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  2. So...ummm....where do you get the Payware? I can't find it on the typical stores.
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    Welcome to Memphis! This is an Static Aircraft Extension for the KMEM - Memphis Intl. Airport payware scenery by Axonos. The screenshots above shows how the static extension looks like. Installation All you need to make this static aircraft extension work, is to copy the content (Earth Nav data + sam files) directly into your KMEM scenery folder and replace. Easy going. Make sure you have following libraries installed: - MisterX library - Fruitstandaircraft library - OpensceneryX For questions, answers, support or feedback, f
  5. JetBlue A321 from Fort Lauderdale to Newark. Testing some new sky colors and clouds textures. It increases FPS, drastically decreases cloud texture flickering, no black nights on the ground and a more realistic look. Even though I use a high end machine, this is a great mod for low-end computers. You can find them here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/70298-sky-enhancement/
  6. xwave

    Hi, I like your aircraft liveries, they are so cool!

  7. Hi, your aircraft liveries are very cool, I like them.

  8. Version 3.0.0


    LTBJ İzmir Adnan Menderes Intl. Airport Senaryosu / Scenery LTBK Gaziemir senaryosunu da içermektedir / Including LTBK Gaziemir Military Training Airfield. This scenery is one level up based on the previous version and almost all 3D models are made from scratch to give users a better immersion while using it. We hope this version adds to your joy you get out of your flight simulator. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g
    it's just extraordinary thank you for this great job
  9. Hi, I use blue-fx, so colors may be different, but for the first pitcture I used Pear version. If you do not use any shader like reshade or bluefx I recommend avocado or melon version.
  10. SAM is not connecting the jetways to the zibo at any airport, I tried in several places and only with the Zibo this problem occurs, even starting a flight with the plane off on the Jetway, it does not connect. I tried in manual mode and there is no option to connect. ZIBO V3.46.9 SAM 2.2.2
  11. which version was used in the first 3 preview (comparison) photos?
  12. here is the forum of the SAM. the link to download is
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  14. Could someone please make an Air North 737 livery for the 737-700? Thanks!
  15. I am still having crash to desktop even with lowres version. I took additional action like deleting Vulkan shader cache, the temp dir in SAM, etc . I just disabled KDFW and using default one to able to fly in the area. I notice some of the files in low res .zip seems big like 6 ~ 7 mb for example, cart_dolly_ALB, cart_tug_ALB, fuel_truck_large_NML, etc . I have a 2080TI card with 11 GB memory. I sent a message to the airport author Omar Masroor, and he is aware of it and will look into it as well.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Have you ever dreamed of having MFS2020 sky in X-Plane 11? There you go! Meet xSky! Hi, for last 10 days I was working on beautiful sky color to X-Plane 11. All of these textures are color corrected and converted to X-Plane 11 template. Working on OpenGL: Yes Working on Vulcan: Yes Working with Active Sky: Yes Which version to choose? In this project you can find 5 versions of sky colors. They are differ in terms of contrast, saturation and brightness so everyone will find the best version for themselves. Try and choose your version! Version
    Really good job! Would so love the 767 F done for this livery as well!
  17. Version 1.0.1


    After a near two-year hiatus, I'm elated to present an updated Southwest Heart -800 livery for the Zibo 737. Backported from my livery created for the LevelUp 737, which was redone completely from scratch. Features custom interior, cockpit decals, and other SWA-specific details. Rather than complicate the process and have an excessively large download, I've provided only one registration. N8512U is a fairly standard Southwest 737-8H4 delivered in 2016. If you like my work, feel free to donate! It isn't necessary at all but helps a ton! https://paypal.me/jviation?locale.
  18. Hello, So I have just got a new computer and there seems to be a problem installing SAM. I got a notification when I tried to open SAM, "the code execution cannot proceed because vcruntime_1.dll was not found". I really don'T know what to do... any help?
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