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Livery Config Plugin for X-Crafts E-Jets Family 1.1.0

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About This File

This supplementary plugin for the X-Crafts E-Jets family automatically loads configuration settings per aircraft, based on a config file in the livery, similar to what may be seen on other airliners for X-Plane. This plugin manages the wheel covers, avionics, weight units, and (for the E175), the extended winglets. No more having to worry about setting up aircraft settings for every new flight!



Simply drop the included LiveryConfig folder into the plugins folder of your E-Jets installation. (NOT the Resources/plugins folder!)



To specify per-aircraft configurations, a config.cfg file must be present in the root of the folder for each aircraft livery. An example configuration for the default livery N620QX Alaska/Horizon is included, and can be modified for any other aircraft following the guide below. If no config file is present, the livery will still load fine - it will just use the default settings.

Note that all key/value pairs are case insensitive, and can be capitalized per your preference. The WingType entry will only be considered with the E175 model, as no other E-Jets use the extended winglet option, so this line can be omitted for E170/E190/E195 liveries.



  • "lbs": Aircraft weight units will be in Pounds.
  • "kgs": Aircraft weight units will be in Kilograms.


  • "long": Enables the extended winglets (For aircraft type E75L).
  • "short": Preserves the old-generation winglets (For aircraft type E75S).


  • "Load25": Preserves the old-generation Load 25 PFD layout.
  • "Load27": Enables the new-generation Load 27 PFD layout.


  • "false": Disables the wheel cover model on the main landing gear.
  • "true": Enables the wheel cover model on the main landing gear.



!! ATTENTION: I have been warned by Steve Wilson that tampering with the weight units dataref *might* be unstable, as it is plugin-controlled. However, in my testing, it has appeared to work perfectly seamlessly, and I have not encountered any adverse affects from it. If it proves to be uncooperative for you at all, though, I will remove it from the plugin.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues! Enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


Added improved logging.

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