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PWDT&NHAdrian Zlin Z-142 1.4.0

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About This File

PWDT & NHAdrian presents

The Zlín Z-142

for X-Plane 11.41+


This series of two seat trainer and four seat light aircraft was initially developed to replace the successful Zlin Trener series. The initial Z-42 was developed during the mid-1960s with two seats, side by side. It flew for the first time on the 17th of October, 1967.

The improved Zlin Z-42M introduced a constant speed propeller, a larger tail developed for the Zlin Z-43 four-seater and replaced the Z-42 in production in 1974. Development of the two seat line continued with the further improved Z-142, which flew for the first time on the 29th of December, 1979. Changes introduced included a larger cockpit canopy and faired undercarriage. The Z-142 remained in production in Z-142C form until the mid-'90s. The latest two seater of this family, the Z-242 L has a 150kW (200hp) Textron Lycoming AEIO-360 flat-four powered engine.

Changes aside from the engine include a three-blade constant speed prop and revised engine cowling profile. First flight was on the 14th February 1990. Development of the four-seat models, the Z-43 and Z-143, was followed by the two-seaters. The Z-43 appeared a year later than the Z-42, flying for the first time on the 10th December 1968. The Z-42 and Z-43 share the same basic airframe, but the Z-43 features a larger and wider cabin with seating for four and a more powerful engine. The current Z-143L flew for the first time on the 24th of April, 1992. It has a similar structure as the Z-242L, but alike the Z-43 it has a larger cabin with seating for four and a more powerful Textron Lycoming O-540 engine.

About X-Plane model:

Once upon a time in the Flight Simulator's world, there was a Zlin 142 for FSX. This free Zlin looks pretty nice in that era, but the time had gone by, and almost everything changed since. We got P3D3 and X-Plane 10 and later P3D4 and X-Plane 11. The feeling to convert this good old stuff into X-Plane grew stronger and stronger, but to have it with more features, quality textures, last but not least - a much more realistic flight model.

Luckily, I met with Adrián Nagy-Hinst - author of the well known Carenado Cessna C-152 mod - who kindly offered his help to make this project happen. All of the custom features that you'll discover in this Zlin is Adrián's merit and I can't be grateful enough for him. Well, after almost a year of development, finally we got a far-far better add-on compared to the old FSX version ever was! The model contains 350.231 polygons, a lot of custom animations, features, special 3D modelled gauges and full 4K resolution PBR textures.

Features built-in pre-configured Librain effects, custom FMOD sounds - recorded from real Zlín aircraft, a very accurate flight model tested by real Z-142 pilots and instructors. In this pack, you can find 6 various liveries, and one pure white for the talented repainters. An AI version of the Zlin also included for the better experience.


  • Highly optimized 3D model
  • 4K high detailed PBR textures
  • Realistic flight model - tested by real Zlin pilots
  • Realistic custom FMOD sounds - recorded from real M-337AK engine
  • Custom animations
  • Full 3D virtual cockpit
  • Full 3D instruments
  • Built-in Librain effect
  • RealityXP support
  • iPad with AviTab
  • Special 3D cabin lights
  • Setup Sheet for aircraft configuring (Payloads, weights, etc.)
  • Two panel layout (Eastern and Western style)

Special thanks to:

All of our Beta-testers who helped a lot in our development. Thank you so much, Guys!



If you like our Zlín, you will find other nice add-ons for X-Plane from our team:






Have fun, Simmers!  

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog



v1.0   - The initial release

v1.01 - Fixed GPS screen when in switched off position

          - Fixed AviTab usage

          - Package moved to MEGA.nz

v1.1   - Fixed Airspeed gauge texture

          - Fixed ADF texture

          - Fixed Audiopanel clickspots

          - Tutorial Flight video release

v1.2   - Fixed FMOD issue

          - Adjusted elevator trim speed

          - Added Polish stickers (Thanks to 'POM57')

v1.3   - Fixed CDI instrument

          - Fixed instrument night lighting texture

          - Fixed GNS430 right click issue for default/RXP GNS430 devices

          - Added imperial airspeed instrument

          - Plugin updated to SASL 3.9.0

          - Added commands to all switches

v1.4   - Added smoke system feature (custom objects and particle effect)

          - Added special Rob 'Tumbling Bear' Harrison livery

          - Added external view clickspots (requires X-Plane 11.50+)

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This is a REALLY! great freeware aircraft. i really love flying it around Hungary 

keep it up hope to see more of this in the future 🙂


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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

ayy nice job
this looks like payware yet its FREE
thank u NHadrian
ur the best

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