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2 files

  1. Alaska LevelUP Livery Pack

    Alaska Airlines livery pack for the LevelUP 737NG series.
    Contains 9 unique aircraft, each with custom icons, selcal codes, and cockpit placards.
    N611AS: Boeing 737-700 (mismatch, nicknamed Bob Ross)
    N619AS: Boeing 737-700 
    N520AS: Boeing 737-800 
    N588AS: Boeing 737-800 
    N302AS: Boeing 737-900 (no winglets, 737-900 prototype) 
    N306AS: Boeing 737-900 (Split scimitar) 
    N272AK: Boeing 737-900ER (Split Scimitar)
    N402AS: Boeing 737-900ER (first 900ER for Alaska Airlines)
    N487AS: Boeing 737-900ER (oneworld) (split scimitar) 
    Note: Each aircraft contains a configuration file which will provide the aircraft with proper equipment (instruments, scimitars, etc). Please do not change the configuration via the tablet or the file.
    Reviews and feedback are highly welcomed. If you like my work and wanna buy me a coffee, please feel free to donate (never required but much appreciated!) .
    Happy flying!


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  2. LevelUp 737NG Series Paintkit

    Bring out the inner livery artist in you with our official layered paintkit for the LevelUp 737NG Series. It is easy to use with line guides for easy painting.
    The kit contains PSDs for:
    Tail, Horizontal Stabiliser & Wingtips Engines Wings (same mapping for Left & Right) Dedicated texture file for all editable components for liveries (painter_edit) Comes with XGrinder for X-Plane tailored .dds conpression Fuselages for: 600 700 800 900 (both standard and ER sits in one PSD file) 900 extension In addition, there are Normal Maps for -900ER (one for a plugged aft exit, and one for unplugged aft exit).
    Happy Painting!
    Shameless plug - we have a dedicated community section in the downloads for uploading 737NG Series liveries! Do help us build an archive of liveries here, if not..no sweat😉 


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