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  3. Why so sensitive? I have been reading every single post. You were speaking about "pushing xEnviro further" because of the performance gains. And that's not what you should do in my opinion. Because I read it as "we spent coding time to get performance gains and then we'll feature creep them away". For me, that wouldnt be acceptable as 1.13 tanks my GPU too hard and I need much better performance to consider running XE. If you stay with the original plan and truly put performance first, pls go ahead! (In the past, however, there were updates in which you did indeed trade initial performance gains for new features, that's why I'm very cautios when you suddenly speak of "pushing further".) I also never implied that XE1.14 had anything to do with XP11.50. I was merely suggesting that it would be a good coincidence from a customer perspective if XE1.14 released close to XP11.50 becoming final because many customers will then update and reevaluate their weather/atmosphere addons. A new , shiny, well-performing version of XE releasing in that timeframe certainly wouldn't be bad business. But it's your business to run, so do as you see fit...
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys! Here's an Air Canada Boeing (C-FIUF) painted for the 777-200LR (FlightFactor). If you have a favourite Air Canada B777-200LR registration that you would like painted, drop me a message and I'll be happy to make it for you. If you find a bug or a detail that is off or wrong, please write a comment so I know to fix it. If you like my work please consider buying me a coffee. Thanks! Coffee Fund This paint was made in partnership with SimTextures and iniBuilds. THIS DOWNLOAD IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED OR SPONSORED BY AIR CANADA ALL APPROPRIATE RIGHTS ARE RESERVED Enjoy, Matheson


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  6. Not a week after the first Vulkan and Metal beta for X-Plane 11, Laminar Research's Ben Supnik has announced the release of version 11.50 beta 2. See more details here. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  7. iniSimulations has shown their first major preview of the cockpit upcoming A300-600R(F) cockpit. Previously shown were exterior shots as well as a video of the FMOD. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  8. Featuring six new previews and a host of details of its features, Aerobask's Lancair Legacy RG is predicted to release in June, following their takeover from SkunkCrafts. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  9. 1.14 has nothing to do with x-plane 11.50. None at all. And it is the main performance update. I do mention this in just about every status update of xEnviro so do have a read in those.. I might have to post them elsewhere in the future. People seem to not read them at all..
  10. Pls dont push too much. For me, XE always tanked my GPU frametimes (GTX 1070 until new cards from Nvidia and AMD release), while Vulkan is supposed to free up some CPU time. The free CPU time will allow me to run my world objects slider a notch higher, I hope. But if XE makes my GPU take all those frames away, there is next to no benefit for me. Btw: I do hope you're aiming for a release of 1.14 close to the end of XP 11.50 beta. That way people could enjoy a "new"ish Xplane 11,5.
  11. The well-known scenery developer Verticalsim has just released a free rendition of Waukesha Airport (UES/KUES), Waukesha in the state of Wisconsin for X-Plane 11. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  12. hey guys ive been playing around with sam jetways, and is there a way to make the size of the bridge higher? what i refer to bridge is the object before the actual jetway. is there a way to make it higher, like 4 meters? i think they’re too low. thanks. also is there a way to convert autogate to sam jetways? i really like mister x jetways
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    Virgin America for the Toliss A321 NEO MOD Disclaimer: i only take credit for the PW1000G textures. Orgional livery by @KJO Original livery: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/58494-virgin-america-for-toliss-a321/


  15. Just seen that P3D are releasing ver 5 on April 14th. They too are going for volumetric clouds and by the looks of the short video - using similar approach. Personally, though I do have the Alpha Tech (FS2020) on my computer, XP11/12 will be my core and main sim. I think XEnviro will take XP to the level we've been waiting for in a flightsim. It's looking tremendous. Well done team.
  16. This is what many people seem to get wrong: xEnviro isn't benefiting from Vulkan. Your computer is the factor that benefits from Vulkan. So if your system isn't benefiting from Vulkan, then you won't be able to enjoy xE any more than you do in OpenGL. But most people do see a gain, and that way we can take that in to account and push xEnviro further than we can do in OpenGL. How much we can expect? That is down to the further development of Vulkan up until its release and we don't speculate what that will be. We can see the tendency now with the beta. Definitely. But we won't know before we start working with a stable version of Vulkan. Preferrably a released one. So this is why it is senseless (for us) to chase the beta and rather to finish the performance paths we have taken. It will benefit everyone - not only the ones that get the gains from Vulkan but also those who don't. We can then concentrate on features like multi screens, VR, Thunderstorms and so on (that list is long). We're at a 5-10 fps performance gain from 1.13 and moving forward with finalizing the visuals. Nürburgring analogy: Racing past the DevilsDiner towards the last shicanes and towards the final beta lap. Which we hope will be a very fast one.
  17. Would vulkan give you the headroom? Or is there not so much improvment regarding xenviro and performance to expect? Anyway the screenshots are looking very promising!
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