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This is the platform rewrite promised, currently Windows only, but with builds coming for Mac and Linux soon.

Featuring a vast array of different features, SimToolkitPro is aimed at all abilities, whether you are a beginner who wishes to quickly train themselves, or an advanced user looking to practice their flying technique.


  • Fully automatic detection and plugin installer
  • Automatic sim connection
  • Network connection support
  • Full Airport Database
  • Landing and Approach practice system with weather presets
  • Flight plan overlay on live map
  • Network flight viewer supporting VATSIM/IVAO and Pilotedge
  • Swift Clean UI Mod Installer
  • Wind calculator with real weather lookup
  • Navaid viewer and information
  • Tiered update system (not automatic)
  • Full flight plan viewer with SID/STAR parsing

Coming Soon

  • Mac and Linux Support
  • X-Plane Scenery Manager
  • Custom aircraft profiles

This is the evolution of the initial release on here, this electron based platform allows faster bug fixing, deployment and far better cross platform support.

SimToolkitPro is in a stable alpha state and currently needs your feedback to make it more accurate and provide more valuable information when reporting. It is being actively developed and has a discord group for support available from within the software. Feedback will be used to improve compatibility with payware aircraft, usability in general, changes to UI and add features people want to see in this free toolset.

For more active developments, please join the following links 

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/xyligo
Discord : https://discord.gg/JwjUer4
Facebook : http://facebook.com/simtoolkitpro
Website: http://simtoolkitpro.co.uk

Support development on the new Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/simtoolkitpro

What's New in Version 0.2.8   See changelog


Full new set of screenshot for new features!


General Changes

  • [FIX] Fixed parsing of SIDs and STARs for flight plans, may not be perfect but vastly improved
  • [FIX] Fixed parsing of enroute waypoints from airways
  • [FIX] Fixed removing waypoints when selecting No SID or No Star
  • [NEW] Touchdown G-Force now recorded and displayed as part of landing report summary
  • [NEW] ETE display for streaming overlay
  • [NEW] Customise aircraft icon colours in the settings page for the live map
  • [DEL] Remove cloud tile layer from live map as its resolution was useless. Will replace with a better provider

X-Plane Specific

  • [NEW] Added connection reset button to the footer

X-Plane Addon Developer Tools

  • [NEW] Added "X-Plane Dev Tools" toggle to settings page
  • [NEW] Added Dataref Editor (when dev tools enabled), basic tool that will be extended as time goes on for tracking and setting data refs. Most likely see use in aircraft/addon development


  • METAR write fix


General Changes

  • [FIX] Backend package fixes to improve maintainability
  • [UPD/FIX] Latest flight planner updates include attempts to parse sids/stars and runways from routes where possible
  • [NEW] Checklist system, with popout and editor. If you create a checklist and want to share it, you can find in your documents folder under SimToolkitPro/checklists. Share them in the discord with other users! Checklist popout system will attempt to draw over other windows, may struggle to draw over fullscreen apps [NEW] Basic analytics system (100% opt in), will be asked on startup. Only for getting usage numbers and most popular aircraft
  • [NEW] Runway information added to SimBrief OFP output
  • [NEW] "Follow Me" on the live map will now auto zoom based on aircraft speed
  • [NEW] Version moved from footer to header
  • [NEW] ICAOs in the status bar can now be clicked to view airport info page
  • [NEW] Added distances to flight plan viewer/loader
  • [NEW] Added flight plan stats to bottom of plan waypoint table
  • [NEW] Can now export/view Simbrief OFP without having to load full plan
  • [NEW] Can now export/view Simbrief Generated FMS files
  • [NEW] VATSIM Prefile button for current Simbrief OFP

X-Plane Specific Changes

  • [NEW] X-Plane Plugin checks only occur now for X-Plane, not for P3D
  • [NEW] Plugin checksums now checked


  • [NEW] New button to clear flight plan on planning page
  • [FIX] Fixed various flight plan parsing issues
  • [FIX] Fixed ATIS playback bug when elements are not set
  • [FIX] ICAO validation now occurs earlier in parsing
  • [FIX] Debug logging now happens asynchronously
  • [DEL] Removed background downloader of patches for now. Will be readded at a later date

0.2.3 or 0.2.4 shipped with an update downloader bug. If you experience issues with "Install new version" button not working, just update to the latest version from here.


  • Startup bugfix


General Changes

  • [NEW] New changelog viewer
  • [NEW] New Wind layer for map with much more detailed information
  • [NEW] 2 New map types for the live map, a dark map and satellite
  • [NEW] Can now do a quick metar lookup with the enter key as well as pressing "Get METAR"
  • [NEW] New updates will be background downloaded automatically with a single click to install them when done
  • [NEW] Most if not all module text is now part of the localisation system
  • [NEW] Setting for selecting language (En only for now)
  • [UPD] Approach system updated with new weather config so METAR should now be accurate
  • [UPD] Precipitation layer auto updates at 5min intervals and now is slightly transparent
  • [UPD] Weather layer states remembered between modules on the live map
  • [UPD] Removed dependancy on 3rd party data providers and added caching server for all METAR calls
  • [UPD] Massive overhaul of code to cleanup/optimise
  • [UPD] New debug logging system that isn't useless
  • [UPD] Sidebar re-ordered to group similar tools
  • [UPD] Settings page redesigned for ease of use and access to categories
  • [FIX] Fixed overlay zoom bug
  • [FIX] Fixed startup bug where PDR class was unassigned
  • [FIX] Flight plan procedure dropdown values remembered between pages now
  • [FIX] FIxed a number of errors in the live map to do with the rain layer and flight plan display

X-Plane Specific Changes

  • [NEW] Rotate MD80 detection support
  • [NEW] Brand new full real weather injection with customisable approach update pausing
  • [NEW] New spoken ATIS system. Tune to COM1 122.10 for Nearest airport ATIS. If you have a flightplan loaded 122.20 will be departure ATIS, and 122.30 will be destination ATIS. Will be added to Prepar3D shortly.



  • [FIX] Fixed multiple bugs in flight plan parsing system and fixed departure runway and SID waypoint parsing
  • [FIX] Added identifiers to SID select (Will make more sense for multiple departure types/transitions)
  • [FIX] Added automated load to existing plans when returning to the page to populate the dropdowns


General Changes

  • [NEW] Added elevation data to airport information page
  • [NEW] New rainfall data provider and higher resolution radar information
  • [NEW] New changelog format to make it easier to track sim-specific changes
  • [NEW] New Network Explorer expanding on the the network flight viewer in the live map with more data and future update space
  • [NEW] Added clear flightplan button to live map
  • [NEW] Added zoom control for streaming overlay map
  • [NEW] Added current flight plan to overlay map when one is set
  • [NEW] Added localisation subsystem, currently only active on the startup screen, dashboard and settings page and english only for testing so please report any strangeness in the discord
  • [NEW] When loading a SimBrief OFP you can now use the dropdown to view the OFP PDF
  • [NEW] Added ability to export SimBrief OFP to selected folder
  • [FIX] Fixed streaming map offsets for icons
  • [FIX] Fixed bug in patch check system
  • [FIX] Fixed issue for auto connect happening before the data recorder was ready
  • [FIX] New parsing system for procedures to fix missing/incorrect procedures in flightplan parsing
  • [FIX] Fixed plan parsing for crossing dateline and crossing 0 Longitude
  • [FIX] Removed width restriction on Quick METAR lookup result
  • [FIX] Fixed live map bug where flightplan and info box would stay open when network flight layer removed
  • [FIX] Fixed quick METAR lookup result being hidden behind the live map
  • [FIX] Fixed streaming setting output default values
  • [FIX] Sidebar hidden to prevent interaction until fully loaded
  • [FIX] Fix for incorrect waypoint data stopping FINAL lookup in flight plan viewer
  • [FIX] Fixed error with flight trail on live map not updating past 4000 points
  • [FIX] Increased data that tracking system will keep historically
  • [UPD] Added show me and follow me to remembered layers for live map (only when connection is established)
  • [UPD] Updated some layout issues in the settings page

X-Plane Specific Changes

  • [NEW] Added ability to export SimBrief OFP to selected AviTab folder, customisable in the settings page
  • [UPD] Weather module is now "locked" by default to prevent accidental changes being sent to the simulator
  • [REM] Removed livery viewer (Will return at some point but had little to no use at present)

-- Patch Notes Cleared Up (Full changelog available in app) --

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Fantastic little addition. UI nicely done. Would recommend.

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