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  2. Hi admin Thank you so much for your great work please can somebody help me to get Air Algeria livery for the 737-700 U ; Thnx in advance
  3. Hello, i just downloaded the last version the 1909. I just noticed that the SKI rain effects doesn't work. I reinstalled the plane and reset the sim. This effect remained missing!!! Please could you fix it. It would be appreciated in the community
  4. hi please i wish you to make the camerco livery Thank you
  5. I have 3 suggestions Interactive passenger cabin, Examples; modeled lavatories in the passenger area with doors that can opened and closed with a mouse click; oven doors can open and close; seat belt signs that work with switch in cockpit; window shades can open/close, overhead bins (open/close), etc. Option to have Ground power on without unit showing up for when parked at a gate with a Jetway. Jump seats in the cockpit that can be folded and unfolded.
  6. Following the Flight Director when the AP is off works as it should, however it appears this issue also effects RNAV (GPS) approaches
  7. When I reach T/D in the latest zibo update, with the MCP ALT set and VNAV engaged, it doesnt decent. I tried pressing "ALT INTV" with no results. The Vertical Speed slider thing also doesnt work, so I have to use LVL CHG to decend.
  8. Well thanks for the reply.I guess I have to use it as it is. I am really thankful for your efforts in the community. Thanks
  9. Thanks, but I'm not working on the 737 anymore.
  10. No need to edit NML files or textures. These are 3D errors (not I'm not actively involved with development anymore).
  11. Hey folks! I was tryin' to paint that beauty 900 with the latest update 1909 and have faced some interesting issues.I think they're related with the model. Is there any way to correct them? I've tried to edit some NML files but haven't worked at all.
  12. Can i send Saudi airlines PA announcements so u can add them
  13. 737-700U Cargo Paint Kit (White) https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54463-737-700u-freighter-paint-kit/
  14. Prime Air 737-700U https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54462-ultimate-737-700-primeair/
  15. The real 737-700 does not have trim air so therefore I feel it would be justified to request that you guys remove it from the airplane you have developed please. Thanks! John
  16. Some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, ONLY use the compact mode on the EICAS like the picture above.. any chance this feature could be added to the 700U and the ZIBO? Thanks! John
  17. Just updated to Zibo 3.35_32 and better pushback is broken. It will just move your plane everywhere but the planned route super fast. Log is attached Log.txt
  18. Zibo releases updates quite frequently so it doesn't take long for the -700 to become outdated and miss important features and fixes. Is this project going to continue being updated as time goes on or is this a final release?
  19. Ultimate 737-700 liveries list Comment down below if you see/create something new and I will add it. Of course, if something has been deleted/removed, or there are some authorship issues, write me a PM please. When possibile (double posting) I will put the link to the Threshold file page instead of the .org forum The same list is also available for the 737-800 at the .org forum and for the 737-900 here on Threshold AXP liveries - included in the download: Delta Airlines N302DQ Luxair LX-LGS SAS Scandinavian Airlines SE-RET Southwest Airlines N7744A TUI fly Belgium OO-JAR TUI fly Deutschland D-AHXG United Airlines N27733 * fictional / fake / inaccurate liveries Utilities Cabin and glass replacement - by fscabral Airlines Aerolineas Argentinas LV-BYY - by ar737ng Aerolineas Argentinas LV-BZA (SkyTeam) - by ar737ng Aerolineas Argentinas LV-BZA (SkyTeam) - by corzo Aerolineas Argentinas LV-BZO - by kevinkeegan Aerolineas Argentinas LV-CAD - by corzo Aerolineas Argentinas LV-CBT - by ar737ng Aerolineas Argentinas LV-CSC - by corzo Aerolineas Argentinas LV-GOO - by corzo Air China B-5211 (Orchid) - by Delta_Who Air Do JA16AN - by matsu * Air Holland PH-OZC (733 livery) - by Muskiet Air Italy EI-FFM - by megagames12 * Air Italy EI-GFT - by Fab10 Air Sahara VT-SIG - by Sandesh Air Sahara VT-SIS - by Sandesh Air Tran N175AT - by RestPlayz Air Tran N299AT - by Jviation Air Transat C-GTQP (welcome livery) - by pine65 Air Zena 4L-TGN - by Muskiet Alaska Airlines N607AS (Portland Timbers) - by 19adam99 Alaska Airlines N611AS - by KJO Alaska Airlines N612AS - by KJO Alaska Airlines N624AS - by KJO Alaska Airlines N627AS - by KJO ANA All Nippon Airways JA06AN - by justintx79 Armenia Air Company EK-73786 - by Airplaner97 Asky Airlines ET-ANG - by asene ASL Airlines F-GZTS - by Louis Lfr Austrian Airlines OE-LNO - by this is ves Bahamasair C6-BFX - by mhayling Braathens LN-TUH - by BirkHK Condor Airlines D-AICM - by justintx79 Continental Airlines pack - by justintx79 Continental Airlines / Frontier Airlienes hybrid - by justintx79 Continental Airlines / Texas International pack - by justintx79 Continental Airlines (Golden Jet) - by justintx79 Copa Airlines HP-1531CMP - by Klolhi Delta Air Lines N677DL (widget livery) - by justintx79 Eastern Air Lines N278EA (Florida Panthers) - by justintx79 Edelweiss HB-IJW (A320 livery) - by nick1_pilot Edelweiss HB-JJM (A320 livery) - by nick1_pilot easyJet G-EZJR - by this is ves easyJet G-EZKE - by asher_050100 Eurowings D-ABKM - by Atarium Fiji Airways DQ-FJF - by Boeing 747-8F Fly Baghdad YI-AQL - by megagames12 Fly Baghdad YI-BAN - by megagames12 Germania D-AGES - by PEGASUS_XP GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-GEC - by Gregpzimmer GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-GEH - by Fasterzz GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-GEJ - by Fasterzz GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-GIH - by Fscabral GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-GOX - by Gregpzimmer GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-GUI - by MB Liveries GOL Transportes Aéreos PR-VBI - by Fscabral * Icelandair TF-AGN - by ArcticPilot Iceland Express G-STRN - by ArcticPilot Jet Airways VT-JGY - by Sandesh Jet Airways VT-JNS - by Sandesh JetLite / JetKonnect VT-JLA - by Sandesh JetLite / JetKonnect VT-SIZ - by Sandesh Jettime OY-JTP - by Jeoo Jettime OY-JTS - by megagames12 Jettime OY-JTZ - by megagames12 Jettime OY-JZI - by Kalle Cool Gamer KLM PH-BGD (old livery) - by Delta_Who KLM PH-BGH - by Gregpzimmer KLM PH-BGL (100 years) - by Gregpzimmer LAPA LV-ZRM - by guany Luxair LX-LBR - by Chris.1008 Luxair LX-LBT - by Chris.1008 Luxair LX-LGQ - by Chris.1008 Luxair LX-LGS - by Chris.1008 Macedonian Airlines SX-FXE (734 livery) - by Fab10 Malév HA-LOL - by Roland Kovacs Meridiana EI-FFM - by megagames12 Nordavia (Smartavia) VP-BYY - by KJO * Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Regionais PT-MNI (735 livery) - by Gregpzimmer Nordwind Airlines VP-BOW - by OlegFedorinov * Olympic Air SX-CWA - by iPetroSS * People Express N733PE - by justintx79 * Riau Airlines PK-RVA - by ManOfTheGood Rio Sul PT-SSN - by Gregpzimmer Rwandair 9XR-WD - by asene Ryanair EI-SEV - by jeanpaul.22 Ryanair EI-SEV - by matthew007800 Sabena OO-SYB - by Muskiet Saha Airlines EP-SII - by CaptBirdy Sky Europe OM-NGE - by pine65 SkyUp Airlines UR-SQD - by pyreegue SkyUp Airlines UR-SQE (Shakhtar FC) - by pyreegue Spicejet VT-SYO - by Sandesh Smartwings OK-SWT - by megagames12 Smartwings OK-SWW - by Quavont Southwest Airlines N205WN (Heart livery) - by 19adam99 Southwest Airlines N209WN (Canyon Blue - Free Bags Fly Here) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N214WN (Maryland One) - by Aviationdk Southwest Airlines N230WN (Colorado One) - by this is ves Southwest Airlines N252WN (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N279WN (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N280WN (Missouri One) - by this is ves Southwest Airlines N297WN (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N409WN (Triple Crown One) - Flyboy31 Southwest Airlines N482WN (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N553WN (Shark Week - Tiger Shark) - by 19adam99 Southwest Airlines N707SA (Desert Gold - first 737-700) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N711HK (Desert Gold - Herbert D. Kelleher) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N711HK (Desert Gold - Herbert D. Kelleher, mismatched cowling) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N713SW (Shamu One) - by NorthwestOrient Southwest Airlines N738CB (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N739GB (Desert Gold) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N739GB (Desert Gold) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N742SW (Desert Gold - Nolan Ryan Express) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N7744A (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N781WN (New Mexico One) - by Aviationdk Southwest Airlines N781WN (New Mexico One) - by this is ves Southwest Airlines N7857B (Heart livery) - by 19adam99 Southwest Airlines N789SW (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N798SW (Desert Gold) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N905WN (Heart livery) - by 19adam99 Southwest Airlines N909WN (Don't miss a beat) - by 19adam99 Southwest Airlines N913WN (Heart livery) - by pyreegue Southwest Airlines N922WN (Sports Illustrated) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N922WN (Tennessee One) - by Aviationdk Southwest Airlines N931WN (Lone Star One) - by Aviationdk Southwest Airlines N945WN (Florida One) - by PepuPilot Southwest Airlines N946WN (Louisiana One) - by PepuPilot Southwest Airlines N955WN (Arizona One) - by this is ves Southwest Airlines N960WN (Canyon Blue) - by Jviation Southwest Airlines N969WN (Heart livery) - by 19adam99 TAROM YR-BGF (SkyTeam) - by Gregpzimmer TAROM YR-BGG - by NorthwestOrient TAROM YR-BGG (60 years) - by NorthwestOrient TAROM YR-BGH - by teodornaez TAROM YR-BGJ - by teodornaez TAROM YR-NYN - by costelQFA Transavia PH-XRA - by jeanpaul.22 Transavia PH-XRV - by Chemtrail773 Transavia PH-XRY (old livery) - by jeanpaul.22 TUI fly Deutschland D-AHXB - by PEGASUS_XP Turkish Airlines TC-JKO - by PEGASUS_XP United Airlines N13720 (Star Alliance) - by pyreegue United Airlines N27724 - by Jviation United Airlines N38727 (battleship grey) - by justintx79 * Vanguard Airlines N603DJ (732 livery) - by justintx79 Varig PR-VBZ - by fscabral Varig PR-VQD - by fscabral Virgin Australia VH-VBY - by Deceivr Virgin Australia VH-VBZ - by Deceivr Virgin Blue VH-VBU - by Delta_Who WestJet C-GCWJ - by Shenherm Wingo HP-1524CMP - by ScubaSteveWA Cargo White paint kit - by justintx79 Alaska Air Cargo N627AS - by KJO * ASL Airlines / DHL OE-IME - by JMRJMR * Polar Air Cargo N497GT - by KJO * Prime Air - by justintx79 SpiceXpress Cargo VT-SFB - by Sandesh SpiceXpress Cargo VT-SFD - by Sandesh Military versions Dutch Government PH-GOV - by Muskiet Dutch Government PH-GOV - by timmetje2001 Janet Airlines N319BD - by ProudAviatior RAAF Royal Australian Air Force A36-001 (BBJ) - by Deceivr RAAF Royal Australian Air Force A36-002 (BBJ) - by Deceivr South African Air Force ZS-RSA - by pine65 United States Air Force 10015 (C-40C Clipper) - by Christoph_T United States Navy 165834 (C-40C Clipper) - by Muskiet Private Private N2708E (BBJ) - by Runway_01 Private N800KS (BBJ) - by Chemtrail773 Private VP-BBJ (BBJ) - by fscabral Fictional * IHAS VA - by CJGuitar Solaris Flagship N818SL - by BvSteel82 Solaris Silver One N682SL - by BvSteel82
  20. One thing that could be pretty unique is doing your own PA's so basically you click the PA button and speak to the cabin. After you hang up the phone is when it'll play aloud in the cabin so you can listen to yourself (with the captains voice) and laud!. Alternatively simply changing some of the PA files to our own recordings would cool too.
  21. Suggest features here. Please do not suggest features that have already been requested. If we don't answer, it doesn't mean we didn't read and consider it.
  22. Please post any bugs or issues here. Bugs and issues can only be dealt with, if you always consider the following points: ONLY POST IF ... you can reproduce the issue at will. you are running the latest stable version of X-Plane without ANY third party plugins the issue has not been reported before if your issue is really a problem and not a suggestion (there is special thread for this). WHEN YOU POST... always state operating system and X-Plane version describe the situation, as short and precise as possible add your log.txt if your issues involves crashing Edited 2 hours ago by audiobirdxp

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