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  3. Team good job. With Sam Base Plugin version 2.2.0 everything works again. Topic closed. Gute Arbeit Team. Mit Sam Base Plugin Version 2.2.0 funktioniert wieder alles. Thema geschlossen.
  4. Ditto. I for one, are enjoying X-Plane with X-Camera and TrackIR too. Dont get to bummed up on the VR hype. According to Navigraph survey, some odd 20% of simmers are using VR hardware. So native VR support should be included. Not, if the product is stated to be compatible, but lingering issues reside, then its not fun. But like all new technologies, I do not buy in the hype, cause I know it takes quite a few years before specs catch up to produce desired results. (I remember the days I was using 1080 HD before everyone else; slow buffering speeds etc etc etc. It took a few years before
  5. Yesterday
  6. A few that I have made: Southwest Nevada One: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69198-weathered-southwest-nevada-one-737-700-livery/&tab=comments#comment-328201 Southwest California One: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69085-southwest-california-one-737-700-livery/&tab=comments#comment-327798 Southwest Heroine of Heart(+Tony Jannus): https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/69063-swa-heroine-of-the-heart-livery-pack/ BBJ (VP-CPA) https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/68387-bbj-vp-cpa/
  7. You do not say if you are using the LR downloadable version, a disc copy or the Steam version.
  8. Option 1 - Learn how X-Plane uses the scenery_packs.ini file http://www.pterosaur.org.uk/Xplane10/Setup/Problem_Solving/Problems.html Option 2 - Get the payware version of XOrganizer https://store.x-plane.org/xOrganizer-v2_p_943.html Option 3 - Always keep a second copy of X-Plane on your computer - Just in case anything goes wrong with the main version. Sounds like something is messing up the files. My solution is to name all airport folder names with A-Airport Code-Airport Name, for example: A-NVVV-Bauerfield International If you then delete th
  9. Thank you, just a tad annoyed that Inibuikds said on their site it was vr compatible when clearly it is not. But....it is good enough to enjoy flying Vr. I think all developers should be made to offer a free trial so as people get the chance to try the product. After all it is not cheap by any means. I have taken a break from Vr and have to say i am enjoying the clarity and the higher settings on xplane doing xcamera and track ir. Everything is working a treat.
  10. If I can make a contribution for Tanzania. I noticed that Arc at ZL17 is the best source for the inland parts. From Kilimanjaro down to the Ruvuma River, Arc is very good with very few clouds. Same deal with the Western Lakes and Central Tanzania, Arc looks wonderful and very detailed. The trouble comes when you reach the coast. From Tanga to Mtwara, Arc and the other providers are subpar and showcase many clouds and patches of different textures. The only "acceptable" provider in that case is EOX. It doesn't have any clouds, but the resolution is not very good. EOX does have nice colours
  11. The ER-BBJ paint of Aerotranscargo on the org forums, that I use with release 1.0 of Sparky. Heres the Link... Theres also a default paint for the BCF sistership, ER-JAI available for the 747. Thanks for the list.
  12. Greetings to the Great Team of XE the above screenshot - courtesy of its owner at YouTube video link below - has captured my attention. Especially to how the city lights penetrate the clouds from high above, - i hope this feature gets tuned and optimized in XE as it looks awesome. Best Regards
  13. Hello Marten, this was our old friend the Safedock-T2-24 that I've added to most of the gates on C and D piers at EHAM...the scenery pack I attached on the bug thread last week. I'm not claiming a bug, here...I just can't find anything that tells me how it should work, so I don't know if what I'm seeing is the correct behaviour. To clarify, when the animation does kick in for the first time it is accurate, but it only comes alive very late in the pre-flight and it does not update itself unless I re-open the AOS plugin dialogue window John
  14. kastyr1


    AviTab tablet toggle via Plugins is a moveable box and has the same functionality as the ones with integration via a 3D eFB for example. Or displayed on the EICAS in f.e. Sparky744. But I feel as if I did not answer your question. Nor, did I feel I understood it.
  15. Avitab is a piece of software that can be switched on and off. I usually activate it in the cockpit, but have also used it in external view when wanting to follow map locations. It tends to sit on screen where you put it. My preference it to have it in the top corner of my left side screen on a triple screen setup.
  16. Good luck in solving the issue! And don't forget to post what equipment you are using your VR on - as it may have something to do with it. But to me, it seems like a display issue or some sort of transparency issue. I do not think it is the plane itself, though, we know now its not made for VR out of the box; I cannot confirm or deny it. SimVRLabs should have more on this, lol.
  17. Alright. Well, I linked to the page to the ini300 VR config file above. For more info or discussion relating to VR and the A300, could be taken there. As it looks like ini have given the VR job to SimVRLabs.
  18. That has already been fixed in SAM 2.2.0, please update
  19. Hello. Quick question from a new user...how should the VDGS animation work while you are on blocks preflight? Here's what I observe: When parked at the gate, with jetway attached, chocks on and ground power on, my VDGS is blank I can import my flight details from SimBrief or VATSIM and the AOS dialogue window shows EOBT and OPT, but the VDGS is still blank The VDGS comes alive and shows EOBT at some point around when I call for pushback... I haven't figure out what triggers it? The VDGS does not update, unless I open up the AOS window again. It does not countdown EOBT
  20. Hello. I'm still new to SAM but I think I have encountered another error in detection. I flew to Porto LPPR, using the approved Gateway scenery distributed with XP11.50. I've checked on the Gateway and the scenery was made in 2019 and uses the modern terminal facades for buildings and jetways so it should work with SAM world jetways (I have a registered copy). However, no jetways were indicated when I arrived at the parking apron... they were there in the scenery but the SAM jetway indicator did not appear. After I logged off, I experimented by manually dragging the aircraft closer to the j
  21. Welcome to part three of our interview series with FlyByWire Simulations, with this final part set to cover modelling in Microsoft Flight Simulator with contributors Pleasure and DarkOfNova. - Threshold: Question the Answers View the full article
  22. Looking forward to use on N858NW, Now it will have the correct engine combo!
  23. Can we get a yes or no regarding this open request?
  24. Can we get a yes or no regarding this open request?
  25. Delta Airlines Embraer E175 by X-Craft - Atlanta to Raleigh Durham Intl. Love this aircraft. Couple of minor glitches here and there but still a pleasure to fly from time to time.
  26. Hi! Could an Air Canada A220-300 for the Riviere A220 be made please. The one that comes with the aircraft is quite unrealistic, and a new one would be amazing. Fin 114 registration C-GMZY would be nice as it’s the newest aircraft they have right now. Thank you very much in advance! https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1138518/c-gmzy-air-canada-airbus-a220-300
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