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LTBJ Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport 1.0b

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LTBJ İzmir Adnan Menderes Intl. Airport Scenery 
Including LTBK Gaziemir Military Airfield.

New Apron addition

Installation options:

    For those of you who want the easy installation, just place the unzipped _LTBJ_Izmir folder in your Custom Scenery
folder and start your X-Plane 11. It should open up without a problem if you have all the required library folders in place. 
By default, if you had already selected "Runways follow terrain contours" option from X-Plane Settings/General tab you will have
a natural sloped airport area. If not, you will have your scenery flat as a dining table.

    Having said that, although the airport area seems flat from a distant view, the slopes and elevation differences causes some
parts of the huge 3D models like the terminal building to partially float over or sink inside the terrain and if you are not 
comfortable with this, you should then do one of the following:

1-    "Flatten" this scenery within X-Plane by replacing the Earth nav data folder located in _LTBJ_Izmir folder with the one provided
    in "Flat" folder. Restart you XP, you are good to go. You can always revert this by copying the    Earth nav data folder over the
    current one from the "Natural" folder OR extract the whole scenery package again. This is the easy option.

2-    If you want to use orthos, extract the provided yOrtho4XP_Overlays.zip file to your Custom Scenery folder. If you already have 
    this file from before then it is up to you to overwrite it or not. This one is extracted from Alpilot's HD Mesh v4. If you are 
    satisfied with the provided ZL14/ZL16 orthos that were created using the provided "patch" file then unpack the folder from 
    zOrtho4XP_+38+027.zip file and place the contained folder in your Custom Scenery folder, arrange your scenery_packs.ini file and
    start up your simulator. If ZL14/ZL16 is not good for you then read further and apply instructions.

3-    If you want to create your own tile for the region, extract the Patches.zip file provided within the package (which was created
    with JOSM) to your Ortho4XP folder and check if you have the same tile from before. If yes, then delete or replace it before running
    Ortho4XP to create the tile +38+027 at the desired ZL. If you already have the orthophotos downloaded previously, then it shouldn't
    take more than 5-6 minutes to re-create the tile with this patch. This patch arranges the apron and runway elevations / slopes so 
    that the 3D objects are placed properley on ground. The elevation data of LTBJ was obtained from official Airport Obstacle Chart. 
    If you don't use the patch file, you will still have a scenery similar to the default mesh where you have some parts of the buildings
    floating and some parts sunken. The choice is yours. 
Required Libraries

SAM_library (and plugin)

Enjoy your flights to and from Izmir.


P.S. Originally, this scenery was made for FSX by Hakan Daghan and I converted it to X-Plane 11 using WED. I used as much 
objects from the original scenery as I could but had to discard some due to excessive reflections and deformations.




Edited by Argaeus
Revised installation instructions.

What's New in Version 1.0b   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Great work with a recent update. Izmir is a major destination for many domestic and international flights. The area also provides scenic flights for VFR enthusiast. 

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