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Aircraft modifications

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    • By ItzTobiSkyDK · Posted
      This is a REALLY! great freeware aircraft. i really love flying it around Hungary  keep it up hope to see more of this in the future 🙂  
    • By rocketmandlgc · Posted
      Great job on the art assets and VR interaction. A few points however. 1) The large vario/speed to fly instrument seems to be reversed. Speed to fly is showing when the dial is pointing to TE and TE is showing when pointing to Speed to fly (STF) 2) The winter vario at the top seems to be also showing TE. The whole point about B21's mod is that it was a NETTO vario. A glider without a NETTO vario is a bit like a chocolate covered wafer without the chocolate. A NETTO vario simply shows ho
    • By Sagne philippe · Posted
      J'ai 68 ans et tous les jours je suis ébahit par le travail de certaines personnes, encore aujourd'hui avec cette mise à niveau de la version "B21" du Laminar ASK21, je ne peux dire qu'un grand merci et pour la première fois j'ai put prendre la place de moniteur, et là sur se rencontre de l'émotion que procurer un travail bien fait.  Google traduction.   J'ai 68 ans et tous les jours je suis étonné par le travail de certaines personnes, même aujourd'hui avec cette mise à jour de l
    • By ferdioslol · Posted
      I was looking hard for addons that made your atmosphere look blue like irl instead of the ugly brown/grey tint X-plane has. All of these atmospheric addons were payware like Xvision or Xenviro, luckily I stumbled up on this preset that looks absolutely gorgeous. I can't thank you enough. Also barely noticed any fps drops, 30 to 35 fps average. I have a 1660 and i5 9400f
    • By fs9guy · Posted
      Absolutely fantastic work! As a STL Native this airline means something special to me. Keep up the great work, love flying with this livery!
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