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THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER ACTIVE Visit LevelUp for the continuation of this project https://forum.thresholdx.net/clubs/5-threshold-levelup/
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  2. I don’t know what to do at this point. Every thing else that is involved with the hydraulic system works EXCEPT for the rudder. It has no movement at all when I use my rudder pedals. That is the only problem and I was kinda hoping for some help!!
  3. Ive noticed more crashes the more mods you add. Usually in the livery additions. For all having trouble with issues in your zibomod, try installing the base updated file without additional mods and liveries. It may point you in the direction of the issues youre having.
  4. No. Also, this project is dead. Check the LevelUp project that goes in a similar direction. But I can already tell you now no one is going to make anything compatible with Xplane 10 anymore, sorry.
  5. can someone make this compatible for x plane 10
  6. Hi, You shouldn't take off with max throttle. Use the auto throttle for takeoff like in real life. Incase you dont know how to do that heres a video. There arent any differences between whats shown in the -800 over the -900.
  7. I run X-Plane on macOS Catalina and it works great with all the aircrafts, however when i try flying the 737-900U i am hit with an issue where the engines shut off after a few seconds of max throttle, and i have never been able to take off on the 737-900U. i tried cold and dark startup as well as launching the simulator with engines on and both of these options result in the engine shutting off just after a few seconds from max throttle. Please help me fix this issue or let me know if there is something i need to do in order to fix this. Thanks in advance, Good Day.
  8. Kelowna Flightcraft cargo livery (fictional - based on a 727-200) https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/65450-737-700-ultimate-kelowna-flightcraft-cargo-livery/
  9. Great to hear there finally is life in the 737NG project again, and even a MAX to look forward to in time.
  10. Friends, it’s been a while since anything substantial has come out of this project - we’re sorry for that. In the time we were away, we’ve had a complete restructure. When the two developers announced the exit from the 737 Ultimate development, it marked the beginning of a new chapter for the project. The core developers of the Ultimate project discussed the transfer of the project to Threshold’s product development section for continued development. After a few days of negotiations, the keys were handed over, and shortly thereafter, a new team was assembled to continue the legacy. During th
  11. I need, if it is possible, the "30 Years Germania" Livery.
  12. If you are good at something, don't do it for free... as the old saying goes! Your value to the community is priceless Audiobird; so this is welcomed news that you still regardless are at least "lingering in the shadows" and opt to continue development. There's a time for everything and it seems certainly you have had your time thinking about your decision(s) moving forward. I for one, are tremendously delighted and relieved to hear your presence is still forthwhile. Make haste!
  13. Hi audiobirdxp. I am very sad to read this post. I always hoped that you will make a comeback and continue with the excellent work you've done for the X-Plane community and especially the Zibo It is so sad that one individual ruins it all for many X-Plane users. I hoped that someday you will forget about all this drama and continue with your work. Now Ive read that hope is dashed to oblivion. Again, thank you for your work you've done for the Zibo. We can't even start to measure that. Every time I press that TOGA button, I think of you. Best regards
  14. Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing fine and are well in these special times. I just wanted to say "hello" to everyone and also clarify a few things. What is audiobirdxp doing right now? Due to the radical changes COVID-19 has brought, my job has become increasingly time consuming and demanding. In a way it's a blessing, considering having a good (or any) job at all at the moment is not a given. That and the trouble surrounding the blatant theft of intellectual property surrounding the old "Ultimate" project and - more seriously - from the 737-800X I had to give up all the
  15. Using a honeycomb alpha, the pitch trim wheel doesn't turn, and sounds don't, uh, sound, when you actuate pitch trim with the honeycomb trim switches set to the x plane A/B settings, but if you just have one side mapped to pitch trim up + down and the other side set to do nothing, it works.
  16. In fact it's also icing windows problem.
  17. it's very bizarre this forum , I talk to me myself.
  18. I have my answer !! It's a problem with the cabin oxygen. It's very realistic, waou! you're welcome!
  19. Hi, After 20 minutes of flight, in 3D cockpit mode, the outside view through the glasses become full grey. this effect is produced from altitude of 24 000 feet. when I descend, grey haze disappears. An idea to avoid it? thanks informations!
  20. I find my problem !!! It was linked to mini joystick of Saitek X52. The neutral zone is not precise enough and causes many interference. In others : shut off all electrical systems and engines when a/p is engaged. Solution : take the last drivers to obtain full page of properties including throttle axis. Set a very large neutral zone to mouse x/y axis. That's all !
  21. Français? si oui : en suivant la procédure standard, démarrage, roulage , briefing avant décollage..., je décolle et 1 minutes apés, les moteurs se coupent. A noter : la case "utiliser le modèle de vol expérimental" est cochée En décochant la "utiliser le modèle de vol expérimental" et démarrant un nouveau vol avec moteur allumés : pas de problème, les moteurs ne se coupent pas au décollage. Pensez-vous que cette option a une influence sur cet avion ou y a-t-il réellement un loupé de procédure? 04/07 13:03 : Nouvel essai sans l'option "utiliser le modèle de vol
  22. Could you be a bit more specific on what was on or off in your cockpit?

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