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  3. Anactores (74S), Darrington (1S2) and Israel's Farm (WA56) airports are the latest offerings from scenery developer Orbx. TrueEarth US Washington also received an update. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  4. Just loaded up your latest version - better than ever. A question about engine sound - sounds quite growly for a little O235 Lycoming.
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  6. X-Europe is set to go to version 3.0, after videos showcasing flights over the Alps were published. The scenery uses OSM data to accurately place objects in Europe. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  7. More functionality has made its way into Flight Factor's A320 Ultimate, and secure Navigraph login on the 757/767 EFB is coming. A hint of 777X development was also made. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  8. Not coming in 1.11 but a test and preperation for later updates. (Sneak peak in to the future)
    Great one! But could you pls update it to the newest zibo version as winglets are not shown correctly.
  9. A salute to the magical painting by Keith Ferris.
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  11. Hi, I'd like to share with you a project that I'm currently working on. It's an iPhone / iPad EFB for X-Plane. I've launched a public beta last week so feel free to give it a try. You can find more info here https://aeronavmap.com Enjoy ;) Disclaimer: I'm the developer of this app and I'm posting it here as a self promotion. I hope it does not break the rules of the forum
  12. Some of you are getting unpatient for an update and are loudly complaining. I usually ignore those and it will never affect our workflow in any way. If anything I need to strain myself so it does not slow things down. We have a plan and nothing you say will change our course. But, here is a short update on 1.11: | We are at 1.11t24 | We're working hard on several fronts. The approach on performance increase we had hoped for didn't pan out to be as lucrative as we had hoped. It will however be the basis for a way forward to enable performance increases in the future. 1.11 will probably give a slight gain for some but not much. We had to postpone the 4k specific tasks and we might choose to do those in 1.12 so we get some progress going. We also have no less than three ideas to test out and see if they will get performance to a level where we can start easing up on restrictions. xEnviro is like a wild horse that is eager to let itself loose in the wild but held back by straints because the wild can't handle the horse yet.. We'll see how things settle the next couple of days. NO ETA on 1.11. As per usual. Here is a small sneak peak on a coupøle of additions on the settings menu (might not be final layout)
  13. maybe a united new livery for the toliss? love your liverys KJO!
    Wow, great liveries, thanks!
  14. looking good! Consider using SE-lib military hangars and place them on random spots at military apron. some of us fly mil as well
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