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  2. GarrettYalch

    RealPFD for Zibo's 737-800

    Version 1.0.0


    RealPFD, an accurate PFD for the 737-800 by Zibo. What was changed? - Artificial Horizon colors - Pink object & text colors - Command Bar/Flight director cross-hare color, shape, and size - LCD display simulation (pixel grain, bloom, pixel burn-in, and saturation variation) - Many other tiny tweaks Installation Step 1: Place the "cockpit_3d" folder in your root Zibo 737 folder. ("X-Plane 11/Aircraft/B737-800X") Step 2: Merge and replace files when needed. Step 3: Enjoy a realistic and accurate 737-800 PFD!
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  4. shenzhenmouse21

    A weird issuse about zibo mod 3.31d

    I think probably it's not the plane's issuse.But I will try your method,thank you!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Speed_Limit75

    Suggesting features

    This has probably been suggested before, but can we please have TCAS Climb/Desend instructions? I have done a couple flights with AI Aircraft and at FL350 I have had many almost hit me, with the TCAS at TA/RA and with no Climb/Desend instructions. Thanks!
  7. fishgoblue

    Flight path issue

    The Zibo 3.31j does not follow the flight path directly. I am wondering if this is a bug or am I doing something wrong. I looked for this issue but could not find anything.
  8. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

  9. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

  10. plotter

    737-900 (Ultimate) Pre-Release

    You have to set yaw on the tray.
  11. Interesting, it looks like they were omitted from our manual on that page. I am marking that to get fixed in the next manual revision. To use, for now, the real manual should be accurate - the engine is tuned to match reality.
  12. samy_k97

    A weird issuse about zibo mod 3.31d

    Could you try to use a more recent version? Make sure you download 3.31 full + 3.31j
  13. I'm planning a long cross-country flight in the Ovation III (approximately 1,000 nm, eastbound in the US). Now that I have my route planned, I'm working on fuel calculations, and trying to find fuel flow at 55% and 70% cruise power settings, at around FL150. I'm looking at page III-8 in the AFM M20R Ovation III POH-AFM.pdf (which seems to span two pages?). Still, I can't seem to understand how to find the fuel flows in this document. I know enough to be dangerous looking at the tables in a real-life POH, but would like to know the actual figures for AFM's Ovation III simulation (I've attached both versions to show what I mean). Can someone help me figure out how to read the tables in the AFM POH? Thanks, Mitcher
  14. qwqaholic

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Everything in V1 will be free of charge as I know. This is V1.10, so it will be a free upgrade.
  15. Last week
  16. TuckerS24

    737-900 (Ultimate) Pre-Release

    For some reason the nose wheel turning is not working for me. Any fix?
  17. gkrangers

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Will it be a free upgrade for owners?
  18. Captain Kitten

    1.10 Development screenshots

    We are working on that
  19. Hi Folks New member to the forum. Only recently migrated from long term user of FSX to Xplane 11. Looking pretty good so far... Just downloaded the 737 - 900 Ultimate, and absolutely amazed .. well done to you guys. thanks and look forward to chatting soon.
  20. jakesimflyer

    1.10 Development screenshots

    With the volumetric noise rendering, does this mean new cloud formations will occur when the METAR changes & will happen fluidly? Or will we still get the refresh flash when the weather changes?
  21. Hi, all, Joined today... I've been flying since 2001 (real planes) and playing with simulator since early 1990s... I switched to X-plane last year on a brand new setup (3 x 27" monitors), saitek panels (radio, switch and multi), yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals. I've been flying mostly mooneys. I use the sim for the time when I can't go to the airport and to have some fun. Looking forward to exchanging experience with others here... Klaus
  22. Michal Fira

    1.10 Development screenshots

    This looks stunning!
  23. Keven Ménard

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Looking real!!!!
  24. jakesimflyer

    1.10 Development screenshots

    Looks astonishing for a simulator... wow. Any chance we could see some shots at dawn or dusk to see what the cloud lighting is like?
  25. sorry I cant find fmod for b737-800x. Where is the download link? Thanks for your patient !!
  26. Mark_Deloop

    Parking Break

    It’s Brake not break
  27. Greetings, I found this forum through Asene's scenery link. I was on the other forum but left it because of various reasons. I will share some sceneries that I have made and let's see how it goes! Cheers Raffles I fly a B727 in Africa, this is a level D sim in Sanford, Orlando where I do recurrent training.
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