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  2. I haven't updated SAM recently and only started seeing this the last week or so. Thanks for the advice, will try what you suggest.
  3. It has been provided in an update and is described in the manual as well. Please try the following: Delete the sam_settings.xml in X-Plane/Output/Preferences. Then all settings are back on default and so should be the jetway status indicator. If you then switch it off it should be permanently hidden.
  4. Lately, I've seen the icon in the screenshot below every now and then and at first, I didn't even know what it was or where it came from. Someone later told me that circled 'A' icon is related to SAM. I was a bit surprised since I never saw it before. I went into the settings for SAM and found the 'JETWAY STATUS' parameter. As seen, it's set to 'Hide always' and yet, I get the circled A icon. I then tried switching to 'Show on screen' and back to 'Hide always' which made the icon go away. However, next time I launched X-Plane, the icon was back again.
  5. So, a month and a half and no response from the devs? Wish I had done more research before buying.
  6. Where did you buy it? The store should email you a code.
  7. Okay, have restarted X-plane and I get the grey 'A' now - but am right by the Jetty of a default X-Plane 11 airport. Issue one: SAM 'goes to sleep' during the flight and doesn't work at the arrival airport. Issue two: This (see below) should be close enough to dock... Looking forward to having these fixed, many thanks.
  8. I would love to hear from others if they are having the same issues. You would think more people would have tried it due to the low price but there is almost no talk of it on the .org. Hate to think I wasted $20. But, in this hobby, only $20 wasted is almost a win. LOL Devs?? You on here?
  9. Sigh - WorldJetways/SAM v2 not working at all at Gateway GCLP with Zibo Mod 3.39.4 No Blue or Grey 'A' or 'M' displayed upon arrival & parking. Engines off. beacon off, doors open... nothing. When set to 'manual' mode in the plugin UI the L1 door appears, but does nothing when clicked upon. TBH the unreliability here is getting a bit annoying.
  10. 1. Under Version it says Update in red. I am using the latest version 2.02. Under WorldJetways it says 1.0.0 Re-installed and it shows current version. 2. When I try to use it at KROA the Jetways don't work. Also, under Airport Operation System the ICAO is LEGO and, of course, the METAR is not recognized. Still no jetway in auto or manual - click on the door in manual and nothing happens. Doesn't look like the SAM jetways. Can someone else check this airport and see if it works? Thanks, Eddie
  11. i have no idea how to get the serial code to activate worldwayjets. can someone tell me how
  12. Thanks Marten. Before you responded my over-zealous self laid down the shekels for WorldJetways from Aerosoft, which was the reason I was after your wonderful SAM in the first place. I am pleased to advise that it works a treat on my mid-2011 iMac running MacOS 10.13. I understand that SAM may not work with other programs for me, but that is OK. Just sayin'
  13. You're referring to a 1+ year old thread. The current version of SAM requires 10.14+.
  14. I am a bit confused about minimum MacOS requirement. All documentation says MacOS 10.14+, yet this thread indicates to me that it may run on 10.13 (?). Regrettably, my hardware will not go beyond 10.13.
  15. Hi there, a quick query rgdg aircraft with multiple doors. Is it possible to alter the default door used for a particular aircraft? As it would be awesome if the world jetways automatic mode could be arranged to use L2 rather than L1 on aircraft like the Flightfactor 757 (I'm just wondering if there's an aircraft config file which could be tweaked to do this). Best Rgds, Chris.
  16. Yes, this was the problem. I'm new to scenery design, so sorry for that mistake Anyway thank you!
  17. It's working fine for me so I guess you forgot to select the appropriate template?
  18. Hey everyone, I have started to create my own sceneries and i allways use Sam jetways for my airports. If i use jetway_solid_01 the jetway connects to the aircraft door correctly (first picture) but if i use jetway_solid_02 the jetway extends to much and it is inside the aircraft (secound picture). https://prnt.sc/qkjvlq https://prnt.sc/qkjx1k Thanks for helping!
  19. Hi Josh, generally yes. However the WorldJetway jetways are usually not designed to lower that much to the ground (the CRJ door is pretty low). That's probably why they don't work. You could try it with a parking position far outside on a long extended jetway. In worst case you could manipulate the WorldJetway values to lower it but that causes visual glitches so I will only describe you that if you really like to know it Greets Marten
  20. Hello, So I recently purchased SAM2 from AS. Great plugin, very great job developers. The one issue I am having is using jetway with JRollon CRJ200. I know in the manual the jetway is not supported so I attempted to add door coords in the aircraft.xml file. This did not work. I have coords of doors in planemaker and I figured that if i just give SAM coords of the doors it would do this magic itself. Is what I am attempting to do possible? Meaning if i give an aircraft that is not supported it own coords in the .xml will it work? Any help would be great. Thanks, Josh
  21. Please contact the scenery author. Probably the Jetway limits are not sufficient for your parking position.
  22. I purchased and installed global jetways how ever no jetways work I have it all installed properly and activated
  23. First, just a note that https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/5007-sam-scenery-animation-manager/ lists "X-Plane 10 Version 10.00+"; I gather the Aerosoft forum doesn't allow for specifying an XP11 version, but may I suggest setting the "X-Plane 10 version" to either 11.10+ (11.10 required since you use new SDK 3.0 packaging rules) or at least "Not applicable"? Then, perhaps more importantly, your macOS plugin appears to be built against macOS 10.13: Load command 8 cmd LC_VERSION_MIN_MACOSX cmdsize 16 version 10.13 sdk 10.13 …whereas X-Plane 11 itself can run all the way back to macOS 10.10: https://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-system-requirements/ Since you're most likely not using any macOS 10.13+ only APIs, specifying -mmacosx-version-min=10.10 should be enough to ensure compatibility with 10.10 or later, regardless of the SDK used. Regards, Tim
  24. Version 1.1.0 X-Crafts ERJ series Colimata Concorde Ultimate 737 MAX8 Version 1.0.9 Ultimate B737 Version 1.0.2 Parnik Simulations AN24 Aerosoft ATR72 Dreamfoil EMB110 FlyJSim DHC8 Version 1.0.1 JRollon CRJ200 Version 1.0.0 Laminar Research B738, B747, MD82 Zibo B738 Ultimate B739 JARDesign A320, A330 Toliss A319 SSG B748, E170, E195 FlyJSim B727, B732 Avroliner Project RJ100 Flightfactor A320*, A350, B757, B762, B763, B777 IXEG B733 XCraft's E175, E195 Riverie A320neo, A321neo, A330neo, A380plus EADT x737, x738 Francesco D'Arpa DC9 Pilot Sanya Tu134, A310, Tu204/214 Ramzess IL96 Magknight B789 Michael Wilson 707, L1011, DC-8, HS Trident RW Design A330 Felis Tu154 Peter Hager A380 LES Saab 340 Rotate MD80 * Flightfactor overwrites the beacon light so no automatic jetway connection is possible. However you can use the user menu to connect a jetway manually.

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