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ASK21-E Experimental by NHAdrian 1.0.6

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have you ever dreamed on what would happen if you'd try to add electric drive to your ASK21 as a DIY home bulider?
At lease I have, so this is my latest development, a fictional ASK-21E electric glider.
This will be the first test flight, so you guys will be the test pilots in this project!  
(QUICK TIP: you can use b21/wing level commands with keyboard or buttons and level wings before take off!)

Technical data:

  • Battery: SAFT VL41M Li-ion cells, 72 cells in a row, split into two packages located in the wings.
  • Motor: 43 kW brushless electric motor
  • Prop: 1,6 m diameter carbon composite folding prop
  • ESC: 200 A 250 V brushless electric speed controller (ESC) with LCD 
  • Prop mast: retractable with dc electric driven mechanics
  • Empty weight: 490 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 660 kg
  • Empty CG: 650 mm from datum
  • CG limits: between 234 mm and 468 mm from datum
  • Maximum overload: +5G / -3G (reduced because of increased weights)
  • Performance data: N/A - needs to be specified by test pilots during the test flight program... 

Key features:

  • detailed 3D visual models of the drive train with PBR textures
  • detailed system modelling of the drivetrain via plugin scripts
  • 3D sound for engine pylon movement (both internal and external views)
  • temperature logic for every important component of the drivetrain
  • selectable unit for ASI, winter vario, altitude indicator, GPS and 302 vario (according to unit on Setup sheet, unit settings in USER_SETTINGS.lua are now deprecated)

Other modifications are the same as in my basic ASK-21 upgrade, this plane includes the original "B21" version of the Laminar ASK21 with the following changes/addons:

  • all instruments have animated real 3D objects
  • real PBR glass objects for the instruments
  • LCD displays got a backlit option
  • interactive, VR compatible Setup sheet for proper weight and balance configuration
  • lot of PBR overhauling on internal and external textures
  • adjusted viewpoints for both VR and normal use
  • pilot on the back seat is added (3D model is from another default Laminar Research plane)
  • AviTab integration with some additional items
  • new spin ballast 3D object that varies with spin ballast weight
  • new red livery based on a real paint
  • new fictional livery created by PWDT
  • reworked particle system
  • each livery set's the proper tailnumber for ATC operation (the content of the Tailnum.txt within livery folders)
  • a simple user's manual for the original B21 plugin is included, please read carefully to get familiar with new commands, datarefs and functions!


  • simply extract the .zip into your /Aircraft folder and enjoy!  


  • All credits for the default ASK21 and the B21 mod goes to the authors, detailed on B21's download page!!!
  • Thank you for 'PWDT Team' for the new green livery!
  • Thank you for 'misu' making an electric system temperature model! Source: https://github.com/ksgy/electric-engine-model


  • If you like my work and would like to support my freeware projects, or simply buy a beer, my paypal is nhadrian(a)gmail.com.

Stay tuned and happy landings!

Best regards,


What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog



  • fix component temperature initialization
  • new PC-Pilot livery
  • SASL updated to 3.10.2
  • 302 vario TOP number fix

Both MEGA and GOOGLE download link added.

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