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This is the platform rewrite promised, currently Windows only, but with builds coming for Mac and Linux soon.

Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities, whether you are a beginner who wishes to quickly train themselves, or an advanced user looking to practice their flying technique.


  • Fully automatic detection and plugin installer
  • Automatic sim connection
  • Network connection support
  • Full Airport Database
  • Landing and Approach practice system with weather presets
  • Flight plan overlay on live map
  • Network flight viewer supporting VATSIM/IVAO and Pilotedge
  • Swift Clean UI Mod Installer
  • Wind calculator with real weather lookup
  • Navaid viewer and information
  • Tiered update system (not automatic)
  • Full flight plan viewer with SID/STAR parsing

Coming Soon

  • Mac and Linux Support
  • X-Plane Scenery Manager
  • Custom aircraft profiles

This is the evolution of the initial release on here, this electron based platform allows faster bug fixing, deployment and far better cross platform support.

SimToolkitPro is in a stable alpha state and currently needs your feedback to make it more accurate and provide more valuable information when reporting. It is being actively developed and has a discord group for support available from within the software. Feedback will be used to improve compatibility with payware aircraft, usability in general, changes to UI and add features people want to see in this free toolset.

For more active developments, please join the following links 

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/xyligo
Discord : https://discord.gg/JwjUer4
Facebook : http://facebook.com/simtoolkitpro
Website: http://simtoolkitpro.co.uk

If you find SimToolkitPro useful and want to contributre towards development and server costs you can do so here - https://www.paypal.me/simtoolkitpro


What's New in Version 0.3.19   See changelog



  • Various fixes, check app for full patch notes


  • Last patch before the navdata change, so there could be a bit more time till the next major patch
  • [UPD] Updater - Changed wording of update notification will take effect for 0.3.11 update
  • [UPD] Fleet - Fleet UI changed to improve usability
  • [UPD] Fleet - Aircraft can be hidden instead of deleted which solves then next issue
  • [UPD] Fleet - Import no longer readds previously removed aircraft
  • [UPD] Fleet - Added active column to show aircraft that will display in the flight planner
  • [UPD] Training Tool - UI Changes made for aircraft configuration (Not yet active)
  • [FIX] Core - More startup checks to try and isolate issues

X-Plane 11 Plugin

  • [NEW] XP11 Plugin - Appears to finally have solved the UI interaction issue with default aircraft/zibo


  • First stage of updates adjusting some deeper systems for an improved navdata handling system.
  • [UPD] Core - Changes to navdata importer
  • [UPD] Core - Performance improvements and consolidation of flight planner code
  • [UPD] Core - Startup is now a bit more verbose than "Loading" will see further improvement in future patches
  • [UPD] Dashboard - Patchnotes now on a popup and map enlarged
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed display bug where enroute waypoints were "looped" when selecting procedures
  • [FIX] Connection - If SimToolkitPro received bad data for 30 seconds it will reset the connection automatically


  • [FIX] Fleet - Removed INOP button that snuck through testing
  • [FIX] Core - Readded the reset mechanic (now a refresh button next to the connection). If you aircraft is in the wrong place, click it to fix it
  • [FIX] Summary - Set comments to not be the default view
  • [NEW] Streaming - Added !fpl command for Twitch integration
  • [NEW] Streaming - Landing rate guesses now have a confirmation message with guess total


  • [UPD] Core - Dashboard should load far quicker after initial startup now
  • [UPD] Core - Added cooldown for menu hovers to make them a bit less "keen" to show when not wanted
  • [UPD] Core - Removed connection reset button
  • [UPD] Live Map - Increased resolution of flight "tail" on live map
  • [FIX] Network Explorer - Network explorer now works with PilotEdge flights when invoked from map
  • [FIX] Network Explorer - PilotEdge flights now have flight plan information loaded
  • [FIX] Core - X_Plane connect system redeveloped to automatically update connection state when connection is possible
  • [NEW] Flight Summary - Multiplayer UI elements are in - fully INOP for now
  • [NEW] Settings - Setting for configuring Prepar3D install directory
  • [NEW] Data - Added support for autodection of B737-700U and B737-900U aircraft in XP11
  • Rewritten command processor
  • Addition of AI control functions


  • [FIX] Core - Fixed not being able to quit without streaming system active
  • [FIX] Core - Performance fixes and cleanup of some larger objecst
  • [FIX] PDR - Fixed P3D altitude readout
  • [FIX] Planner - Now able to fly to airport that have no procedures
  • [FIX] Planner - Fixed numerous edge case airports with strange or missing ICAO codes
  • [NEW] Online System - Added Nickname, set your nickname in the settings to have it display next to flight information on the live map
  • [NEW] Online System - Callsign/Nickname now shown on the livemap
  • [NEW] Schedule - New real world schedule system, fly or copy real routes to you own schedule
  • [UPD] Checklist - Removed a surplus checklist
  • [UPD] Core - Navdata loader now updates missing lat/lon data for airports
  • [UPD] Planner - Route changes now updates the flight plan text


  • [NEW] Streaming Server - Stream server is now disabled by default and can be enabled/disabled in its own module page
  • [UPD] PDR - Will now record 10seconds of post landing data instead of 2s (oversight from improving the update rate)
  • [UPD] Landing Report - Map and Replay system updated and rearranged
  • [UPD] Landing Report - Replay now displays position on map
  • [UPD] PDR - Yaw, Pitch and Roll at touchdown now displayed
  • [UPD] PDR - Increased data "tail" to around 5x previous value
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Allows display of flight when no runways selected


  • Settings have been reset (settings file now lives in documents/SimToolkitPro)
  • [NEW] Twitch Bot - Automated landing rate prediction game. Activates when flight phase is approach
  • [FIX] Core - Autoupdate check interval increased
  • [FIX] Flight Planning/Live Map - Runway ends now calculated correctly for planning
  • [FIX] Live Map - Buttons will now force update the map rather than awaiting a boundary update to reflect changes
  • [UPD] Schedule - Moved to tab system to support planned real flight listings
  • [UPD] Schedule - Added a check for simBrief username before dispatch
  • [UPD] Core - Settings file moved
  • [UPD] Core - Settings defaults changes (network plan line colour, self-icon)


  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Cruise altitude now correctly displayed from configured setting over OFP
  • [FIX] Flight Summary/Live Map - Buttons to quickly swap between these 2 modules add by request (top right of summary/live map when a flight is active)
  • [FIX] WebFMC now reloaded when tab drawer opened to fix black screen issues if X-Plane loaded after SimToolkitPro
  • [FIX] Core - Fix drawer tab sizing and padding
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed menu issue with certain modules disabled
  • [FIX] Core - Will now correctly recover from a broken cache rebuild
  • [FIX] Core - More startup debugging to try and catch startup issues
  • [FIX] Taxi System - Tweaks to route finder to prevent more runway traversal
  • [FIX] Data - New runway boundary calculation to fix mis-connected runways
  • [FIX] Planner - Can now select transition without selecting a STAR
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed sim select menu redisplaying after selecting a sim
  • [UPD] Core - New hash check function for X-Plane plugin
  • [UPD] Streaming Outputs - Altitude output now uses MSL altitude and not AGL
  • [NEW] Flight Logger - Changes to the way the system detects flight phases
  • [NEW] Core - New help system component making it a bit easier to display quick help throughout the app
  • [NEW] Fleet/Schedule - Airline logos displayed on listings now
  • [NEW] Flight Summary - Completing a flight you can now save your Scratchpad and a comment to the logbook as well as the flight data
  • [NEW] Logbook - Can now delete logbook entries
  • [NEW] Logbook - Can now close log entries
  • [NEW] Logbook - Map showing all completed flights when no log is selected
  • [NEW] Twitch Bot - Basic system for Twitch Chat bot. Will be for landing rate announcements and other future things, currently only responds to !stkp_version command
  • [NEW] Twitch Bot - Landing rates auto announced in chat when enabled and connected


  • [NEW] New release server and installer. You will need to uninstall your previous copy of SimToolkitPro seperately
  • [FIX] Server - simBrief intermediary API now allows 0 pax correctly for cargo flights rather than defaulting to auto
  • [FIX] Fleet - Clear all should now actually clear all without requiring a refresh to update
  • [FIX] Live Map - Hidden own entry for STKP flights
  • [UPD] Live Map - Better button feedback for toggle state
  • [UPD] Core - Fix simBrief Branding (SimBrief -> simBrief)
  • [UPD] Dispatcher/Schedule - Aircraft lists are now ordered by frametime with most flown at the top
  • [UPD] Dispatcher - Check for SimBrief Username now performed before creating a flight
  • [UPD] Dispatcher - Select from fleet auto populates reg/airframe and airline in the background. Will only work if aircraft has reg, airframe and airline information configured.
  • [NEW] Core - Added a beta disclaimer to ensure people know this isn't a finished product
  • [NEW] Schedule - Add regularly flown flights and instantly dispatch them with one button

0.3.0 final

  • [FIX] Network Explorer - Now only shows pilots (for now until a suitable interface has been added for ATC viewing)
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Can now unselect runways in the dispatch popup


  • [FIX] Dispatch - Fixed dispatcher not closing on completing SimBrief steps
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed hiding empty menus
  • [FIX] Summary - Replaced initial altitude with stepclimb_string from OFP and properly parsed
  • [FIX] Fleet - Hopefully a fix for the airline input when editing fleet aircraft
  • [FIX] Live Map - STKP Flights now show Departure and Destination lines for active flights
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed typing update forcing cursor to the end in flight plan text box


  • [UPD] Fleet - Double click row to edit
  • [FIX] Dispatch - Fixed fleet not matching airframe types (Thanks Wazz!)
  • [FIX] Fleet - Fixed rounding issue with flight hours
  • [FIX] Logbook - Date sorting/display fixed
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Added end of runways to routing
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Removed the leg between the runway and the airport as a line on the planner and Live Map
  • [UPD] Core - Core Electron update brings newer chromium and v8 engine, more performance
  • [UPD] Checklists - Will now remember selected checklist between modules
  • [UPD] Chart Viewer - Removed navigraph "branding" as chart system will in future offer different providers


  • [FIX] Live Map - Top down sector alias system added for network ATC (Still a WIP)
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - No longer missing waypoints for no reason
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Now parses STARs and Approach Transitions reliably
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Can now actually parse SID Transitions
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Confirm if a flight is already active
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Map zoom less .. "Intense"
  • [FIX] Logbook - Updated to show Date not Day of Week...
  • [UPD] Logbook viewer changes
  • [UPD] Core - Patch notes consolidated a this version becomes 0.3.0
  • [NEW] Flight Planner - System rewrite
  • [NEW] Core - App close confirmation dialog


  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed NaN response for STKP Flights
  • [FIX] Streaming - Fixed map zooming
  • [FIX] PDR - Corrected altitude from Xplane
  • [FIX] Runways - Now shown threshold to threshold (will be extended to include displacement)
  • [FIX] Navdata - Runways are now correctly updated and move/positioned by navdata
  • [UPD] Overlay - Streaming overlay updates increased to every second
  • [UPD] Live Map - New layout of menu to clean up
  • [NEW] Checklists - Added more of BrokenBrainGuy's SF50 Checklists (Thanks!)


  • [NEW] Core - New menu as the old one was getting cluttered
  • [NEW] Logbook - Logging and flight phase system.
  • [NEW] Live Map - New STKP layer to view other SimToolkitPro pilots that are in flight
  • [NEW] Core - Added UI feedback/loading modals for actions that cause SimToolkitPro to seem to hang when performing background tasks
  • [FIX] Fleet - Now correctly saving fleet information
  • [UPD] Fleet - Can now edit fleet aircraft
  • [UPD] Fleet - Can now load fleet from XP11 aircraft folder and parse liveries (where possible)
  • [UPD] Summary - Added CI and Cruise Altitude


  • [NEW] Streaming - Stream director custom timer
  • [FIX] Planner - Departure runway end point bug


  • [NEW] Streaming - Stream director (Setup custom cameras to cycle automatically when enabled)
  • [NEW] Your Fleet - Add custom aircraft to your fleet, part of a larger system incorporating schedule and logbook
  • [FIX] Planner - Route will now show full length of runway with first waypoint off the end of the departure runway not the start
  • [FIX] PDR - Moved listener events to window level to try and prevent multiple report generation
  • [FIX] Checklist - Popup should work now (folder misdirected for popup, would work for "User" installs but not "All user" installs
  • [FIX] Live Map - Appropriate settings updated when no sim connection is present
  • [FIX] Airport DB - Can now remove all recent without having to reload
  • [FIX] Network Data - Refactored some of the update code to remove duplication
  • [UPD] Live Map - Track re-enabled


  • [FIX] Cruise profile now functioning as expected in flight planner
  • [FIX] Fix WebFMC disappearing when closed
  • [NEW] Placeholders added for 2 new features


  • [NEW] New weather update time in status bar
  • [NEW] New Navigraph charts popout (Enable in the settings and restart SimToolkitPro to use)
  • [UPD] System - Added more error checks and logging to debug on startup to try and fix some issues there
  • [UPD] Checklists - Checklist items without state will now fill across the full width of the list
  • [UPD] Wind Calculator - Inputs now numeric rather than sliders for accessiblity and accuracy
  • [UPD] Planner - Added PAX, Cargo and Manual ZFW. Cruise/CI has been disabled whilst an issue with it is resolved
  • [FIX] Planner - Dispatcher spelling error
  • [FIX] PDR - Added seperate altitude value to PDR
  • [FIX] Live Map - Autozoom now disabled when map is scrolled manually
  • [FIX] Live Map - Taxi route now stays between modules and when zoomed in or out
  • [FIX] Summary - Flight summary page mirrored for webfmc usage

X-Plane Changes

  • [UPD] New plugin build with some changes to functionality and to hopefully fix input issues

-- Patch Notes Cleared Up (Full changelog available in app) --

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Fantastic little addition. UI nicely done. Would recommend.

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fantastic app but has failed to connect to my xplane on various occasions please help.

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