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LGSK Scenery pack XP12 only 1.0.0

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About This File

This is XP default gateway scenery of LGSK Alexandros Papadiamantis, Greece from 2021. 
I have cleaned up excessive nodes, corrected/replaced objects and merged aprons, taxiways, and linemarkings. Corrected ramps, lines, and parkinglots. Replaced depriciated objects to latest XP12. Trimmed AIP for better performance by removing excessive nodes and better use of bezier curves. Also adjusted the number of types of clutter. Added more Pavement_FX and Terrain_FX for better 3D-immersion. 
Because I converted all art assets to XP12, this scenery WILL NOT work in XP11 or older. There is NO backwards compability.
The purpose of this edit is to save VRAM as well increase the performance in sim. 
I run my XP12 with moderate graphic settings with a NVIDIA 3080 card. My vegetation and objects settings are also set to medium. 
The purpose of this edit is to save VRAM and increase FPS and making the default scenerys more FPS friendly.
Validated in WED 2.5.2 without any errors. see images. Very good performance.
If you like this edit then please give a thumbs up or please help me with some coffee money at https://paypal.me/vSkyChek. If you encounter any problem then please give feedback.
This airport was edited by using official FRAPORT AIP charts, satellite maps, ESRI slippymaps and Jepessen Charts. This airport will be submitted for evaluation and approval on gateway.x-plane.com
Disclaimer-Copyrights GPL and stuff.txt

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