I can put it on the -700
  10. Hey Ron! If you download an A320 livery (such as one from Cessnarox), and you open the objects file, you will discover a png called reg.png. This is where the selcal code and tail number are implemented (should also be found in the A320's main objects folder iirc). Hope that solves you problem!
  11. I recently started making liveries for FFA320 and to much of my disappointment I still can't figure out how to add the tail number and selcal code in the cockpit. Does anyone know how?

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