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Please make sure to read README.TXT and the terms of use / license agreement before installing. Happy Flying!

For more information on this aircraft head over to the Ultimate Club.


What's New in Version 1910   See changelog



Updated to latest Zibo 3.37.6

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Soy nuevo pero en cuanto haya instalado el avion les informo, gracias saludos desde Mexico

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I just love this little beauty, flies fantastic and looks and feels fab, credit to Captain Kitten for all the hard work. I run a Mac with X-Plane 11.50 and this plane never fails to impress.

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Great Aircraft to fly. Very realistic and fun!!! definitely recommend that you download it.

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Great freeware aircraft! Fantastic modeling on the exterior and the interior, this looks a lot like a payware aircraft!👍

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i like the model but theres a problem. when i pause and unpause, the plane gets launched backwards

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RG 144


thought this plane was great and fun to fly cheers RG 

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It is pretty good, just took a long time to download

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Thanks!!👌 My fly J sim 727 that I normally fly with is out of order right now so this and the zibo is all i have to fly with.

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Worked great until recently. FMC doesnt recognize ANY airports for some reason, including default KSEA. The 737-900 is totally fine. Ive tried asking for help to fix that and to update nav data. XPlane community is probably the most stuck up and rude bunch of people in any video game mod community Ive ever encountered, offers no help. Yall act like im already supposed to know how to fix these issues by heart...

Response from the author:

Not really sure where you have asked for help. I know some groups that are horrible, but that is something that every community has and struggles with. If it happens here, in this forum I would like to know about it. Other than that - don't fault the plane for problems you encounter with the community! That is increadibly rude and not exactly better than the non helping people you have met. X-Plane community is normally very helpful and supportive. My bet is that you had bad luck and are taking it out on the Ultimate team.

As I said, let me know if this happened here and let us deal with such behavior.

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Amazing aircraft I have been flying this for a good couple days now and am loving this!

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Very nice, fun aircraft to fly. But is there 737-600, or without wingtips but shorter?

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What a beautiful model!  I had the occasion years ago to fly a full motion -700 sim that my company had.  This model handles as well as that full motion one did -- obviously without the full motion part though 🙂.  Thank you so much for this phenomenal offering for the X-Plane community.

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Il boeing 737-700 e un stupendo aereo realizzato molto bene 👍

utilizzandolo ho visto questo piccolo problema sul FMC che non mi lascia mettere il codici  degli aeroporti, per caso qualcuno sa come risolvere questo piccolo problema?  

il navdata e con l'ultimo aggiornamento 




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good plane works fine , i flown a lot with pmdg , but this works fine on x-plane  , just landing is a problem i cant solve at this moment  , its my own foul

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Very realistic. Works perfectly.

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I worked very well, even on a MacBook Air 

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Just Aviation YT

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My favorite aircraft for free with payware quality. The best free aircraft for XP11. Even more fun than the -800 

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The Ultimate 700 is a piece of art, well designed, with all excellence of the Zibo and the Audiobird. Cant thank enough for the work done, donation is a must 

Using the model in our hybrid cockpit in VR only is a pure pleasure. Behaviour and systems are regularly flown by a real 737 certified pilot, who confirms the reality grade achieved.

MUC737 regards from EDDM




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Nice aircraft! But how do I get orange MCP?

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This thing is incredibly fun to fly! I have only been flying it for 2 days but I'm gitty about it. The FMC actually works and flying on Pilotedge is easy to do. The systems seem to be mostly there and I am learning more about this plane every time I fly. Watching youtube videos it seems like I still have a bunch more to learn. I have never really been a fan of big metal airliners before so I never gave PMDG a try or anything, but this thing is awesome. I have downloaded the private liveries since I like the private sector of aviation best. The developers of this are a gift to the x-plane community. Highly recommend

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