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  2. Hello, folks. After a lot of deliberation and procrastination I have decided today to cease my work on the different 737 projects. I will probably see the 700 update through, but after that I will dedicated more time to my job, my family and my health and finish the other projects I'm involved in. I won't go into further details in this place and at this time as to what other reasons I have for leaving. I enjoyed the time tremendously, I also suffered tremendously in various phases due to the toxicity that sometimes erupts in our niche community. I believe this is a good point in development for me to retreat as we have a couple of awesome planes that - at least in my view - can rival most payware products for X-Plane. What the planes need most is ZiboMODding to add more system depth, so my assets are now not so very crucial to development anymore. I wish you all happy flying. I will stick around here for a bit, but please refrain from contacting me in this matter. It is not a step I take lightly, but I take it very decidedly. Thank you all for your support all this time. audiobirdxp / axp
  3. Hi, May I request PrivatAir D-AWBB white livery? Best Regards Kinki
  4. The ASU won't disconnect no matter WHAT I do. AviTab's button seems to have glitched out.
  5. Nav lights are completely off position at night time..
  6. Running 11.35B1 and RC3.11. Ever since RC3.9 the aircraft does not play nice with AutoGate. Upon loading the aircraft at a gate the following happens.
  7. Hello - before I report let commend you on a job well done with this project. Now, my issues is when I am at the top of the decent and set up my vnav speed to 280 on the decent. The aircraft does not keep the 280 speed during the decent. Not sure if this is only isolated to me but 737-900u does not behave on that manner, nor the 737-800 zibo. A little bit more info Route KFLL THNDR4 THNDR LBV DEAKK5 KTPA on the arrival DEAKK 250/11000 decending from 22000 at the top of decent the plane catches the vnav glide path but the initial speed as set in the FMC DES profile overspeeds. To prevent the airplane to overspeed further I have to use the speed break all of way down to the decent. Is there something that I am doing wrong or this is a bug. Again as I mentioned it the other mods do not behave this way. I really love this plane and feedback is greatly appreciated.
  8. Why not be the first to finish the whole NG series in X-Plane 11 though? Especially if it's not a huge adjustment to the others. You don't see a lot of 737-600s, but that just makes them unique and interesting, WestJet and SAS have them I think. I'd personally rather have the -600 than the MAX because of not only those reasons, but the way things are going I'm starting to wonder if the MAX is going to be around much at all. And it has a black mark on its reputation, sad to say. A huge percentage of passengers are saying they'll still avoid it even when it gets recertified. I thought it was a bad sign that IcelandAir recently let go all of its 737 MAX pilots, there are delays on it getting recertified again as much as US airlines want it. I'd personally be very excited to have the -600 and have the release version of the -900 finished, I tend to like to fly the largest and smallest examples of the type. If you do the MAX next, I hope for that reason to see the 10 completed early on!
  9. Has anyone mapped out the MCP for the 737-700 for the Goflight MCP Pro? My speed, and Vert Speed are the only knobs that work.
  10. Hi! I have noticed that my nav lights are running wild outside of it's position. Anyone else who have experienced it and maybe know a fix for it? And another thing I have noticed regarding lights; The emergency lights stay's on at all times, even though I have turned the switch off. Did try to insert pictures, but it did not succeed, so here are the links to my screenshots. Nav lights Nav lights 2 Emergency lights
  11. If you were wondering, the latest release candidates for the 800X have tightened this pattern significantly to the point of being barely noticeable. Only the 700U & 900U suffer from the bowing pattern now, so hopefully they both get updated soon.
  12. I'm also having the same problem here. I did a flight from KSJC to PHNL last night, and while over the water, the plane started deviating off course. It fixed itself when I started manually entering the heading and turning off LNAV until the next fix. After the next fix, it stayed on the track.
  13. I've created a Continental Airlines Livery pack. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52731-737-700u-continental-airlines-pack/
  14. This modification sounds great! Probably you should check, how your script regonizes the aircraft. The Zibo one is a bit diffrent at some points like the Studio name or the AI Name
  15. I noticed the latest 3.4RC has a REV update for AXP. But everytime an update comes to this, it seems to break some sound. For example, that ever so famous whining sound of the 737NG Hydraulics while boarding an aircraft was absolutely perfect in the last update. It was loud and was obvious. Now, in this update, you literally need to move your camera 2 feet away from the engine and even at that its quiet.. The GPU can be heard over it?? This sound is the most obvious sound you can hear when boarding any 737NG and now I can hardly hear it at all?? It's just annoying because the soundpack is very important for immersion, and the hydraulic sound being basically non existent in the exterior view is a real immersion killer
  16. HI! I am currently using Lua Macros to use an old keyboard as an overhead panel. The script works fine with the default 737 but when I execute the same command, nothing happens in the Zibo. Does there need to be a plugin that allows you control certain aspects of the Zibo like what Laminar did with the 737? ( Default has its own section in the controls section in settings) Please help, Brady
  17. I think they already modelled the cutout switches for the MAX version... so they are already modelled and only need to implement them
  18. I've never seen it actually modeled, but it'd be nice to have flap vibrations with variation of power, take off, landing etc.
  19. Eurowings B737-700U https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52544-eurowings-b737-700u/
  20. Beautiful work. Thank you so much for creating these airplanes. Would it be possible, (maybe too much), to put the NG Fuel cutoff switches in the -800 and -900? The models from late 2015 to present have them. See the attached picture for an example. Thank you! -DJ Aviation
  21. Something cosmetic to add: speed brakes hydraulic pistons, entrance door hinges, possibility to have an underwing registration. If that RG mod thief can, I don't see how the team could not do something like this in the future. These are very small and pretty useless things that however would reduce the number of people that goes to that shady VK site And, again, the usual request for Airstairs
  22. Your 747,747,737 miles on a 737 as a passenger doesnt translate to any understanding of the aircraft, that's like bragging about having a million cups of coffee from Starbucks, you still don't know how to make coffee. The 737-700 is more than capable of flying at 41,000 quite often, yes if it is fully loaded it will not be able to, that is basic flight plan calculations and the FMC CRZ page will reaffirm that. I will add with all these others being jumped on that the -700 will not allow you to cruise at 41,000 when the CRZ MAX and OPT altitude are both 41,000 it's a bug, plain and simple...
  23. The maximum service ceiling of the 737-700 is 41,000ft and that is empty. If you load her up with fuel and passengers, and given typical atmospheric conditions, you will rarely be able to take her up that high. I have never seen or been on a 737 that's flown higher than 36,000ft (and I have been flying for 40 years, and I pull 225,000 per year on American Airlines). Try a lower altitude and see what it takes. Dennis

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