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  3. Cryptic Facebook posts appear to be a strong point of the Flight Sim Development Group, as another image surfaced today of their next X-Plane project: Durban Airport. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
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  5. Part 4 of Frank Dainese & Fabio Bellini's Dolomites project has just been released, marking the furthest west they've covered in their quest to remake their 2017 scenery. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  6. Taking to Facebook to share the news, UK2000 is the latest in a swath of multi-platform developers to announce its intentions for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Flight Model Download: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/138974-b737-800x-zibo-mod-info-installation-download-links/
  8. But remember, images shown here do not reflect the final product.
    Thank you for good work and share. Appreciate that. Enes D.
  9. I'll have a look, I'll need to install the 2K variant and test.
    Such a perfect job, wow. One small snack, the RH engine file and RH N! file don't want to load into plane maker. Unzipped the file again tried again, unfortunately! Any tip?
  10. Downloaded the latest fix and the glossy look is now gone. The animations are still static though that you can't see through the blades.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Hello! Here is the 320 Sim Pilot Manta livery for the ToLiss A321. Please note there are two liveries, one is the CFM/IAE version and the other is for Carda Jowols NEO Mod (in the folder [CFM] 320 Sim Pilot Manta PW NEO). Please install as appropriate! These are not perfect, work is ongoing. I hope you enjoy! Remember to bring your sunglasses when flying.
  12. Hello, Thank you for this, could you also make a torrent for this as is big file, some people have limitation on Mega download. again much appreciated.
  13. The latest project announced by Boundless is Kerry Airport, in County Kerry, Ireland, the airport joins Birmingham as work in progress sceneries by the developer. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  14. In a new video of the Flight Factor A350 published today by Thomas Rasmussen, a changelog was shared highlighting updated features and fixes coming to the aircraft. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Hello all, this is our "United Airlines (Battleship)" Livery for the FlightFactor 777-200LR/ER . This livery is based on a real life 777-200. Registration: N225UA Installation: 1. Download the folder and unzip. 2. Open the folder and place the folder"United Airlines (Battleship)" into X-Plane 11 > Aircraft > Laminar Research > 777 (Flightfactor) Bare in mind, this route could change depending on the location of your FlightFactor 777. Discord: Here is our official Discord Server! Patreon: Here is our official patreon profile! We hope you guys enjoy! File Creator - Turtle (Head-Dev) Screenshots - Leo Macherla (Developer) Our Patrons: CaptainSkyles (Platinum)
  16. Gaya Simulations has followed in the footsteps of their publisher Orbx and is the latest to confirm development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in a Facebook post. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  17. In fact it's also icing windows problem.
  18. Yeap try the fix I uploaded, if you've already downloaded it download it again, I missed the N1 blade normal was also had the same bug.
  19. Following today's wealth of information regarding the forthcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator, Orbx has issued a carefully-worded statement from new CEO Anna Cicognani. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
    Yet another fantastic project. Well done, guys!
  20. The developers of TorqueSim have provided new exclusive previews of their SR22. The screenshots showcase the cockpit instruments, the cabin interiors, and the fuselage. - Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  21. Last week
  22. Here you go! Yes I do use the 2K version for both ToLiss a321std.acf and 2K for now. The reflections were not updating as well as you can see in the video and this image. I will try the fix.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Preview Video: Aircraft Model Download: Visit our Website for more Content: https://dailydoseofflightsim-1.jimdosite.com/ -dailydoseofflightsim-
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