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  2. Enjoy guys! B737-700 Ultimate LAM Mozambique C9-BAQ 1.0 - Aircraft Skins - Liveries - X-Plane.Org Forum
  3. I was trying to enter the ILS frequency in the NAV radio but the displays were completely dead. I could not find a way to turn it on. The other radios displays were lit. Is the problem i don't know how to turn it on or it is not working? It is the latest version: 3.49.10
  4. Looking for this version but all links have been deleted
  5. hi i have a link here, i hope that's what you're looking for https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1ojWgVGtbEENk-0Eu9aOEHtbAe1E7t-jF
  6. Hi, I'm looking for an old version, where can I download it?
  7. yoyo, subsequently to fix this go to config in your pad configure-hardware and uh switch on yaw for it to work mate.
  8. well, the 739 is just a longer structure wider longer cabin, exetra. er occurs to take place as "extended range" so right right mate its a 739.
  9. Is anyone able to create a livery for Air North (Canada)? There seems to only be ones for the IXEG 737-300 and FJS 737-200. Looking for one for the 737-700/800. Thanks in advanced! Photo credit to me!
  10. I've had a similar issue with the 737 & 739 recently. Although this seems to apply to all airports. The 738 was having the same issue until I updated but unfortunately there are no new updates for the 737 & 739.
  11. When I go to put power to the airplane and the FMC starts up. There's a message saying Nav data out of date...I have the updated ARINC cycle in the Custom data folder but I can't figure out why it's still posting this message. I was trying to do a flight up too CYVR but it said not in data base...So I tried CYYC and it accepted it. I've been trying to dig for an answer but have come up short. Any help is appreciated, Thank you
  12. I have made airBaltic YL-BBE. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69397-zibo-737-700-livery-airbaltic-yl-bbe/
  13. A few that I have made: Southwest Nevada One: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69198-weathered-southwest-nevada-one-737-700-livery/&tab=comments#comment-328201 Southwest California One: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69085-southwest-california-one-737-700-livery/&tab=comments#comment-327798 Southwest Heroine of Heart(+Tony Jannus): https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69063-swa-heroine-of-the-heart-livery-pack/ BBJ (VP-CPA) https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/68387-bbj-vp-cpa/
  14. Could someone make VP-BRT for the Ultimate 737-700. Ive heard its quite challenging to make as seen below with all the patterns.
  15. X plane crashing when in the air with the 737-700 U also not letting me set v speeds etc 2nd crash in 2 days with it any ideas thanks?
  16. Thats why when i got to a version that worked correctly I stopped updating them. Everything was nit picky. Mine seem to work fine. I prefer the 900. There was a few times I would update and everything went crazy like that. An update every 12 hours was getting unrealistic.
  17. Found the issue: I took the easy way out and reversed the animations on the cockpit and seats OBJ files only to find the command and datarefs inverse again when I started up! The scenario I mentioned in the previous post holds true only when electric hydraulic pumps are set to off. As soon as I turned on battery, ground power, and got the hydraulic pumps working, the dataref axes were no longer inverse to the command axis. IRL, I don't know if spoilers are actuated electrically or hydraulically, so I can't really say at what point when animations should be enabled (AC Power On or Electric Hydraulic Pumps On), but I'm guessing the spoilers don't actually move when the aircraft is cold and dark.
  18. Speedbrake Command vs. Dataref Inverse? Based on what I could find from the "b737_cockpit.obj" file, the speedbrake lever is tied to the command: laminar/b738/flt_ctrls/speedbrake_lever This command operates on a 0 to 1 sliding scale. In the cockpit, 0 on this scale puts the speedbrake lever fully forward, and 1 puts the speedbrake lever fully aft. (this is 100% correct) At the same time this command is used, there are a handful of datarefs that I think are acting inversely to how they really should act. When the command: laminar/b738/flt_ctrls/speedbrake_lever = 0 The following datarefs are present: sim/cockpit2/controls/speedbrake_ratio = 1 (should be 0) sim/cockpit2/tcas/targets/position/speedbrake_ratio[64] = (1.5 and a series of 0's, all should be 0) sim/flightmodel2/controls/speedbrake_ratio = 1.5 (should be 0) sim/flightmodel2/wing/speedbrake1_deg[32] = (a series of 52's and 0's, all should be 0) sim/flightmodel2/wing/speedbrake2_deg[32] = (a series of 60's and 0's, all should be 0) ^^The opposite holds true when the speedbrake command is set to 1, all of the aforementioned datarefs go to 0 Visually, full forward on the speedbrake lever yields speedbrake flaps in the full-up position on the wings. Fully aft on the speedbrake lever yields speedbrake flaps in the full-down position on the wings. (should be opposite) I have this issue on both the 700U and the 800X. I do not have this issue with the Laminar 737-800. Is there possibly a file that's corrupted on my end? Would you recommend a fresh install, or is there a particular file that I can replace within the file tree without replacing the entire aircraft? Thanks for your help.

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