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  2. Then you obviously have to invert the wheels animation.
  3. I tested it and it was this way while the bridge goes up the support descends ... sorry for the textures kkkk
  4. I've tried doing this, but when I unlink it in 3ds max everything is fine, but in X-Plane the animation is not good. What animation reference would I have to use for example "sam / jetway / rotate3"
  5. Simply unlink the section from the bridge so that it stays in the defined position and animate it accordingly.
  6. Hello, I'm having problems with the animation of my custom jetway, as in the picture below I need something compatible so that the wheel_pilar is fixed only by moving up and down. Airport (SBGO - Goiânia)
  7. Unfortunately not with the current version. The only thing you can do is download the gateway airport and replace the Jetways with SAM library objects but you would have to configure them manually through the authoring tool.
  8. Sam jetways can be applied on default airports? if yes please provide a link for instructions. Thank you all!!
  9. Major Australian airports.. Both YSSY and YMML. Have been trying to convert but they are so short compared to the current length, really hard to position it in a workable way. Connected to a 737 on google earth measuring 15m total length. Not really the same type as modeled, can only move in/out and rotate the cab.
  10. @Marten@Stairport Since the Type 2 Glass Jetway (shown here) has a larger opening than the Type 1, the clipping isn't as severe for both doors ( it only clips vertically, which can also be seen in the photo)
  11. The Icao code would have been helpful. Anyway there are probably only a few airports in the world with these type of Jetways so it won't be included by us. But you are free to create an own object and animate it according to the developer guide.
  12. Are you planning to launch shorter jetways? For in some airports the distance between the boarding bridge and the aircraft is very short.
  13. @Marten@Stairport with your xml file, I have the opened door clipping through the hood of the jetway. This happens with the Type 1 Glass jetway, which has a smaller opening than the Type 2 (but is the only glass type that can reach 6.0m.) It happens before (spawn) and after (using the guidance system or a marshaller) a flight
  14. It should be connected clear of the opened door anyway. If you provide me your exact test case I will try to reproduce your misalignment.
  15. Is there any way to use the ground marshall in the without the gate, like if you were going to land at an executive airport and the marshalls from an FBO tell you where to park, is this possible with this plugin?
  16. Ahh ok, I see what you mean I offset the jetways so that the doors would not clip through the Type 2, as the opening and the door itself usually fit within the jetway "hood" in real life
  17. Not sure what you mean. The Jetways are supposed to stop centered at the given coordinate of the aircraft.xml. No magic in here
  18. Hmm it seems to work visually with the jetways... I'm interested in how the alignment is actually done
  19. https://www.thresholdx.net/news/ibyfnp FB PDX for XP will have sam

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