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This is the place for all products and projects of audiobirdxp (AXP). Find download links, donation links, support and more here.

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  2. My merged rc1.27a installed says sound pack not found. I have tried many times without success to download th 3.34rc1.27a
  3. Hi i would love to be able to switch the ‘switch and knob’ clicks off in the sim. I am building a 737 sim from scratch so when I move a switch in the overhead panel it makes a noise naturally however at present I also get a click noise through fmod is there a way to do this? thanks
  4. do you know where I could get the files to x plane / aircraft / b737-800x / fmod / stereo?
  5. Подскажите где скачать audiobirdxp
  6. Hi Everyone I just downloaded the latest Zibo Full version but I still can't get the FMOD surround sound to work. The stereo version works ok Has anyone got it working or is it still work in progress? Thanks Mark Just to add. I have just used the latest zibo download with an earlier version of fmod (which supports 3D sound) and it seems to work ok. The 3D surround is so immersive. I know audiobird nearly gave up on it but please don’t. There are a lot of cockpit builders out there who rely on 3D sound and this is the benchmark. To me nothing even comes close......
  7. I am having a problem with my zibo mod. When i try to fly in the 737-800x it says that it cant find the sound bank and refers to the A Bank? win 10 X-plane 11.26 Zibo 3.31z
  8. Hello AudioBird Team I would like to suggest 2 sound files to add [cockpit & cabin crews] Qantas and virgin Australia if possible. Cheers & happy new yr.
  9. Hello AudioBird Team good afternoon. I would like to suggest the possibility of the FA welcome announcement (lets say in RYR sound pack for e.g.) play X time after the flight leg has been started instead of being triggered by anti collision light on since that would be a more realistic approach. Another thing which I would ask for is the change of the trigger for "gate departure" (as stated in the code). In the current version it is being triggered by anti collision light, but a more realistic approach would be door 1L closed for example since you might find IRL flights where they play the safety demo even before the anti collision light is on/engines are being started. If these two points could be changed or made an option it would be great. Thanks
  10. My engines just randomly died during the flight and i tried reloading it and the same thing happened again. This time it happened after i engaged the VNAV. After that i reloaded it again and Didn't try to even try engage the VNAV and it has not come up again since. And all of this happened about 5nm from TOD to LLBG X-plane 11.26 Zibo 3.31J
  11. FMOD sounds are now included in the Zibo Mod download - no need to install separately.
  12. sorry I cant find fmod for b737-800x. Where is the download link? Thanks for your patient !!
  13. Does anybody know a different location to download the 5.1 sound pack ? Would really like to try this out...
  14. Hi all, I just wanna make sure I understand things correctly: is there really no AXP sounds in replay in Zibos newest v3.31d? I just returned to Zibos and others great piece of work after, say, six monts or so, and then there was sounds in replay. But now there isn't. That's really not good for me, making videos etc, even though I understand that for most it doesn't matter much. Is this how it is supposed to be, or have I made something wrong? Some setting etc? If it is as supposed, is it anything one can do to get sounds in replay, or is it planned to be supported? Best, ionfresko
  15. Same occurs to me today :-( We can't download the new release... Where is the admin? Thanks you guys, bye Remoz
  16. 1. First off, be advised that the 737NG sounds and probably Embraer as well will NOT work correctly under XP 11.30 (beta). Bug report / help requests have been filed, waiting for response. 2. Tuifly (German) and a generalized German set have been added to the 737NG sets. I would like to thank Blackbox711 (a licensed airline pilot) very much for his contribution. Please visit his channels to give something back - also he does great videos, so it's worth your time! Hompage: https://blackbox.oneengineout.com/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe9fggL9PwEqSyMDrlLubVw Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/blackbox711/videos/all
  17. Ok, and is it possible to have an option for a random sound set ? (at the start of each flight)
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  19. Yes, received an answer to that effect on discord @Rhygorian, but thank you for taking the time to reply.
  20. Currently set 1 through 4 are generic soundsets with 5 through 12 announcing the airline they are for on initial selection of the set number, no documentation necessary imo.

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