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  1. 737-700U

    737-700U DOWNLOAD
    Please make sure to read README.TXT and the terms of use / license agreement before installing. Happy Flying!
    For more information on this aircraft head over to the Ultimate Club.


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  2. 737-900U

    For more information on this aircraft head over to the Ultimate Club.


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    • By baltimoreaviation · Posted
      anyone elses plane landing gear float above ground briefly on landing  and rotating off the ground?  
    • By Lerno1 · Posted
      It looks great and is so cute! Of course it's still in development, so there will be issues. But one I can't seem to understand is that it has the flight model of the -800. It's not explicitly stated anywhere (my guess is that the aircraft was rushed for release with issues to be fixed later). Engine/APU effects are fine but other visual features (tire effects and external camera) are copied from the -800, and toggling the FM visualization shows that the flight model doesn't match the visua
    • By Kris Thorsheim · Posted
      This has become my new GoTo "can't fly without" plugin that automates visually alot of parameters without the hassle of opening/checking FWLua/Notepad++ Currently setting up a few things, and definitively will recommend this plugin esp. if you are not particularily familiar with XPlane... it allows customization all within the GUI... Top score from myself - now my favorite things are all in one place.
    • By sbucknerbcs · Posted
      Excellent, well thought of and produced. Flies like a champ! 
    • By mbaviator67 · Posted
      Another great livery from "Fscabral" .   I've been wanting a livery like this in my hangar for a long time now. I happen to be old enough to remember the days of Elvis Presley and real Rock n Roll. I have seen the  real Convair 880 "Lisa Marie" many times. Although this is in the 737-700, I think EP would've upgraded to something like this at some point.  Fscabral, you are surely talented with your livery painting skills. Thank you for your contribution to the  X Plane commun
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