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11 files

  1. NellExx Reshade Preset for Xplane11

    This is my first own Reshade Preset called "NellExx" this is the prefect preset to fly with very realistic visulas:
    if you want to upgrade your Xplane11 to the next level this would be a must have for every Reshade user .
    So Always Happy Landings


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  2. Fps Boost V2 for Xplane11 3.0

    About This File
    This is my very first Lua Script  this script gives so 10-20 more FPS
    and is perfect for people with a low to mid range PC`s this Lua script make some small changes in the Visuals
    but i makes a huge diffrent in the fps my fps goes from 30 to 40 and i am really proud of this script it makes what 
    the script should do 
    How to install :
    Just drag the Fpsboost.lua into you Flywithlua Scrips folder and your good.
    There are now 5 Different Options to choose !!!!
    1. Low graphics best FPS 
    2. Mid graphics with normal fps boost
    3. High graphics with a bit of an FPS Boost
    4 Equal for the best Feeling of the Sim with very good FPS
    5 Only FPS boost for very bad PC's impacts the visuals but give huge fps boost
    Now you can choose you own fiele for your personal opinion .
    This mod requiers Flywithlua
    Thanks for the Download and Always Happy Landings 


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  3. Presets for Enhanced Skyscapes Low to High Settings 2.0.

    Presets for Enhanced Skyscapes Low to High Settings
    Download both fieles !!!
    1 Preset is High Fps is very good for Low to Mid Range PC`S
    2 Preset is High Range the Clouds have a very Hight range but i is still good for FPS
    3 Preset is for Better FPS but it  looks very decent and has not a much impact in the visuals perferct for Mid Range PC`s
    High Fps used in the Pics 
    Enjoy my Presets 
    Always Happy Landings 


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  4. ATCPro

    ATCPro is a flight-sim utility built to help build confidence in new pilots when using ATC. ATCPro will show you what you need to say to the controller depending on the transmission. You will then be given the option to enter in what the controller instructs you to do. ATCPro can then generate a readback.
    The application includes many features which are listed here:
    IFR Guidance for a full IFR flight Transmissions created based on your callsign, departure, destination and more! Scratchpad (you can customise the opaicty and background colour) PTT indicator Progress Bar Live Streaming Overlay
      Full list of transmissions:
    Radio Check IFR Clearance Pushback and Engine Start Taxi Frequency Change Further Climb Heading Change Descent Approach Landing Taxi In Please note that ATCPro in it's early stages of release. If you find any bugs then I would really appreciate it if you report them to me. The best way is through The ChecklistsPro Project Discord Server which you can join with this link: https://discord.com/invite/js753f3

    My explanation really doesn't do the application justice! You can watch this video to get a better understanding:

    I hope you have a fine rest of your day!

    - Leo


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  5. xPlaces

    xPlaces is an X-Plane plugin that enriches the 3D worldwide scenery with pins showing the position of:
    populated areas (cities, towns, villages...) natural places like mountains, hills & lakes aeronautical objects: airports, VORs & NDBs, navfixes.
    MS Windows only.
    For further information and instructions see the website.


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  6. Real XP Reshade preset

    Hi guys!
    This is the second version of my "Real XP" Reshade preset!
    This preset costs you 0 FPS!
    It adds artificial light effects, glowing textures at night and brighter more realistic days.
    If you like my work you may consider to buy me a coffe: click me
    ATTENTION: When it is getting dark press ctrl + alt + a to turn off tone map. Otherwise it is too bright and it could look weird.
    Enjoy ^^


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  7. Random Flight Database 3.5.2

    Random Flight Database is a program that will allow you, depending on one or more criteria, to choose a flight corresponding to existing flights.
    These flights are extracted from a database more than 1,200,00 lines, available in the program. This database is updated in summer 2019.
    You also have a user base that will allow you to share your data files (.XLS) between users to add even more choices.
    Part of it is also dedicated to importing data from the website: https://developer.flightstats.com/
    You must create an account on this site in order to extract (limited to about 6 airports in total for 1 account)
    This import is made 7 days from the moment you make this import.
    Once this import is done, you can import it directly into your user database and / or export it in XLS format for sharing with other users.
    Files are available for free on the org.
    The criteria for choosing your flights are:
    - Airlines
    - Departure airport
    - Arrival Airport
    - Type of plane
    - Day of the week
    - Multiple generation (generates a number of flights determined by the user)
    - flight time (choice of a flight time interval, minimum flight time <X <maximum flight time, where X is the random flight chosen by the random flight database)
    - Continuous (must be associated with Multiple Generation to function, allows to take back the airport of arrival as airport of departure for each generated line)
    2 options are also available to choose a random flight from flightradar 24.
    If you have any comments or improvements, please contact me.
    If you have problems launching the application
    go to the folder C\ Program Files\Random Flight Database\
    Delete the 2 files concerned BASE_Utilisateur.fic and BASE_Utilisateur.ndx
    Run Random Flight Database as an administrator.
    For quick update run the shortcut "Check Update Random Flight Database" place on your desktop with the old version
    Windows Only
    Sorry if the translation is not correct.
    I am French and the translation is not finished Google Translate
    En Français : 
    Random Flight Database est un programme qui vous permettra, en fonction d'un ou de plusieurs critères, de choisir un vol correspondant aux vols existants.
    Ces vols sont extraits d'une base de données de 1 262 465 lignes, disponibles dans le programme. Cette base de données est actualisée en hiver 2018/2019.
    Vous disposez également d'une base d'utilisateurs qui vous permettra de partager vos fichiers de données (.XLS) entre utilisateurs afin d'ajouter encore plus de choix.
    Une partie de celle-ci est également dédiée à l'importation de données du site Web: https://developer.flightstats.com/
    Vous devez créer un compte sur ce site afin de pouvoir extraire (limité à environ 6 aéroports au total pour 1 compte) 
    Cette importation est faite à 7 jours à partir du moment où vous effectuez cette importation. 
    Une fois cette importation effectuée, vous pouvez l'importer directement dans votre base de données d'utilisateurs et / ou l'exporter au format XLS pour le partager avec d'autres utilisateurs.
    Les fichiers sont disponibles gratuitement sur l'org.
    Les critères de choix de vos vols sont:
    - Compagnie
    - Aéroport de départ
    - Aéroport d'arrivée
    - Type d'avion
    - Jour de la semaine
    - Génération multiple (génère un nombre de vols déterminé par l'utilisateur)
    - temps de vol (choix d'un intervalle de temps de vol, temps de vol minimum <X <temps de vol maximum, où X est le vol aléatoire choisi par la base de données de vols aléatoires)
    - Continu (doit être associé à Multiple Generation pour fonctionner, permet de reprendre l'aéroport d'arrivée comme aéroport de départ pour chaque ligne générée)
    2 options sont également disponibles pour choisir un vol au hasard sur le site flightradar 24.
    Si vous avez des commentaires ou des améliorations à apporter, contactez-moi, s'il vous plaît.
    Executer Random Flight Database en administrateur
    Pour mise à jour rapide executer le raccourci "Check Update Random Flight Database" placer sur votre bureau avec l'ancienne version
    Windows Seulement


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  8. FlyAgi Tweak Utility

    Once started as a simple performance tweaking script FlyAgi Tweak Utility has grown quickly and is now a very powerful tool to adjust and fix many aspects of the X-Plane simulation experience. The tweaking options cover performance and environment enhancements, aircraft tweaks and features, a simple sound engine bringing some new sounds into the simulator, an advanced controller configuration menu and fun features like bird strikes configuration. 
    All functionality the utility provides is configurable and it does not force the user to use any of the options one does not need or like. If there are other scripts out there doing a better job in some regards just use them in addition and enjoy the features you like or need - every feature is completely optional and can be switched off.
    The utility automatically detects if third party weather programs (SkyMaxx Pro, xEnviro, UltraWeather XP) are installed and configures itself to be compatible with these programs without interfering in any way. Furthermore the utility is compatible with many other lua scripts and if you find incompatible ones I will fix incompatibilty as soon as possible to make sure it can be used the way you need it. 
    As the tweak utility is a lua script you need FlyWithLua to make use of it:
    FlyWithLua Next Generation

    Graphical user interface


    Performance tuning
    The tweak utility provides some simple but very powerful performance tweaks. These tweaks have a high impact on FPS performance and all of them can be adjusted on the fly - no placebos, no scenery reloads. 
    Fast Clouds for dramatically reduced GPU load and better overall FPS performance Switch off the X-Plane water effects for a huge gain in FPS Switch off the road traffic which can also be an FPS killer depending on settings and location Adjust level of detail (LOD) manually or use the autmatic LOD control feature for smoothing out performance changes  

    Environment Enhancements
    There are many options available to tweak the environment visuals to your likings - you can optimize them for even better performance or enhance your visual apperance.
    Advanced clound manipulation for optimizing the looks of clouds, very useful for optimizing the appearance of additional cloud texture sets Manual fog and haze control or automatically changing haze based on weather situation with the additional and fully controllable X-Visibility plugin Disable the white or grey out effect when flying through clouds Many shadow options for optimizing shadows for better performance or visuals  

    Aircraft tweaks and features
    The utility adds some features to all aircraft enhancing your experience with older ones or those lacking in some aspects.
    Aircraft persistance - return to your plane and find it as you left it before Automatic fuel tank selector changing fuel tanks based on imbalance so you are always on the fuller tank Automatically set barometric pressure if needed Automatically adjust the gyro compass if needed or use this feature to fix aircraft withou manipulation knobs equipped Add crew oxygen supply to any aircraft  

    Additional sounds
    The integrated sound engine privides additional dynamically controlled sounds - all sounds are highly configurable.
    Wind sounds Rain sounds with additional heavy rain effect Rattle sounds for ground, turbulence or both Save X-Plane sound volume independently through the utility - this allows for setting up different volume configurations for any aircraft  

    Controller configuration
    The utility adds some useful options for simple and effective calibration corrections, nullzone adjustments and some tweaks.
    Add nullzones to your controls without the need of complex response curve adjustment Manually correct the controller's center or neutral position if needed Adjust trim sensitivity Correct weird or just unwanted roll/bank behaviour  

    Bird strikes
    Bird strikes can be handled by the utility with many parameters to set them up the way you like. 
    Enable bird strikes Set conditions for bird strikes to occur Use damage controls to define conditions for recieving damage from bird strikes  

    View options and aircraft dependent field of view
    Modify the default view of any aircraft without touching the acf file. This also allows to have different field of view settings for different aircraft.
    Modify position and view angle for the default view Set aircraft dependent fields of view  

    Performance Demo
    For demonstrating the performance gain I made a video flying around over New York City.



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  9. Xephyr Preset

    Xephyr Preset
    I've been hesitant to release my preset before, but, here we are! 
    If you need a hand with this, feel free to send me a PM on the Threshold Forum or via Discord (Xephyr#4872)
    Note with the screenshots - the newer ones (I consider them higher quality) are on the far side, so scroll to the end if you'd like to see the most up-to-date screenshots 🙂
    WARNING - This is the "FULL ON" preset, and can be quite frame heavy.
    e.g. I use an i5-7600, GTX 1060 6gb and 16gb of DDR4. I use XP with ~30fps (FF A320 can take it down to 22ish), which I really don't mind, however others don't really like that idea!
    - Reshade (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36509-reshade-xp11/)
        - Does post-processing.
        - Ambient Lighting is likely the hardest on frames, however I deem it worthy as it adds a lot to the sim.
    - Reshade
        - Install Reshade (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqLfiqULqUw)
        - Drag "Xephyr Preset.ini" into your root X-Plane 11 folder. 
    Thanks again for downloading my preset!
    If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask me. 

    Don't say I didn't warn you about low FPS!


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  10. B737-800 | Custom Views

    Laminar/Zibo 737 Custom Views
    This is a file for users with num-pads to assist with navigation in the cockpit/exterior. You can program custom views yourself, but I have created a preset for those who just want to get to flying! 
    Installation is very simple.
    Step 1: Unzip file "b738_prefs.txt" to your root 737 folder.
                  i.e C:\\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Extra Aircraft\737-800X
    Step 2: Boot up the sim and enjoy! Use your numpad to zoom around your aircraft in no time!
    NOTE: Works with "Zibo" and Laminar 737s.
    I've set up the views in such a way that they "pan-up" the cockpit. So 0, 2, 5, 8 gradually pan upwards.
    0: Pedestal - Parking brake, flaps, spoilers - everything!
    1: FMC - for when 'ya need to put in a flightplan
    2: Throttle Quadrant - Get a better look at throttles, fuel control etc.
    3: AFK - Positioned on top of the left seat. Otherwise self-explanatory.
    4: GoPro - Record a stereotypical cockpit-YouTube video!
    5: Captain - Sometimes you need to fly the plane =)
    6: MCP - Twiddle the knobs for when you don't wanna fly.
    7: Left Wing view - do away with the bells/whistles of the cockpit.
    8: Overhead - more switches?
    9: Right Wing view - see 7  ?
    By Xephyr - 2018


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    1 comment


  11. FlightFactor A320 | Custom Views

    FlightFactor A320 Custom Views
    This is a file for users with num-pads to assist with navigation in the cockpit/exterior. You can program custom views yourself, but I have created a preset for those who just want to get to flying!
    Installation is very simple.
    Step 1: Unzip file "A320_prefs.txt" to your root FF A320 folder.
                  i.e C:\\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate
    Step 2: Boot up the sim and enjoy! Use your numpad to zoom around your aircraft in no time!
    I've set up the views in such a way that they "pan-up" the cockpit. So 0, 2, 5, 8 gradually pan upwards.
    0: Pedestal - Parking brake, flaps, spoilers - everything!
    1: MCDU - for when 'ya need to put in a flightplan
    2: Throttle Quadrant - Get a better look at throttles, fuel control etc.
    3: AFK - Positioned on top of the left seat. Otherwise self-explanatory.
    4: GoPro - Record a stereotypical cockpit-YouTube video!
    5: Captain - Sometimes you need to fly the plane ?
    6: MCP - Twiddle the knobs for when you don't wanna fly.
    7: Left Wing view - do away with the bells/whistles of the cockpit.
    8: Overhead - more switches ?
    9: Right Wing view - see 7 ?
    By Xephyr - 2018


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