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  2. I'm not sure but it may be a problem of the scenery dev. he may have forgotten to choose the alarm in the settings like me who was a guy who tried to do so and had no sounds XD, you may ask him for help
  3. hey, you can try to use samsuite to update and that gives you the latest update, it is better than manual installation since here won't be installation errors like putting it in the wrong directory.
  4. Finally with version 2.1.0 the Basic Plugin does not lead to a crash of X-Plane 11, but now the alarm for the Jetways is gone. And as well all by me manually edited jetways (because of airport developers failure) were reset. Sorry, but I can't find the way to upload the required logs.
  5. Hmm I tried many gates there, and it's still a bit aft of the door (stairway on the jetway is already colliding with the engine cowling)...
  6. I'll load up XP now and test it. I'll let you know how it goes!
  7. Hmm okay. May I please know what gate you tested? I'll check there as well
  8. Hmm that doesn't seem to happen for me (even with the latest version). Perhaps some gates are using a wrong template?
  9. I can't confirm that. Downloaded the latest VHHH scenery + A350 update and got this:
  10. Greetings, Marten! I'm pretty surprised that people found this old thread when the new version came out, but I'm really glad to see that you've been working hard as ever to help us! I've just downloaded the new version of SAM (testing with the VHHH scenery; a new version is available, but it doesn't change anything with the SAM config), and I've noticed that the A350 position is a bit too off. I've come to terms with the fact that sometimes it may not look right, however I saw the jetways blocking off half of the door (LF2; LF1 isn't as bad). I've tried the force connecting, and everything seems to be within range. Another thing I noticed (not really with SAM base but with SAM static aircrafts) is that the 777 model seems to have a weird shadow thing. I'll upload a few screenshots to illustrate my point (one has both the 777 and 767 in frame, and it seems that the static 767 is unaffected). Looking forward to your response!
  11. @Argaeus yes that works too. or uninstalling the sim does the same thing.
  12. There was a statement from Marten re the crash issue in which he wrote the problem is within XP1150b17 and Laminar knows about the situation. Revert to 2.0.7 for the time being rather than re-installing the whole sim, I still have 2.0.7 and it works perfectly fine with b17.
  13. @DarthBelan idk man i did that and it worked for me, sorry, i just wanted to give you an idea how to fix it, cause it worked for me. plus i think SAM is going to release an update for it so it shouldn't be much of an issue
  14. Yeah, reinstalling X-Plane isn't an option to get one plugin working. Especially when the easiest solution is to revert to an older version.
  15. even if you validated the install still, re install x-plane you will have to go into your x-plane directory and manually delete the files there because steam wont uninstall the files therby leaveing the issue, you must remove the files and then press uninstall on steam and have a fresh install of x-plane. @DarthBelan plus im sure SAM is working on an update soon to fix this issue.
  16. Having the same issue, 2.0.9 crashes XP. I even tried loading the default 737 and crash. Uninstalled the SAM plugin and SAM2 Suite, reinstalled both, fresh, and still getting a crash. Validated Steam install, crash. Uninstalling SAM plugin fixed the crashing. The only other thing I updated was the FF A350, as the 1.6.10 update came out today.
  17. I am getting the same crash message. --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: AOS}==-- I have tried to completely remove everything in the SAM plugin folder, including the folder itself, then reinstall SAM, WorldJetways and Seasons with the same problem. That was fresh install of SAM 2.0.9. I have included the X-Plane log.txt and the SAM.log file. I have reverted back to 2.0.7 since that one works. Log.txt SAM.log
  18. OK there has been many people facing this issue including myself! but there is a way to fix it. try uninstalling any previous versions of SAM jet ways and try installing the latest version. but do keep in mind that this is a bug and SAM is working to fix it. if that doesn't fix the issue try running X-planes installer or check for any updates that might be interfering with the add-on ( that was my issue ) or try to remove SAM entirely and retry it! should work! Best of luck!
  19. try to redownload it man it's no use messaging once a day, also read the other forums before asking
  20. Whenever I try starting a flight at an airport with World Jetways (AOS) the game crashes to desktop before even finishing to load the scenery. I tried it with FF B 767, Toliss A319 and Zibo 737-800. Same results. It is basically what happened with 2.0.8 but a bit earlier because this time I don't even have time to load the scenery. with 2.0.8 I crashed whenever I disconnected or opened the plugin menu X-plane 11 log gave me the --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: AOS}==-- When I reverted to v2.0.7, everything worked fine again. below is copy of SAM log from my attempt with the B767
  21. After 3 hours setting SAM up on a scenery (SBBR), and saving SAM in the scenery, after restarting X-Plane, SAM was completely gone. All jetways were reset and no objects were configured anymore, and the "sam.xml" file disappeared from the scenery folder. Has anybody heard of this? I'm using the latest SAM version.
  22. 1. Under Version it says Update in red. I am using the latest version 2.02. Under WorldJetways it says 1.0.0 Re-installed and it shows current version. 2. When I try to use it at KROA the Jetways don't work. Also, under Airport Operation System the ICAO is LEGO and, of course, the METAR is not recognized. Still no jetway in auto or manual - click on the door in manual and nothing happens. Doesn't look like the SAM jetways. Can someone else check this airport and see if it works? Thanks, Eddie
  23. Hello! I recently updated to v1.0.8, and I realized that the jetways don't line up with the doors on the FlightFactor A350. The jetways are within limits, and I am not using force connect.

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