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  3. Hey guys, any plans to update it to the 1.3 version?
  4. Hi Is there a way to edit the PA announcements - I'm wanting to replace some as I never fly in the US - maybe a Jet2/TUI safety brief? How do I do this? Thanks.
  5. Hello Sergio, Are you having access to x-enviro 1.14 ? Come on - confess - no worries - Captain Kitten wont mind.. Cheers
  6. I apologise for the radio silence. I'll just put this short update to announce that the 777 is shelved temporarily while I work on a platform to make the aircraft development happen, on discord I've expressed the same sentiment in that the plane has been dropped. That said, I know that my previous updates always steer people to believe that my projects will come to see the light of day, which it always happens to be the exact opposite. So what I'm working on at the moment aims to prevent that from happening again, a solid underlying solution that minimise any development interruptions so I can finally finish what I've started. Plenty exciting things are going to be revealed in the coming months, and that includes what the 777 will become. So stay tuned on that front. Peace
  7. The end of May has really snuck up on us this year, and we’re already into Memorial Weekend 2020! X-Plane stores have surprised us with a bunch of nice deals on great products, so once again, we’ve put together a list of them all. | Threshold: Question the Answers View the full article
  8. We all understand that this is difficult, we are adequate people. Especially when you're a busy person like Peter. But heck, it's kind of a shame when you find out that the project was canceled somewhere in Discord. This is similar to the 777 curse that started with XPJets. And at that moment it was incredibly sad, and even now it is no less.
    While the jetway moves and looks nice that's the only thing that works. Breaks GPU (ground Power Unit) on Zibo and others makes it unusable, so how are you to use the aircraft! No gate marshaling at all and im talking KLAX, KSFO KSAN ... Doesn't seem like an improvement, after wasting a day of trying going back to autogate, cause it WORKS!!
  9. The developers at TorqueSim kept their heads down to bring an update to the Islander. The upcoming v1.1 update brings significant improvements over the original version. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
    Looks more realistic. Working great with ASXP.
  10. Me Too, had to uninstall SAM to be able to use the APU in the Zibo! And then there's the no gate guidance issue, sorry I spent money on this as the jetway's moved fine before and at least I had ramp marshallers and gate guidance
  11. Yesterday
  12. The International X-Plane Engineering Group has released it's first update to their 737 Classic aircraft in some time today, v1.3 coming more than two years after v1.21. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  13. Same here, happens with Carenado C550 business jet too no matter where you are parked whether jetways are implemented in the scenery or not Zibo seems fixed now with 3.42 full
  14. The rendition of Beijing Daxing International Airport by Star Atlas has been updated to version 1.4, which brings new jetways, summer vegetation, and normal maps. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  15. Globall Art has pushed out an update to their recently released Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) for X-Plane that brings a heavily-requested performance increase. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
  16. Yes, 2.0.6 is the latest version, they initially released it then recalled it due to the CTD issues you were having, so they then re-released it, which is the version you are seeing, it is now stable.
  17. I download the SAM Suite and reinstalled, but it still says version is 2.0.6. is this the latest version? That was the version that I already had.
  18. At Threshold we aim to be the best in the business of flight sim news, opinion and editorial. A one stop shop for flight sim content - and now, we want you to join our ranks! | Threshold: Question the Answers View the full article
  19. Yes they look amazing. But remember; they are not representative of what we will get in the final product, so don't vapour lock over them. They are merely a "view into the production line" of the product.
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