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Please make sure to read README.TXT and the terms of use / license agreement before installing. Happy Flying!

For more information on this aircraft head over to the Ultimate Club.


What's New in Version 1910   See changelog



Updated to latest Zibo 3.37.6

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I have installed into the aircraft folder, when I load up X-Plane with the 737 it says I have broken airfoils. Any help?

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Great model! Very desired 700-ku for X-Plane 11. The model listens very well to the wheel, to land in manual mode is a pleasure. Well-designed system, a large set of dataref and commands to configure management.

Works stable and without crashes. For more than 100 flights on this model and no emissions from the simulator.


GZ44C9FFcMg_новый размер.jpg

Hg4kSnX79vI_новый размер.jpg

Zw73SfqTnLM_новый размер.jpg

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FeDEx MD-11

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I would give it the full ten stars if it had one thing fixed. When I saw this I was so excited to download it, so I took the time and trouble to download this beautiful bird. Everything worked but one thing.

The autopilot was the main problem. I worked it just like the other 737 and it would only work on Speed and Altitude hold or climb rate. The heading did not work and I was able to make it work once but never worked again. This happens after I takeoff and set the autopilot. So through the whole entire flight I have to guide the aircraft and constantly check the heading so I don’t fly completely off course. 

Love the plane like crazy it’s just I need help on how to fix this issue. And question for the others who read this. Does this problem happen too because a friend also has the 700, 800, and 900 and says that the Heading does not work either. Any response from a Dev or a person who is incredible with these planes give some advice on a fix.

thanks for a wonderful plane!

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Nosewheel not work on X-Plane 11.36r1

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very cool indeed keep the great work up ........im a fan ....loll..

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it is a bit buggy at times, once my QRH wouldn't calculate, and another time it only loaded half the SIDS for departure and was missing a few STARS too, otherwise it is great!

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This is such a great mod for the 700. I highly recommend this one. I really love flying it. Excellent work!!! Keep it up.

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Great Plane but you should think about moving the GPU a little to give space for the service vehicle. Or maybe also the possibility to hide it if somebody is using Ground handling addon.

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it says 404 error I cant download this plane help plz

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The Pro

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I've downloaded this previously, but today when I tried to get it to re-install it (along with my other aircraft on this new PC) I get a 404 error...  Can anyone look into that???

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I loved this airplane, but it needs updates, as zibo 737-800X. 

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anyone elses plane landing gear float above ground briefly on landing  and rotating off the ground?


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It looks great and is so cute!

Of course it's still in development, so there will be issues. But one I can't seem to understand is that it has the flight model of the -800. It's not explicitly stated anywhere (my guess is that the aircraft was rushed for release with issues to be fixed later). Engine/APU effects are fine but other visual features (tire effects and external camera) are copied from the -800, and toggling the FM visualization shows that the flight model doesn't match the visual model. Not to say it's not flyable or enjoyable – I had fun with it already and I know many others have. Seeing the work the devs have already put into this and the -800, I'm confident they'll bring this plane to even higher standards and fix the FM while at it, making it another true must-have freeware as development progresses.

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Excellent, well thought of and produced. Flies like a champ! 

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It's great! But can someone tell me how can I change fuel capacity for BBJ version? I need  to add some more into the central tank😄

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Is anyone else having issues with the FMC?  I'm unable to load my flight plan.  I can see the SID and STAR but when I select the runway and SID I do not get the option to execute.

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Caden P

· Edited by Caden P


Very well done, couldn't have added any more details. There are a few bugs however, such as the landing gear not going up or going up partially when you take off. Nevertheless, great plane

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I can not download it I tried both links but it does not work why???Help me please

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Lovely to fly in VR. I get about 30fps with my settings. No problems hand-flying. It also includes the "curved" waypoints.

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great job my compliments, the only thing is that I do not understand, how to use the FMC, is not that of 737_800, I can not understand how to use

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