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  2. For the selected part I attached a UV map which you can multiply above your texture to see where to paint (4096x4096px).
  3. Hello, maybe someone is so kind and can help me pleas? Right now after I added SAM to my RJTT Scenery I am working on adding SAM to my RJAA Scenery. I am using the Solid2 jetways and startet to repaint them to look like the ones in RJAA. But I am having a very bad time finding thr right places for the Boarding bridge Curton! Do any of you know where are all the places for it in the Texture file? I managed to find alot so far but, it took me 2 day´s so far and some of the parts are very near too other parts so its very difficult.
  4. Additionally we found a bug in the static aircraft connection logic which will be fixed within the next update.
  5. SFD EDDM has been configured with an old SAM version with predefined doors which are sometimes hard to reach for the aircrafts. We will talk with SFD to get that fixed. The blank livery appears, if the defined airline for that parking spot does not exist in the static aircraft library (yet). We thought it's better to have a blank livery than a completely wrong airline.
  6. We tested the latest versions of 757, 767, 777 and A320 and they are all working on our test systems. Furthermore we don't have any bug report besides you. Maybe your aircrafts are not up to date?
  7. For me the SAM jetway´s do not connect to any Static Aircrafts! Any idea how to fix this? Also alot of Aicrafts have blank livery? Screenshot is taken in SFD EDDM.
  8. For me the SAM jetway´s do not connect to any Static Aircrafts! Any idea how to fix this? Also alot of Aicrafts have blank livery? Screenshot is taken in SFD EDDM.
  9. I thought that as well but when I removed plugins 1 by 1, the AOS was the only one that crashed it. and if I disable the plugin I have no issues.
  10. Where do you see the connection to SAM? Does it work without SAM? Because I can't see any link.
  11. Update: I can now confirm that the plugin works, but the activation mode should not be 1 but 2. Topic Closed.
  12. Hi, The programmer's solution works in version 2.0.2 but the same problem in version 2.0.3.
  13. sorry has your problem been solved yet? if not please contact us at support.stairport-sceneries.com
  14. The objects are about 3 times more complex than a usual CSL should be for online flying so it would probably have a performance impact. Furthermore they are not animated so I don't think we will do that soon. However it's community-open so if anyone is willing to do it feel free
  15. Can this also be used for VATSIM if not now can you guys pls make it also work for those networks so we have somthing better then bluebell
  16. Thanks for your feedback. The WorldJetways folder inside SAM/lib contains a worldjetways.xml with limits of all Jetways. You can increase the values but they are already maxed out to the maximum the objects and real world physics could handle. It's a difficult way to get a proper docking everywhere and still keep it somewhat realistic... Oh and by the way the green icon only appears for 5 seconds so if you load a flight and don't watch closely you might miss it if the Jetway is already being connected.
  17. Arriving at (Default) GCTS the grey icon appeared approaching the terminal building; and as I got in range of the jetway it turned blue. Upon shutdown and light off the Jetway docked. So releived and please to report no issues on arrival today. I'll keep a copy of the log in case it differs from instances when it doesn't work. Be great to loosen the range and angles somewhat, as that might be an issue with Gateway airports (designers haven't had to design to these constraints before), especially on widebody stands. BTW I'm currently doing some Airport re-design for Gateway BIKF and am checking the Jetway angles/distances to parking spots in WED and in-sim for all 'on-pier' stands.
  18. Hi there, happened on arrival at CGLP whilst in Automatic mode (I hadn't stopped as far forward as the pre-set parking spot shown in the above post) also seen this at LPPR, and previously at Default EDDN and EPGD (This last one was probably due to the parked Jetways being parallel with the ramp centreline and quite a distance away to the left. I'm currently on an XP11 flight to GCTS & this time there was no SAM icon (blue or grey) in the top corner of the screen before departing LPPR, but the Jetway was actually connected. I'll report whether the plugin or jetways are active on arrival, and will attach the X-Plane log at the end of the flight, along with screenshots of the Plugin settings window, as that may help.
  19. There is no difference in the system between worldjetways and others, just other objects. The issue at EDDF is probably more a configuration of the original developer who we already contacted on that. The icons are available for all sam Jetways.
  20. Did you changed the airport multiple times in the same session before loading EGCC? It can happen that the system gets confused by multiple reloads. If not, at which gate exactly does it happen?
  21. Correct, the org store has some trouble with their email system. You can contact them directly to request the code of course.
  22. The mentioned sleeping issue, on which airports and stands is that happening? In manual and automatic mode? The issue on your GCLP Screenshot is that the rotation limits of the Jetway prevents a connection. We already tuned them for the next update to cover more scenarios.

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