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  2. To make it quick: 2.1.0 worked at least and did not shut down X-Plane. Since 2.1.1 is required for World Jetways 1.0.4 and Airport Vehicles this is very annoying. A brief overview, here are the last lines from the log. It doesn't show much: [AOS] [2020-09-29.17:38:30] Loading AOS [AOS] [2020-09-29.17:38:30] Configuration Loaded [AOS] [2020-09-29.17:38:30] Updated license [AOS] [2020-09-29.17:38:30] License loaded [AOS] [2020-09-29.17:38:31] Weather data loaded successfully [AOS] [2020-09-29.17:38:31] Registered and loaded flightplan datarefs [AOS
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  4. First of all thank you for your feedback. Yes indeed, I need the graphics - most of us need it - but I also need the proper flight model and systems, the proper environment and weather and the proper interaction between all those etc. etc. leading to an immersive experience, which I do not get in XP11 anymore, thus hoping for xE to fill at least part of that shortcoming. I understand you, having maybe a lot of add on, making your XP11 according to your need/preference, thus you like to use it as your prime sim, on the other side experts are praising MSFS, which you have mentioned, for the "im
  5. What is not true? Yes, it was on the roadmap, it has been a three year project etc. and overdue...I am pretty much sure that the arrival of MSFS certainly triggered an additional urgency to get over with it and get it released...however I do not want to get into speculations. I am happy that there is now real competition out there; I will certainly not fool myself with self imposed propaganda due to the fact that I have a lot of add on for XP11, which is for ME today quite outdated. My main problem is the unacceptable weather, the environment - no not only the looks - and therefore I am certai
  6. To Captain Kitten: Please be advise I recently downloaded the Ultimate 737-700U and the 900U. I installed both aircraft; however when using the Avitab utility I'm not able to open the main aircraft doors, nor the airstairs as well. The wheel chocks appear on the 700; however they don't appear on the 900U. I downloaded the recent updates 3.37, for both aircraft. I'm not sure if I need to update the latest avitab utility. I'm assuming there may some compatibility issues with X plane 11.50 and these aircraft. I really could use your help, since both freeware aircraft are outstan
  7. No worries Regardless of where we host it you will find it here in one form or another.
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  9. I come back time to time to check the updates and just wanna make sure Im not missing anything. Upon arrival, will you guys have it posted in the Main thresholds download section or will it be available in a specific location somewhere else. Sorry for all the questions. I feel as if youre probably having to repeat yourself sometimes. lol! Thx! Looking forward to the new 7 3.
  10. a very interesting insight, despite we have heard that msfs2020 had a new physics non-flying-block dynamics. based on on your personal encounter - can you xplane (explain) how short was msfs2020 from x-plane with regards to flight dynamics... am eager to that (although not subject of this thread.)..
  11. " only once the arrival of MSFS was imminent, Vulkan was implemented by force due to urgency of the actual situation" Not true, Vulkan/Metal was part of the original X-Plane11 roadmap, it has been a three year project by Laminar and a core system required switch, and was started well, well before any MSFS announcement, in fact it is four months overdue in development.
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    I've been waiting for it ... My favorite airport. Well done.
  13. Systems Update PFD Here you can see the latest work done on the primary flight display for the Airbus A220, this is work in progress and does not represent the final product. update-pfd-09-20.mp4
  14. Yesterday I flew at night and at night it was like day. https://prnt.sc/uonhzv Sometimes the clouds glow strongly at night. https://prnt.sc/uonj18
    thought this plane was great and fun to fly cheers RG
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Harbour Grace Airfield CHG2 - Harbour Grace What Does This Package Include? - CHG2 airpark - Custom hangar - Winter Textures (JSGME MOD) - Volumetric vegetation Required Scenery Libraries: - MisterX Library and static aircraft extension Installation: 1. Install required libraries. 2. Unzip the first package, and put "CFXP - CHG2" into your "Custom Scenery" folder 3. (Optional) for winter textures, please use this to help Support: Thank you for downloading our scenery. For any help or support please e
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Airport. Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk EPGD v1.0 - improved taxiways, lines, runway and parking stands. - added models of airport vehicles - added lighting - PAPI lights have been added and approach lights have been improved In the preparation of models of both terminals of the cargo complex and trusts control. Available in future updates.
  17. At least you are transparant and consistent too....You came for the looks and now left XP11 for the looks. I came for the flight dynamics and systemsm, tried MSFS2020, and I'm back for the flight dynamics again. Uninstalled msfs2020, not worth allocating any diskspace.
  18. Oh maybe the default scenery wasn't excluded properly, I had to delete some library items because I can't have installed 3rd party libraries on my dev rig. Anyway, if it works, I'm happy
  19. "So are you saying we will still have seasons, dynamic snow in Open GL? Or will we loose it completely? Seasons and Snow are the main reason that I was so thrilled with xEnviro. If I loose that then I will stop using xEnviro and move on. I hope this will not have to be the case" There are no alternatives to move on to, besides Enhanced CloudScapes which is rather limited, fps demanding and freeware and thus inconsistant in quality and releases. I 'd rather have towering high quality clouds and good FPS, even if it is in OPenGL, then snow and seasons.
  20. After we go Vulkan seasons are gone since Laminar has effectively shut that down. So 1.14 will be the last one with the current seasons and it will only work in 11.50 OpenGL
  21. Towering clouds are in, just not at that scale. Thunderstorms will be developed as soon as we have headroom. Vulkan will give us some. In addition to this performance update.
  22. So you didn't read what I wrote? 11.50 has OpenGL in it - there is a switch. And there are reasons to why we don't go Vulkan yet - we need to finalize what we started first. Or all this time would have been a waste. Vulkan conversion won't take too long though.
  23. Hey i've found this wierd bug with the cockpit brightness/shadows while using xEnviro and when i turn xEnviro off the cockpit brightness and shadows returns to a normal state. Now it doesn't look like this all the time while using xEnviro but it happens a few times during every flight. I think its connected to the suns position. It mainly happens during sunrise, around midday and sunset. But if i turn off xEnviro and use the default real world weather then this bug doesn't happen at all.
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