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This is the club where you can post questions, answers, and more about livery painting for X-Plane

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  2. Hi all, can someone make mahan air livery for jar design a320? Would appreciate it.
  3. hey guys can anyone make the westjet frozen plane for the zibo 737 800 here is the plane info plane type Boeing 737-800 tail # 810 : reg C-GWSV if anyone can make this plane for the zibo 737 800 please messege me back thanks from csimms frozen 3.jfif frozen 2.jfif
  4. That’s a difficult question. The big one looks quite cool and I like it but the original new livery only has a big one on the tail. You can deside or if you want to do two versions what will you do? regards Gustaf
  5. Would you like to have a big flower on the nose, as on my photo? Regards, Nikita
  6. Yeah, sometime it happens to me also. You're welcome. I'll text you, and tell about the progress)
  7. Thank you again very much! I am exited and sorry for the inconvenience, I tried to reply on my phone and it got screwed up
  8. Oh, I see. Sure, I can do it! Stay tuned for the updates)
  9. Ignore that my autocorrect screwed everything up, see my edited version of the post
  10. What do you mean? O, yes, I got it. I've gonna draw this livery)
  11. Hi! You can do HB-JJM thank you again very much
  12. Sure!) Which reg number do you want to have?
  13. That is correct, sorry for my late answer. Could you paint the winglets with the flower like this one and also on the tail? thanks in advance!
  14. Do you mean this edelweiss? Please, answer
  15. Sure, can I have any photos to understand, what to do?)
  16. Sure, can I have any photos to understand, what to do?)
  17. Could anyone make Travel Service OK-TSI livery please? It is a real livery not fictional, I can't find it anywhere.. LIVERY:
  18. The new livery is already made (see my link). But if you want to do the old you can do it. Or mabe do my request for edelweiss https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51950-737-700u-transavia-ph-xrv-cabin/
  19. Can someone make an Illinois One Southwest 737-700 livery? It would be much appreciated. Registration is N918WN Here is a photo:
  20. maybe a united new livery for the toliss? love your liverys KJO!
  21. Hello guys, I really want to have the 737-800 SSW on the Transavia planes. Reg: PH-HXG PH-HSK PH-HSM Thx!

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