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Toliss A321 Fictional jetBlue "Casino Jet" livery. 1.2.0

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About This File

The premise behind this fictional livery is it is a brand new 2024 A321 CEO acquired by jetBlue for special direct service to Las Vegas. The plane includes a special lounge menu and onboard VLTs.

I've included three options for installation. The main livery file with the standard default Toliss Cabin and two interior cabin options. One includes the Cabin Mod by @Airdrigh75. The other File titled Standard Cabin contains an exceptionally well done cabin by @durantula from X plane Forums. Please checkout and support both of these individuals.


Installation instructions. If you just want the exterior livery with default cabin, download the main jetBlue Casino Jet N777JB file, extract it and place it in your Toliss A321 Liveries folder

If you want the Durantula full economy class jetBlue cabin, download the file called "Standard Cabin". Extract it, open up the objects folder then copy and paste its contents into the objects folder of your Casino Jet.

Cabin Mod/First Class installation instructions. Ok this takes a little work but it is not hard. First you'll want to make a second copy of your main Toliss A321 that can be dedicated to this cabin livery and future multi-class cabin liveries. Simply right click on your main Toliss A321 folder, then select Copy. Then paste the new copy into your XP Aircraft folder. Then rename it to your liking. After this extract and install your new jetBlue Casino Jet livery to your new A321 liveries folder

Still with me? Ok good. Now download and extract the file I provided called Cabin Mod Interior. After you extract it, open it up. Now open up the objects folder.

Select all of Cab321_1 through to Cab_eu_2. 

Copy and paste all of that into the main objects folder of your newly made Toliss A321 folder Click Replace when asked.

Go back to your opened Cabin Mod Interior folder and open up the folder titled "Place contents of this folder into objects folder of Casino Jet".

Copy and paste everything inside of that folder into the objects folder of your "jetBlue Casino Jet N777JB"


If you have any issues let me know. I'm still learning how to do alot of this myself but will do my best to help you.

Edited by MrCrunchieCrunch
fixing punctuation and grammer

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


New A350 style cockpit. On board casino VLT's.

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