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  2. So any idea if the fix will be released anytime soon? kinda broken right now...
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  4. Safedock T2-24 VDGS not working, this isn't a obj file... Can you add this safedock in a future release (or something like this), please?
  5. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

  6. Marten@Stairport

    SAM & OverlayEditor

    Ok yeah the lowecase problem comes from the AC3D exporter (mostly). I will try to have an eye on that next time
  7. Eldrarak82

    New scenery desing studio

    Looking pretty decent AKD. Are you planning on your sceneries using all default libraries? Or will custom libs be required?
  8. Working now with 1.0.5 thanks Marten could be closed
  9. Hi, Sorry, figured it out - I'm on Linux and for some reason the .obj files got extracted as .OBJ files and therefor OverlayEditor did not recognize the objects (linux being strict on case & all :)). Renamed everything to lowercase .obj and it works perfect now. Thanks for the reply & good job on this!
  10. Marten@Stairport

    SAM & OverlayEditor

    Why shouldn't it be possible? You should be able to select the jetways and docking objects just like any other.
  11. Hi, I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but is there a way to add the jetways to a scenery using OverlayEditor? I see that I can add the hangars & dockings in OverlayEditor, but not the jetways & marshaller. The problem I have is that the scenery I want to edit (not by me) seems to have been developed entirely in OverlayEditor and as soon as I add the jetways in WED and export the scenery, it throws away all buildings & other detail of the airport / scenery and only leaves the jetways . I will admit that I am new to scenery development, so if there is a trick to use both in a way that nothing is lost, I am very happy to learn. Thank you in advance.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Ex-Air New Zealand (ZK-NGJ) for the IXEG 737-300 ABOUT ZK-NGJ, formerly operated by Air New Zealand, was sold off to Southern Cross International after it began retiring it's aging B733 fleet by the end of 2015. The aircraft now operates under the flag of the aforementioned Southern Cross International, a company which performs ferry services. As it is no longer an Air New Zealand aircraft, ZK-NGJ no longer sports ANZ's iconic koru icon - however the remnants of it are still visible. A little about myself, this is my first 'from-scratch' livery, so go easy on me INSTALLATION Simply un-zip the file to the following path: >> X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\liveries
  13. Xephyr

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Night Environment will not be implemented in 1.10 - it will come later in the update cycle.
  14. Last week
  15. Hi all, the next SAM version is online. The change to the Marshaller now gives you the possibility to create bi-directional parking positions. Limited the VDGS/Marshaller animation to +-30 degrees from the initial heading Added Safedock T2-24 VDGS Added config for default 747 in XP11.30+ Greets Marten
  16. AgusLB

    Problems with b738x.cfg

    Yeah, but I just found out that if the name of the livery has a non english character (ie a spanish accented letter), the plane will load with the default config. So if one of the liveries folder has a "bad name" that plane own config will not load. There you can see the problem and to fix that just make sure to have all english characters in the folder name
  17. jg175

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Cpt Kitten can you elaborate if possible on what you guys are working on for the night environment?
  18. Wynthorpe

    1.10 Development screenshots

    This is really what I've always wanted from xEnviro, seriously top shelf work guys.
  19. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Beta test members screenshots.
  20. john1001

    1.10 Development screenshots

    200$ , it's a Masterpiece
  21. You need a member Account to download the patch. Its different to the forum Account
  22. I can't download says file may not be available or not downloadable to this location Help!
  23. sjctyler

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Ill make it $150 (No joke though, I was one day late to apply for the beta team)
  24. TheNorthernFox

    The Skies Await

    I agree! They are amazing photos
  25. frederik777

    Xephyr Preset

    What are your settings?
  26. silv3rsurf3r

    1.10 Development screenshots

    hey captain, wanna earn ez 100 dollar, give me the download link now
  27. Yuvalaboulafia

    Ortho4xp master source list

    Hi, is it possible to test and add Israel official map? has by far better updated and accurate maps compared to google or bing. israel https://www.govmap.gov.il/?c=204000,595000&z=0&b=1 Clouds: 100% Color Match: 70% ZL: 17 90%
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