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PassengersFX-NG-VR Basic Edition 1.06

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PassengersFX-NG (Next Generation VR Ready 

Basic Edition

PassengersFX-NG (Next Generation) VR Ready  - Basic Edition V1.06 Updated 10, February 2019 

(Note: For PassengersFX to work with the FFA320, you MUST update your aircraft to the latest FFA320 Beta)

Here is latest  installment of this popular X-Plane plugin. Complete with a " Floating Menu " which can be detached from the X-Plane screen and placed on the desktop or moved to another monitor, All functions will be available from the menu, including the ability to Enable/Disable PassengersFX and ATC, great for online flyers.  This new version will work from the desktop or in VR (Virtual Reality) This new version is the most easiest to use version so far. 

PassengersFX-NG Basic Edition, which now includes FlyWithLua, set up ready to go.

Here are some of the features.
Works with X-Plane 11 in Desktop mode 2D
Works with X-Plane 11 in VR Mode 3D (Virtual Reality)
Detailed operations manual with images and instructions.

Full onscreen menu that can be :
Moved around the screen.
Resized to any size.
Detached from the screen and placed on the Desktop or moved to a second screen.
Closed and Announcements activated from the normal FWL drop down or by keyboard assignments.
All PassengersFX Editions can be launched from the menu.
All manual announcements can be activated from the menu.
Ability to Enable/Disable PassengersFX from the menu.
Ability to Enable /Disable ATC from the menu.
Volume controls for PFX and ATC.

From the menu the user can.
Launch any PassengersFX Edition,  lets the user select any version of PassengersFX they have installed.
Manually Triggered Announcements - Play any announcement from the following categories.

Crew to Passengers -  11 Announcements
Pilot to Crew - 7 Announcements ( Available from Payware Versions only)
Pilot to Passengers - 7 Announcements (Available from Payware Version only
Custom User Sounds - User can add 5 custom sounds to the Basic Edition
Custom User Sounds - User can add 10 custom sounds to Payware versions)

Enable/Disable PassengersFX and ATC
Enable or Disable Passengers FX
Enable or Disable ATC
Volume Controls
Slider Controls for PassengersFx and ATC volumes.

Complete your PassengersFX immersion with the following add-on product X-ATC-Chatter from Stick and Rudder Studios.

Over 35 high-definition sounds, Including ambience, chatter, music, safety video, announcements and more. Announcements that are both automatically triggered and manually played. You can adjust their volume to using your keyboard. Dynamic Sound levels dependent on your position in the aircraft, move from the cockpit to the cabin and notice everything getting louder.

Environment-dependent chatter Hear your passengers quiet down when you’ve reached cruising altitude. Compatible with all aircraft with two or more engines. Your passengers are ready to go with you, regardless of the airline. Constant development and support. New features are being added all the time, and I am right here for support.

 Users requiring help or support with PassengersFX-NG - Basic Edition should contact me (the Developer) direct by PM,

Renaming, Deleting files, folders or modifying the PassengersFX code will cause you problems.

Please read the install instructions and manual in the docs folder for full instructions of how to install and operate

PassengersFX-NG (Next Generation VR Ready - Interactive - Basic Edition

PassengersFX-NG  - Basic Edition - “Adding realistic passengers and Crew  to your aircraft” 

PassengersFX-NG - Basic Edition is add-on for X-Plane which adds many sounds to your aircraft to immerse you into an airline environment.

Support.  If you need support with PassengersFX-NG - Basic Edition,

please send a PM ( Personal Message) and we will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible.



In the downloaded files you will find the following documentation:

Install instructions - Please read to ensure correct installation of PassengersFX-NG - Basic Edition.

PassengersFX Manual - Please read this manual, it contains important information such as

How to install.

Answers to FAQ’s

How to play manual announcements



If you need support with PassengersFX, please send a PM ( Personal Message) and we will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Known Bugs.

Enjoy PassengersFX - You are no longer alone on the ground or in the sky.

Cap’t Kev.

X-Plane Addicted.


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