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  2. just found this: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/55042-eham-schiphol-amsterdam/ It is an upgrade from the Aerosoft - EHAM Schiphol Amsterdam and it also requires ALES - The Airport Layout Enhancement Solution
  3. When is the next version of SAM coming out?
  4. When will animated people be added to this plugin?
  5. I must alert all the time :). So if another scenery is selected (by mistake or otherwise) will the changes be written to that (wrongly selected) xml file or to the one in current scenery folder?
  6. It keeps the last used selection so when adding multiple objects you don't have to select it everytime. If you load a new scenery you only have to change it once.
  7. Hi again, Can this "Store in" alphabetically sorted drop down list box be changed to a "fixed option" ie. to whatever scenery we are working on by default? Sometimes I tend to forget to select the Scenery I am working on and it confuses me whether my changes are added to the current one I work on or to the one that is on the screen. I am sure you had your reasons but just wanted to point it out. You cannot be working on a 6000 mile away KLAS Mc Carran Scenery while you are situated at and working on LTFM
  8. Thanks for confirming. Modifications/changes will be solely on the texture side so I hope it will not affect the scenery in future versions.
  9. v2 is in Beta right now so it shouldn't take too long. Yes you can customize the objects and provide them in your scenery pack. Just keep in mind that they might get outdated at some point. There neither were any changes for the marshaller nor are any planned though. We'll fix the poles in v2 as well.
  10. Don't hold it back, pls share your work with the community.
  11. Hi @Marten@Stairport, Is it allowed to modify (textures of) jetways/marshallers and share them as separate objects in the scenery package - of course mentioning that they are originally SAM objects? Currently we have a working copy of our LTFM scenery with modified SAM jetways but my colleague decided to re-do all our custom 3D objects with Blender rather than using the current ones he had created with Sketchup (he is almost finished by the way) so we postponed the update a little bit more. Recently he asked me if we can modify your marshaller and so I decided to write and ask for your permission. The scenery is obviously going to be a freeware one as v1.0 which had Autogate by Marginal. Also, poles of DGS' are not visible unless you come very close to the object. Can this be corrected? And finally, when can we expect v2 of SAM? Thanks. PS. Let me know if you want to get a copy of WIP LTFM v2 package.
  12. https://forum.thresholdx.net/forum/111-developer-guide/
  13. how can i replace the jetways? and is there any free airport with SAM?
  14. In general I would say there shouldn't be any difference. At least the usage is 100% the same. The WorldJetways extension is an automatic replacement of the jetways being used in each gateway airport. As you know the gateway author can choose between different sizes. So far it was only a visual difference but now it also affects the extension range of the jetway animation. If you placed a short default jetway to a position with a long distance to the actual aircraft parking spot our replacement jetway hardly be able to connect because it is a short jetway as well (maximum extension range for the shortest jetway is 14m). So there still is a chance that you can't connect although using WorldJetways extension (90% of the positions should work though). To refer to your question directly: If you tested every parking spot with your jetway setup it will be at least as good as WorldJetways, maybe even better in the last 10%. So I would definitely propose to upload it so the user can choose whatever he likes more. Greets Marten
  15. I’ve read about the upcoming SAM update and add-on that will convert the fixed default jetways to moving jetways. I’ve got a default/Gateway airport I updated where I added 20 SAM jetways. I had planned to upload a copy, but it seems kind of pointless now (not a complaint). The jetways are the only non-default items. Will the user experience be significantly different between the default and SAM jetways that I placed and configured? Great work on SAM, I’m looking forward to the update. Thanks, Andrew
  16. When I add an airport I have to use the ortho tile because I haven't got the airport scenery installed because I am using the default one, is this the problem?
  17. If you use default airports I propose to wait another couple of weeks for the WorldJetways extension which gives you animated Jetways on all global airports by default.
  18. I am using a default airport (LEVC) and I created an orthophoto over that airport and I am wondering how to add SAM to it. When I try to access it on OverlayEditor it says their is no current airport. please help
  19. Fortunately that should be solved soon once we have animated default Jetways through the SAM WorldJetways extension. All native XPlane Jetway objects will be animated automatically so you can use them for your scenery and don't have to use art assets from the current SAM library.
  20. Please either: 1. Make more facade variants for the jetway in order to fit this style: https://www.x-plane.com/2018/04/customizable-jetways-terminal-kit-additions-x-plane-11-20/ 2. Make the included jetways match default facades. I recently made an aerodrome with very long jetway assemblys and couldnt use the SAM kit
  21. earth.wed.xml files are created by WED (world Editor) when you SAVE a scenery file after making changes to it. You have to visit https://gateway.x-plane.com/ and do some reading if you want to start creating / editing scenery files.
  22. Where can I find the earth.wed.xml file? and what is the program called?

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