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Download and Support for the SAM Plugin by Stairport Sceneries

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  2. We found a bug causing no preview for some objects from our library. It is registered with Laminar as WED-1232 if you would like to follow.
  3. Added KFAT Fresno Yosemite International Airport https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54826-kfat-fresno-yosemite-international-sam/
  4. Added KGEG Spokane International to the Org at https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54708-kgeg_sam/
  5. Hm interesting. There is no obvious difference to the other files but we'll have a look again.
  6. hi. i d check configure thank you. but the Safedock previews are not working still
  7. Added KEUG - Eugene Oregon Mahlon Sweet Field with SAM capability. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/54402-keug-eugene-mahlon-sweet-field-sam/
  8. You didn't configure the docking systems so they are not working... Check out the developer guide if you don't know how to enable them.
  9. hello developer. could u tell me why this safedock not working? and cannot chect status of wed previews.XD WED version is lastest
  10. Probably because there is no content to show. It will only show up if you have an animated object configured. Nit sure if it also shows up if you set the connection mode to manual but didn't configure any Jetway. Click on settings to try that out.
  11. https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/111-developer-guide/ You need to join the SAM club. There are video and PDF files to assist the “how-to”
  12. Hello, I decided to try SAM, and unfortunately due to lack of documentation and a troubleshooting guide. I was unable to proceed with even the basic setup. Why am I not able to see CYYC_SAM in the interface tab?
  13. If you place objects from the SAM Library and then uninstall the library it is obvious that they won't show up no?
  14. This may be a bug, or a feature. I found if I added a scenery package with only SAM objects without installing SAM no buildings at the airport showed up (original gateway buildings). This seems like harsh behavior.
  15. Both using Honeywell. Other aircraft that I tested didn't have this issue - tested at 2 Honeywell gates KSNA.
  16. Note this is KSNA not KSAN as stated on the top post listing airports. Just a few miles difference! ;-). Thanks for all the support.
  17. KSNA added to the ORG - KSNA John Wayne - Orange County as a Jetway/VDGS enhancement.
  18. Perfect. KSNA withe SAM will be submitted tomorrow.
  19. Wow! Just finished first draft of KSNA. A 21 ramp airport, so I thought "small". This was a great learning process. Some questions: 1. If I modify a jetway angle - but the position stays the same I had a heck of a problem getting it working again. It had red on extent, wheel height and Wheel center I think. If I deleted it in the X-Plane dev interface it still would not work, and actually added a 2nd instance in the xml file. . I could not figure out how to change the parameters to make it work. Plus, some changing a half dozen of the angles for jetways threw all the jetways off. I went in and deleted each jetway, then restarted x-plane each time to re-add it correctly. If I didn't restart x-plane it would add a 2nd jetway instance with the same bad parameters. So the question is - what things can you change in WED for Jetways and Visual Docking Guidance objects after they have been configured in X-Plane? Can I move/adjust any item in WED after it's been installed in X-Plane? Should I delete in X-Plane dev screen before making adjustments? 2. Is there a review/critique panel for suggestions? 3. Should the marshals and Visual Docking Guidance object be straight on the center of the ramp? 4. For scenery pulled from the Scenery Gateway do we need permissions from the author? and last, but not least... THANKS for this tool. I really enjoyed learning WED and SAM. A little more tweaking and I think I'm ready to publish.
  20. Just starting to do my first airport installing jetways and marshals - KSNA. I've got the jetways working and the basic marshals. But the a/c are real close to the terminal so I was going to try some of the automated signs. I may be blind, but am having a challenge finding information on the differences between Safegate, Safedock, Honeywell and FMT. Also, I see poles with devices, and just devices. I initially got one sign to light up, but not having success and am looking for some documentation describing the differences and the installation. I thought it would be the same as a marshal, but maybe not. Did a search and couldn't find anything. For testing I was going to do a couple of gates with each so I could see the differences. Thanks!!!
  21. Implemented Aerosoft - LIMJ Genoa Aerosoft - EDLP Paderborn Aerosoft - LSZH Zurich Aerosoft - KDAB Daytona Aerosoft - EDDT Berlin-Tegel Aerosoft - EDDF Frankfurt Aerosoft - KASE Aspen Aerosoft - EDLW Dortmund Aerosoft - EDDK Cologne Aerosoft - ENTC Tromsø Limesim - EDDB/BER Berlin-Brandenburg AFLOSIM - LRCL Cluj-Napoca Risuali - DTTA Tunis Carthage Egardin39 - WICA Kertajati Javbs - MROC San Jose (Costa Rica) cicmen - LJLJ Ljubljana tod - VHHH Hong Kong rbrahimi - MMPR Puerto Vallarta InFInItyKiLL33 - WSSS Singapore Changi ColaKev - CYVR Vancouver Elsaday Marçal - SVMI Caracas Otavio Bonomi - SJGK Helicopter Base Rio de Janeiro x-plane.at - LOWG Graz x-plane.at - LOWI Innsbruck axmiha - SBEG Manaus x-plane.at - LOWW Vienna x-plane.at - LOWL Linz x-plane.at - LOWK Klagenfurt x-plane.at - LOWS Salzburg Chris.1008 - LEMH Menorca ShortFinal Design - EDDM Munich Xplanet Design - KMDW Chicago Midway Tailstrike - LIME Bergamo Hayri Büberci - LTFJ Sabiha Gokcen Risuali - GUCY Conakry Ron Baruah - VECC Kolkata Risuali - OEMA Medina skydiverbiker - LFPG Paris CDG MK-Studios - LPPT Lisboa Florent Martinot - EFIV Ivalo SouthWings - EFIV Ivalo Xplanet Design - KMDW Chicago Midway Captain K-Man - KFSD Sioux Falls Regional rcavinash123 - VIDP Delhi Ron Baruah - VILH Leh squawk3232 - KSAV Savannah anis_tar - DAAG Algier PuffinFlight - Lower Silesia Airfields holden_cf - EDDW Bremen ZeroDollarPayware - KSDF Louisville FSDG - LOWG Graz Risuali - FKKD Douala Gastonreif - ZULS Lhasa XFiber - KMDW Chigaco Midway XFiber - KCLT Charlotte StableSystem - KCLL Easterwood AbhishekB - VILK Lucknow AbhishekB - VANP Nagpur AbhishekB - VOTV Trivandrum AbhishekB - VECC Kolkata Vertical Simulations - KORF Norfolk Vertcial Simulations - KPVD Providence Vertical Simulations - KGEG Spokane Sarvesh Asopa - VASU Surat antb1 - OOSA Salalah antb1 - OEAB Abha Risuali - OJAI Amman maverick555 - EGGW London Luton CDG - YBBN Brisbane ferreirabruno - SBDN Prudente janis22 - KPIE St. Petersburg XFiber - KGRR Grand Rapids bulb315 - ORER Erbil BCB Aviator - KCHO Charlottesville AeroDesign - KCMH Columbus lustigerpopo - VMMC Macau axmiha - SBSG Greater Natal A-V-C - VVDN Da Nang Risuali - HTDA Dar Es Salaam AbhishekB - VCBI Colombo BCB Aviator - KRDU Raleigh/Durha X-Codr/AeroDesign - KMGM Montgomery Hollywood42 - KCVG Cinciannati DragoB - LDDU Dubrovnik Realxeng - WAMM Manado jengle - KSNA John Wayne ADSparks - EGPF Glasgow jengle - KEUG Eugene jengle - KGEG Spokane jengle - KFAT Fresno DS_Creations - LJSG Slovenj Gradec Upcoming Aviotek - OMDB Dubai Hayri Büberci - LTFM Istanbul New ar1001 - OMAA Abu Dhabi All Departure Designs Airports Ron Baruah - VOKN Kannur Flightbeam - KPDX Portland

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