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  2. I wasn't satisfied with the old asphalt textures, so here are the new ones aswell as some lines.
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  4. We don't have similar reports on that. You may provide me your scenery through PM so we can check what's the issue here.
  5. I have successfully added SAM to the airport that I am currently developing, but decided to start again as I was unhappy with the gates I'd chosen and the docking guidance system. I removed all the gates in WED and re-added the correct ones (Type 2 Solid 5m), and did the same for the DGS. I downloaded the latest SAM update and installed that. Removed the SAM.xml file from my scenery folder and decided to start everything from scratch - but that's where the problems started. I can successfully add SAM to my scenery, and also author the gates, however they do not animate. I can "force connect to aircraft for testing" which works fine, and there are no red bars to indicate a problem. If I go into the "Interface" and turn off "Automatically connect to aircraft" and try to manually connect the gate, they do not move. However if I start the aircraft at the gate with the engines off, the jetways are connected (albeit slightly in an incorrect place). I have chosen the correct template that corresponds to the jetway model chosen. Also I'm having big issues with the DGS - particularly the Safegate. The model does not show up until I am very close to the gate, and then the animations all look like they're corrupt or something, as I can see something moving on the display, but it's barely discernible. Am I the only one having issues with this? Is there some major step I'm missing? As I said before I had SAM working fine previously, but now it's just decided to not play nicely. SAM.log
  6. That's fine and I think you have some interesting points to tell. If you still want to develop for X-Plane I suggest to just grab a project and start doing it. I did never do any programming before and made the utility while I learned the basic lua it needed and designing sceneries as well I learned by doing and all this startet about 2 years ago - at the beginning of 2017 I had absolutely no clue about anything X-Plane as I just switched from P3D some months before. X-Plane however was very different to me, it made me create some gateway airports (I was never interested in creating anything for FSX or P3D) and soon after I was creating full custom sceneries and then some simple lua tewaking here and there and it all added up, step by step. X-Plane is really developer friendly, you can just start doing as the most important tools are provided and documentation is also pretty good for the most part - all you need is a project to start with and, maybe, some people to work with. I can't tell you much about aircraft design (modelling part) but if you, for example, want to create custom systems you could start with an aircraft available which does lack in the systems department and create some systems yourself with lua (xlua, FlyWithLua, SASL). I'm doing this myself for some parts of the utility, the force trim and other helicopter stuff are in fact custom systems which can be added to helicopters (I made xlua versions as well). If you don't want to do the modelling but more the systems part I think this is a chance for you as many aircraft come with great modelling and all this but they often are limited in the curstom features and systems department - so if you can do this it should be easy to find a developer to team up some day. Well... thank you very much, Adam. To see that others like my work is the biggest reward I can get and this is also what makes me keeping on.
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  8. True that Adam! The FlyAgi GUI & xVision is really all that's needed cause niche as you say, no sim is complete with or without addons. I flew exclusively FS2000 and FS2004 the whole childhood... I've been reluctant due to many factors, mainly, the tweaking needed (thanks to FlyAgi many annoyances have desolved - that of Logitech ProFlight e.g.) - also financially. (as it seems everyone else in 2k19) My dream that I've had since somewhat around 2006-2007 was to code excessively for simulator platforms - was taking courses in school and was on par... then it got weird and still haven't recovered. I've always seen the lack thereof of systems developers to said simulator (or if there are, plox shw mi da wei brudda weir dey ar l0l) This makes me moist; systems and cockpit stuff!! (Secondary is sound & effects and sceneries but it implies modelling meh lol) I do understand that it is "no joke" as it implies severe engineering and real life aviation understanding - both abscent, inc immense hours of practice. All I want is to write books, fly and develop to xplane/simulator(s). And though I now, got carried away in saying this, its one of my few constants through thick & thin. Its there when I break down, its there up & down; learning this seems further away. I've never been too fond of modelling or texture/painting too though... but I go to bed every night dreaming of what I want to create (and many of these things seem to manifest by other developers) Anyhoo, apologize severely for getting carried off topic in your post FlyAgi & spamming rubbish Adam_NZ lol. I bid you good evening and a wonderful safe life, Regards... Creepy noises make my skin creep, I need to get some sleep.... I can't get NO sleep. I can't get sleep.
  9. Hey Captain Kitten, Would you mind giving us an update and some info about how the weather simulation differs? What changes have been made to the weather simulation side of xEnviro? Are the in-air effects being fine tuned? Cheers
  10. Not yet, we're waiting for a copy to create the configuration.
  11. Will the new x-craft erj be supported? I'd love to connect the jetways at my home regional airport with the ERJs
  12. Hi there, Many thanks for your contribution to the world of VR flightsimming! I'm very happy with the Saab340 file created by you. Many thanks for that! I was wondering if it is possible to add yoke and throttle support to the FLYJSIM 732? There is a VR config set around which has optimised VR controls however I'm still unable to find a config file which actually does support proper yoke and throttle control. My guess, based on the many requests I find from the community that this could be a very nice add-on to this plane and make it proper VR supported. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51951-fjs_732_twinjet_vrconfigtxt/ Many thanks in advance, Regards, Tango1977
  13. Something cosmetic to add: speed brakes hydraulic pistons, entrance door hinges, possibility to have an underwing registration. If that RG mod thief can, I don't see how the team could not do something like this in the future. These are very small and pretty useless things that however would reduce the number of people that goes to that shady VK site And, again, the usual request for Airstairs
  14. I've been simming for many years - probably spending more time in FSX/P3D than any others - and had never really been impressed by XP, until a sale offer for XP11 suckered me in. After devoting a lot of time tweaking FSX (DX10 Fixer) then P3D (PTA), I was impressed by the lighting model in XP11 - even without tweaking. However - no sim is perfect and water, clouds and general shading etc. in XP leave a lot to be desired (just as in default P3D). FlyAGI is one of the many scripts I've tried - and it really has helped to make XP11 a much better experience all round. I've ditched all similar scripts (though I still use xVision for core shaders tweaking) and just stick to FlyAGI. All the hours you put in developing the script can be multiplied many times to get the hours we all enjoy using it Adam.
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  16. Following more than two years of work, Lebor Simulations begins wrapping up the development of their Beruit scenery. It is expected to be released in June or July. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  17. X-Plane stores have surprised us with a bunch of nice deals on great products, so once again, we’ve put together a list of them all - so you can find the best discounts in one place. | Threshold: Question the Answers View the full article
  18. Version 1.0.0


    My ported over United 737-700 livery from the -800/-900ER Comes with cockpit placards, custom interior, custom configurations, etc NOTE: LIVERIES COME WITH THE CORRECT CONFIGURATIONS PRE-INSTALLED; i.e. I *highly* recommend you leave the configurations alone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Thanks and Credit to: - Weston Hall of Plain and Simple Repaints for his excellent (and correct) -700 wing textures - FSCabral for his excellent engines and window textures - PepuPilot for his wingtip textures on non-wingleted aircraft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery or parts of this livery without permission
  19. The first update to COLIMATA's Concorde FXP has been made available as an 'early birds' preview. It includes a few fixes, heading rotary knob and a few other things. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  20. I've been reluctant to fly in XP11 so many times... then I started tweaking and then made the utility. With some lua knowledge from the utility work I can now fix almost everything so XP11 is finally fun and possibly problems can be solved easily.
  21. @FlyAgi - Right on! Haven't diversed enough into the controller options, but with tinkering... flying the "appearing heavy" IXEG is now a charm. In fact, been reluctant to fly for quite some time... alot of possibilities that makes flying yet again fun.
  22. Great to see someone who benefits from the controller options - I made this originally with my quite sluggish xbox 360 gamepad in mind and I needed nullzones and a mnual calibration to get this working properly. This all ended up with me flying helicopters with a gamepad, no stabilization of course but proper setup.
  23. Greetings, Albeit my recent review; I'm saying yet again thank you to FlyAgi - aaaaaaand lo, those considering getting this utility, its great to setup up nullzones and sensitivity zones for your yoke - yes! If yerr using the Logitech ProFlight, known for several design flaws in a lot of products...this no further...however tweaking with FlyAgi... Advanced users might just resort to their current setup, but to counter errors of the ProFlight, this utility does lots more plussssss now you'll be able to actually do things other than taking off only. Though it is a timely customization until yerr get it right. P.s. Where has this been for my ProFlight?? lol
  24. New previews of the systems in Supercritical Simulations Group's 747-8 V2 have been published, showing various systems on several displays, as well as the overhead. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  25. New previews of the systems in Supercritical Simulations Group's 747-8 V2 have been published, showing various systems on several displays, as well as the overhead. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  26. New previews of the systems in Supercritical Simulations Group's 747-8 V2 have been published, showing various systems on several displays, as well as the overhead. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
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