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This is the club where you can post questions, answers, and more about livery painting for X-Plane

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  2. Requesting this retro livery of air india
  3. any chance of getting this beauty? thanks in advance
  4. i do a lot of flights from yemen to saudia arabia and cairo it would be nice to have this livery of my home country aircraft thank you
  5. If anybody is looking for a livery to make; one of the planes I did my private pilot flight training in, N529ER would make my day to see
  6. Can somebody make Zibo paint kit with transparent windows? a clean white fuselage at least
  7. Hi all! I'm looking for this paint reg TC-SOH. Would be real fun to have this in the sim. Thanks
  8. Sorry, I am new to this forum. Are we allowed to request a livery for a virtual airline? Thanks.
  9. please make a EL AL 739 livery the ones from the livery finder dont work properly
  10. Hi all, can someone make mahan air livery for jar design a320? Would appreciate it.
  11. hey guys can anyone make the westjet frozen plane for the zibo 737 800 here is the plane info plane type Boeing 737-800 tail # 810 : reg C-GWSV if anyone can make this plane for the zibo 737 800 please messege me back thanks from csimms frozen 3.jfif frozen 2.jfif
  12. That’s a difficult question. The big one looks quite cool and I like it but the original new livery only has a big one on the tail. You can deside or if you want to do two versions what will you do? regards Gustaf
  13. Would you like to have a big flower on the nose, as on my photo? Regards, Nikita
  14. Yeah, sometime it happens to me also. You're welcome. I'll text you, and tell about the progress)
  15. Thank you again very much! I am exited and sorry for the inconvenience, I tried to reply on my phone and it got screwed up

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