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  2. Okay, we might have found the issue. Could you please try to delete the entire SAM folder in resources/plugins and install the version available here: https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004353-installation Looks like the steam version is corrupt under specific circumstances.
  3. Can you give more info on the situation? What airport are you on? Also can you attach the log files? Thanks
  4. Equates to around 4 fps in overview. Why is this happening? This airport isn't even SAM enabled. Thanks
  5. Oh I just noticed you use a beta of Mac OS. That's most likely not supported as the notarization is only available to stable releases. I'll forward this to our developer anyway, maybe he comes up with another solution.
  6. Did you run the specific Macos install described here? https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004353-installation
  7. I installed SAM through Steam DLC (and did try reinstallation), and found that SAM cannot be loaded. OS: macOS 12.1 Beta (21C5039b) SAM version: { "version": "3.0.12", "major": 3, "minor": 0, "revision": 12, "suffix": "", "buildNumber": 27 } dlerror:dlopen(/Users/captainyukinoshitahachiman/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SAM/mac_x64/SAM.xpl, 0x0006): Library not loaded: @loader_path/FlutterEmbedder.framework/FlutterEmbedder Referenced from: /Users/captainyukinoshitahachiman/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SAM/mac_x64/SAM.xpl Reason: tried: '/Users/captainyukinoshitahachiman/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SAM/mac_x64/FlutterEmbedder.framework/FlutterEmbedder' (not a mach-o file), '/Library/Frameworks/FlutterEmbedder.framework/FlutterEmbedder' (no such file), '/System/Library/Frameworks/FlutterEmbedder.framework/FlutterEmbedder' (no such file) Also, it seems some sceneries are unable to reference SAM objects: Failed to find resource 'SAM_Library/dockings/FMT_4.0m.obj', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/AMJ_ZSPD_Shanghai_Pudong/'. The full X-Plane log is attached below in the comments. No SAM log is available (as it had never been loaded).
  8. BY-NC-ND 4.0 says that you are not allowed to use anything related to the plugin (no matter if it's an art asset, config file or whatever else) in any commercial way. That's it. But honestly what are you trying to achieve here? If you we're asking for a free license you should've given me your name and the airport we're talking about and you would have had received the confirmation to use it for free already. I hope you understand that with such an argumentation, however, we are not too interested in working together. Therefore, I will end this conversation at this point.
  9. Well I had a closer look and it actually turns out my suspicion that the license has no legal basis is not wrong. "If you want to use SAM in a payware scenery a commercial license per scenery is required." "The plugin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which means it is free to use for all users and for all freeware sceneries. If you are a payware developer you can get a license for your project here." Such spongy phrasing is the only thing you can find. Why dont you elaborate on what exactly a license is required for? "to use the plugin in a payware scenery" I dont have any asset of the actual SAM plugin included in my scenery so what exactly do I need the a license for? Don't worry, the fact that nobody else ever mentioned it fortunately doesn't change the legal situation..
  10. As you are the first to say this I'm sure you will arrange with it. Nobody forces you to use our plugin https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/77000004352-terms-of-use
  11. Where can i read the terms? It definitely makes sense for library objects or if it was a whole plugin included in the scenery package but doesn't Laminar themselves own datarefs? I find the legal correctness of the license a bit questionable at this point. This has nothing to do with supporting a certain pricing. You could support smaller scenery devs in general. Why does person X who puts his heart and time into designing his local airport and wants animated jetways have to pay the same amount as the big players like Aerosoft, Orbx,..
  12. As soon as you sell your airport and use any SAM content (individual config, library objects etc.) you will need to have a license according to the terms. However usually the distributor requests a proof of purchase before you even get listed. Based on this you would have the following options: - sell your airport for a real price like 10-30$ with a proper SAM license - offer your airport for free and request donations We can't support a 5$ airport pricing. That's destroying the pricing strategy of the current market. Either make it a real payware or keep it free
  13. A custom airport I made (not released yet). Fully custom modeled jetways that use the SAM Datarefs to be SAM compatible. Probably thats how I should have phrased my question: What exactly is the subject to the payware license? Is it the use of library objects or does it already start with using datarefs to make custom jetways animated and SAM compatible?
  14. Which airport are you talking about? And did you include a custom jetway or used the SAM library ones?
  15. I have been working on a airport scenery for the past months which I was planning to sell for ~3-5$ and it also includes custom modeled and animated sam jetways. I only just now noticed that you need to get a expensive (if you are not a large company like orbx) license to include sam in a payware scener. I am wondering what exactly one would need a license for? Because I used the Datarefs for the free SAM plugin? Can you even charge for using a dataref? Or the .xml file which is basically a 5 lines .txt file? Since it's not an actual plugin included in the package but just datarefs and the generated .xml file I am really wondering what exactly am I paying a license for? Im not a lawyer or anything but it seems a bit spongy, I mean in theory a developer could just make the payware package without the .xml file and then release that .xml file as freeware to enable SAM at that payware airport.. Could you please elaborate why a license is necessary/what right I am acquireing with it?
  16. Your issue has been registered and will be tracked by number #125. Will be back with a feedback soon.
  17. Hello Forum I like request your help I have one issue trying to download the Seasons plugin (Seasons installation failed with error: HttpException: Connection closed while receiving data, uri http://sam-suite.eom/sam3/seasons/1.0.6/SAM_Seasons.zip) Anyone knows about this issue? Downloading time says about 9 hours... Kind regards
  18. I have been using SAM Jetways without issue until today. The jetway did not work for some reason on today's short flight so after arrival I checked the plugins list and saw it was disabled. Not 15 seconds later the sim crashed and so did my computer. On boot up, I came to this forum to check on possible issues and checked the SAM log and found some issues with failed parsing wind data lines from various ICAO locations. I noticed showed that it did work correctly for the previous aircraft and then the log shows [plugin:info] Disabling plugin... Unrelated, I think, in the log I found a reference to [license:warn] invalid steam product. My Xplane 11 is most certainly not invalid and it is a Steam licensed product so not sure what that is doing in the log and where is it getting that from and could it be related to the described problem?
  19. Well yeah if you have the SAM2 Library installed, SAM3 won't work as due to changed file formats it won't find it. So you have to completely uninstall SAM2 first and then install 3 from scratch.
  20. Thanks Marten, for your prompt reply. I did follow the Mac section instructions, but the problem persists. Might it have something to do with the old SAM library currently in the Custom Scenery folder? Should this library be deleted first? The Log.txt extract above seems to suggest this ("Library not loaded"). I tried deleting this folder from Custom Scenery, then re-validating all Steam XP local files - but still SAM3 does not show up in Plugins menu. Like 'beem' no issues with re-installing SAM2!
  21. https://stairportscenerieshelp.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/77000004353-installation Please read the Mac section. That should help.

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