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  2. Can you help me to fix this. I load my flight plan as I always do and everything works perfectly except the flight plan tracking line(the red line) does not show what so ever. No matter what I try I cannot get the flight plan to show. HELP please. I have included a snapshot of it. P.S. This is 737-900U-1909 3.35.43 (This also happens with the Zibo 737-800 and the Ultimate 737-700)
  3. hi i found a sound for cabin interior for the Boeing 737 700 737800 and 737 900 its for the cabin interior im just wondering if im able to install it for my own use i heard roumers that i need permission from zibo or i cant do it if that is true please let me know thanks csimms
  4. Same! It's a less-popular model but plenty of airlines past and present fly it.
  5. Hi, I fly a lot with the zibo 737-800 but what I'm missing is the step climb option. every time I'm filling in the FMC I can't put a step climb in. in real life you do that with this command: (you type in:) FL390S (S = Step climb) but I alway's get a error can you implement this command. And if you don't no what I'm talking about you can check this video on youtube (and you can watch this video for some more tips & tricks for the Boeing 737 FMC): or You want to no how to set an FMC Up you can watch this video:
  6. Would anyone have an Aeromexico livery for the ultimate?
  7. Currently using the latest version of the 739 and the latest version of xplane. Haven't noticed when this problem started, but whenever I reach my desired cruising altitude, the autopilot just won't hold at that altitude. It keeps ascending and descending further and further away. But when I set the v/speed to -50 or +50 it'll stabilize itself. The same thing happens on ILS approaches, I had to manually land this aircraft. I've searched everywhere for solutions but couldn't find any, some say that speed could be the cause, but i can guarantee I'm not overspeeding. This doesn't happen with other aircrafts that I fly, which includes the FFA320, mag787, etc. I've came up with a few possibilities: -XP11.4's new flight physics -buggy zibo aircraft Settings & Plugins: -XP11.4b1 -xEnviro v1.11 -FlywithLua (lighting, atmospheric and graphic tweaks) -Blu-FX -ZIBO B737-900 1909 -other unimportant plugins (X-RAAS, Autogate, SAM, etc) System: -Windows 10 64 -GTX 1080 (fps 50) -AMD ryzen 1800X -16GB RAM -Other unimportant PC components (liquid cooling, X370 motherboard, etc)
  8. US Air livery like the one attached would be nice. Thanks
  9. Hello folks, although not active in development of either the 800/700/900, I get frequent mails asking for permission to use parts of the liveries (all the stock ones that come with the 700, 800 and 900 and the downloadable ones). I just want to clarify that you can use anything in the paintkits and any part of any liveries for your 737NG livery projects. Just not for commerical purposes and a credit would be nice. Other than that please feel free to use as you see fit!
  10. Hi admin Thank you so much for your great work please can somebody help me to get Air Algeria livery for the 737-700 U ; Thnx in advance
  11. Hello, i just downloaded the last version the 1909. I just noticed that the SKI rain effects doesn't work. I reinstalled the plane and reset the sim. This effect remained missing!!! Please could you fix it. It would be appreciated in the community
  12. hi please i wish you to make the camerco livery Thank you
  13. I have 3 suggestions Interactive passenger cabin, Examples; modeled lavatories in the passenger area with doors that can opened and closed with a mouse click; oven doors can open and close; seat belt signs that work with switch in cockpit; window shades can open/close, overhead bins (open/close), etc. Option to have Ground power on without unit showing up for when parked at a gate with a Jetway. Jump seats in the cockpit that can be folded and unfolded.
  14. Following the Flight Director when the AP is off works as it should, however it appears this issue also effects RNAV (GPS) approaches
  15. When I reach T/D in the latest zibo update, with the MCP ALT set and VNAV engaged, it doesnt decent. I tried pressing "ALT INTV" with no results. The Vertical Speed slider thing also doesnt work, so I have to use LVL CHG to decend.
  16. Well thanks for the reply.I guess I have to use it as it is. I am really thankful for your efforts in the community. Thanks
  17. Thanks, but I'm not working on the 737 anymore.
  18. No need to edit NML files or textures. These are 3D errors (not I'm not actively involved with development anymore).
  19. Hey folks! I was tryin' to paint that beauty 900 with the latest update 1909 and have faced some interesting issues.I think they're related with the model. Is there any way to correct them? I've tried to edit some NML files but haven't worked at all.

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