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Scenery Animation Manager - Suite 1.4.3

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SAM Suite - Installer & Updater

  • Desktop application for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Download, (un)install and update all SAM extensions with one click
  • Access to legacy versions


Advice: If your previously installed SAM version is not detected, please delete it manually and click on the reset button in the SAM Suite application.

Support: If you have any trouble feel free to use our helpdesk and get in touch with us.

What's New in Version 1.4.3   See changelog


  • Adapted to changed steam authentification API
  • Changed authentification workflow for China
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I can't launch the app, it says "unable to determinne X-Plane installation path", next, I select my X-Plane root folder and it don't work too.

I miss the time when we just download the plugin and the library without passing by SAM Suite which was much more faster and easier.

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i do not know i saw the review and really liked it.but iwill let you know later.

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So I have just got a new computer and there seems to be a problem installing SAM. I got a notification when I tried to open SAM, "the code execution cannot proceed because vcruntime_1.dll was not found". I really don'T know what to do... any help?

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I downloaded the SAM suite for X-plane 11.50 and I am amazed at the enhancement SAM makes to my flying experience, I bought the Follow Me and World Jetways then downloaded the static aircraft. Must say works perfectly, on all the airports I fly from in the UK to most uk and European airports. 

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No issues on Windows client.  Works as advertised.  Some paths need to be setup manually.  No biggie.

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I will try to download the sam base plugin but its give an error can anyone help me.

Response from the author:

What's the error? 😄

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Hello, please, how do I do to get SAM v.2.1.7?  I see only v.1.4.2...    Thanks.

Response from the author:

Download SAM Suite, install and run it. In the selection menu you can install whatever SAM part you like.

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5/10 because my sim crashes when I try to connect the jetways. In order to have them connect without a sim crash, I have to put it on auto mode. This sucks because sometimes in replays I hear the ringing bell from the jetway which is why I'd like the option to connect them myself.

Response from the author:

Get SAM 2.1.7 and you are good.

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Fantastic plugin! Now the airport has more animated objects and stuff!

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It's an excellent plugin the only downside is that I can't connect than more 1 jetway to my FF777 I hope this will get fixed in a future update 

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I have downloaded this many times and it continues to crash X Plane but the original 1.0 version does not however the jetways in the older version only work selectively and not all the time at every airport. Anyone else having this problem?

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Hey guys.

Any chance to install it in a traditional way? At this point I can't run it as Admin so I was wondering if I can install it manually.

Thank you!

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Well not yet  it won't let me activate it.. this nis a free download or is it a pay for


Response from the author:

Both depending on what parts you want to use. You may have a look into the manual 😉

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One of those plugins that one wonders why laminar doesnt implement it into the sim by default!

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While the jetway moves and looks nice that's the only thing that works.  Breaks GPU (ground Power Unit) on Zibo and others makes it unusable, so how are you to use the aircraft!  No gate marshaling at all and im talking KLAX, KSFO KSAN ... Doesn't seem like an improvement, after wasting a day of trying going back to autogate, cause it WORKS!!

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I have been waiting for a similar utility for a long time, since it is not always possible to keep track of constant updates. In addition, it is possible to deliver new or not yet tested products. Thank you so much!👍

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Bought this and not very happy it said in the description the following:

Animated versions for all default jetway objects   Dont Work Installed put Liecence in still don't Work

Automatic replacement for all default airports worldwide Nothing has Happened

Animated versions for all MisterX library jetway objects

Automatic replacement for all airports using MisterX library jetways

Compatible with all SAM functions:

Automatic and manual connection mode

Automatic door control

Full VR-compatible menu

Nothing is working looked at other postings and see am not the only one, has any one got any advice on how i can fix it to make it work. I have only Default airports in Xplane 11?


Kind Regards 


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I'm having trouble downloading this plug in because I don't have the SAM/Lib in my plug in folder.

Is their a solution?

If yes please comment this please i'm begging for this plugin ;-;

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Is the SAM(2) plugin free?  I see it for sale on both Aerosoft and the .org store.  I've downloaded it from here, and it's not working on all airports.  Please advise.  

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