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Please make sure to read README.TXT and the terms of use / license agreement before installing. Happy Flying!

For more information on this aircraft head over to the Ultimate Club.


What's New in Version 1910   See changelog



Updated to latest Zibo 3.37.6

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What a beautiful model!  I had the occasion years ago to fly a full motion -700 sim that my company had.  This model handles as well as that full motion one did -- obviously without the full motion part though 🙂.  Thank you so much for this phenomenal offering for the X-Plane community.

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Il boeing 737-700 e un stupendo aereo realizzato molto bene 👍

utilizzandolo ho visto questo piccolo problema sul FMC che non mi lascia mettere il codici  degli aeroporti, per caso qualcuno sa come risolvere questo piccolo problema?  

il navdata e con l'ultimo aggiornamento 




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anyone elses plane landing gear float above ground briefly on landing  and rotating off the ground?


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It looks great and is so cute!

Of course it's still in development, so there will be issues. But one I can't seem to understand is that it has the flight model of the -800. It's not explicitly stated anywhere (my guess is that the aircraft was rushed for release with issues to be fixed later). Engine/APU effects are fine but other visual features (tire effects and external camera) are copied from the -800, and toggling the FM visualization shows that the flight model doesn't match the visual model. Not to say it's not flyable or enjoyable – I had fun with it already and I know many others have. Seeing the work the devs have already put into this and the -800, I'm confident they'll bring this plane to even higher standards and fix the FM while at it, making it another true must-have freeware as development progresses.

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It's great! But can someone tell me how can I change fuel capacity for BBJ version? I need  to add some more into the central tank😄

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Is anyone else having issues with the FMC?  I'm unable to load my flight plan.  I can see the SID and STAR but when I select the runway and SID I do not get the option to execute.

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Caden P

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Very well done, couldn't have added any more details. There are a few bugs however, such as the landing gear not going up or going up partially when you take off. Nevertheless, great plane

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I can not download it I tried both links but it does not work why???Help me please

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Lovely to fly in VR. I get about 30fps with my settings. No problems hand-flying. It also includes the "curved" waypoints.

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great job my compliments, the only thing is that I do not understand, how to use the FMC, is not that of 737_800, I can not understand how to use

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Oh how long I've been waiting for this!!

Great job, audiobirdxp and Ultimate team!

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Great idea B737 -8 -9 + quality Zibo = 10 stars. Each update will be worth an extra extra star. Thanks a lot.

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When you get the Whoops page, just go to the upper right of the webpage and click on the folder icon. You will have an option to save to your google drive. If it's not there in the upper right, click on the share icon (you'll find it!) and just close out that window...then reload the page and the folder icon should be there...maybe try having your google drive web page open in a different tab in your browser to expedite this process.  I just re-created this, so it should work!

Good luck people!  I'll try to keep an eye out if anyone has problems. Not sure if I will be able to log on from my phone but if I am near this computer, I'll answer whomever!

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I'm used to the Google Drive option when downloads are exceeded.  I can't seem to copy to Google with the 700U

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Very nice plane!

(one tip for the people with problems, go to your Google Drive mainpage and make a copy from the 737-700U folder...Then download the copy...It works!)

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