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Welcome to xEnviro's home in Threshold

xEnviro is a DarkSpace product
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image is from xE 1.14 which is in development

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Frequently Asked Questions

These answers are in addition to threads in the Latest Updates Tab


"Where are we now in development?
Check development of latest version in "Latest Updates" Category.

"What is planned next?"
Roadmap can be found here.

"When will the next update release?"
We never give ETA's (Estimated time of arrival).

"Will the price change with the next update?"
The price will not change and every update is free for existing customers. This goes for all updates within the 1.xx versions of xEnviro.

"Where can I download the beta?"
Our beta runs are not public and never will be. We're too small to handle a chaotic public beta.

"Can I be a beta tester?"
If you want to be a beta tester you can sign up in the signup thread under announcements in this club. We pick up beta testers as we need them. Often we pick people with particular systems. Mor often than not we pick potatoes over bleeding edge.


Upcoming 1.14 update Specific questions

"Will 1.14 be for Vulkan?"
No, reasons are several: We never anticipated that it would take this long and did a LOT in OpenGL that we just had to get finished before we get it all over to Vulkan. To add to it LR are not openiong up for us to hook in where we need to to keep all we have made so far in OpenGL. We will loose seasons, dynamic snow and wet aprons once we transition to Vulkan. Laminar has shut that door for us. We will probably be able to get that back in but it will demand a fair amount of work and an update on its own later.

"Will it work in X-Plane 11.50?"
Yes, 11.50 has OpenGL in it. It's a switch in the graphics settings. 11.50 has both Vulkan and OpenGL.

"When is update for Vulkan coming?"
1.15 is the Vulkan update. So, after release we start work on this immediately.

"1.14 took its time."
Indeed it did. This has been a hell hole in so many aspects. Several of the team members have dayjobs in "critical infrastructure" and we lost a good two months on that while adapting to the new life we partly still have. In addition we had so many challenges thrown at us from X-Plane and some old xE code that had to be rewritten.

"What's performance like in 1.14?"
5-10 fps. This update will benefit lower end systems more than higher end systems. It will benefit 4k users as well. Some lower end systems (GFX970) have reported a 20-30fps gain... BUT! DO NOT EXPECT SUCH NUMBERS! Keep your expectations in check. We now have a couple of performance sliders. You will be able to crunch your gpu quite heavily in 1.14 and trade visuals for performance.

"Is the grain gone?"
Let me be honest. Like any weather addon, xE1.14 will have its moments and it will have its not so fantastic ones. I don't want to talk any weather app down so I won't mention any. They all shine when they work and look off when not. We're of course aiming for the best visual experience and this will be worked on further for every update. Vulkan will give us some more headroom.

More questions? I'll add them to this QA if I find them to be good

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