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  1. FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees

    This package is considered deprecated - the download will redirect to SAM GlobalTrees which is an updated version based on this package.


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  2. FlyAgi Vegetation

    This package is considered deprecated - you can still download and use it but for developers I strongly recommend to use SAM Seasons SDK instead as this is where my vegetation works will continue in the future. Further, all my vegetation is included in OpenSceneryX so there is no real need to use this library in the future. OpenSceneryX also comes with a fallback so it can be used tp replace the dedicated FlyAgi Vegetation library.
    Scenery designers, please use either SAM Seasons SDK or OpenSceneryX in the future.
    FlyAgi Vegetation is a scenery library which contains volumetric grass, flowers, HD trees, some shrubs and fruits. There are many grass colors in four different sizes available for achiving good results on orthophotos as well as on landclass based terrain. The flowers are available in four different sizes as well to match your arrangement's grass sizes. 
    Update: I added a seasonal package for TerraMaxx support and an additional JSGME ready winter version for the classic winter textures mod to the download page. 
    Sample sceneries:
    The Screenshots above are taken from the following sceneries using the vegetation library. If there are any questions or you need examples just download them for free and look into the included WED files for the corresponding vegetation and forest layers. 
    EDXE Rheine-Eschendorf EDPW Thalmässing-Waizenhofen EDDK Köln Bonn  
    Some notes:
    For best visual results the grass colors chosen should match the ground colors. If this is done right the grass will almost seamlessly fade out into the terrain in the distance and from higher view angles when taking off or landing on your airfield When using orthophotos use decals as well for a more natural grass effects When using grass on larger scale airports make sure you're using WED and it's density options for the grass files. The grass can have an impact on GPU performance and on larger airports this impact can be massive if you place the grass with maximum density  
    Unpack zip file Copy folder 'FlyAgi_Vegetation' into your Custom Scenery folder Start X-Plane  


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