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LTFM Istanbul Airport, Turkey 2.0.0

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LTFM Istanbul Airport for X-Plane 11 (11.50+)
Version 2.0

October 29, 2020 is the 97th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic and LTFM Istanbul Airport is now 2 years old (officially) and this scenery is released today on the 29th to commemorate the official opening. Release of LTFM v1.0 was also on October 29, but that was 2 years ago.

This is a NEW rendition of LTFM from ground-up and has only a handful of objects in common with LTFM Istanbul v1.0 such as the ATC tower and few more objects. We had been working on this scenery since the first package was shared. It is a huge complex and we had to create lots of new 3D models to fill up the vast area - even the ones that are not completed yet IRL are already placed in their actual positions - as close as possible of course. I lost count how many taxi signs I had to create and how many times I had to draw lines and polygons. So did M. Ali as he repeatedly revised and re-exported his 3D models to create the best possible objects. We placed hundreds of parking slots to their RL positions and draw all markings as accurate as we possibly could based on the available satellite imagery and yet we need more time to call it "finished". 

eg. ALL Terminal Gates are furnished with SAM jetways and a marshaller or DGS panel. All Apron parking positions are also furnished with either a marshaller or a DGS panel from SAM library. Gates and parking positions with L and R suffixes are for Cat C and smaller aircraft and only one jetway will approach the aircraft at terminal gates. The main gates (eg. D12, B2) are for Cat D and above aircraft and 2 jetways will approach them (provided the add-on has animated gates) but Cat C and smaller can also park at those positions with only one jetway approaching.
Parking positions are named such that they show "highest" Aircraft category like D12-(E) or 131-(C) or G11L-(C).
PS. During my tests, I found out that FF B777-300ER has a problem and jetways do not connect to this add-on, B777-200LR is ok.
Anyhow, here it is and it is AS IS therefore no need to complain about missing parts, we all know what they are.


There are 2 options to select from: A - FLAT and B - NATURAL

I will share 2 separate packages to avoid problems for those who does not care about slopes and tunnel entrances. As the file names are self explanatory, I will ONLY explain installation details in depth for NATURAL version. Select whichever you want. Both packages contain base ZL19 "airport" orthos.


Required libraries / plugins:

- BS2001 Objects Library
- CDB-Library
- TFS_Aircraft_Library
- The_Handy_Objects_Library
- MisterX_Library
- OpenSceneryX
- SAM_Library and Plugin (freeware)

If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library 
List: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=90776

After making sure you have all necessary libraries, proceed to INSTALLATION:

FLAT option is a FLATTENED version of the NATURAL scenery so there are no slopes and tunnel entrances or elevated terrain; it looks just like a dinner table. For this option you do not need to worry about "Runways follow terrain contours" setting as it will not have any affect. Simply copy the _LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0 folder from the LTFM_FLAT.zip file in your Custom Scenery folder and start X-Plane 11 and enjoy.

For NATURAL option, we had to work a lot and we still need to work further to make the scenery reflect the reality. As the default X-Plane 11 mesh and the mesh obtained during ortho creation are both very much outdated, we decided to create a "patch" for the airport area using another magical tool named JOSM.

We used official AIP charts as our reference for the elevations at certain points of the airport area and used cross section charts to create the actual slopes of each and every one of the 5 current runways - as much as we could, of course.

Nearly all buildings we could spot from publicly shared videos and photos have been modelled and placed as close to their actual coordinates as possible.

To install the LTFM (NATURAL) scenery, simply extract the "_LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0" folder from LTFM_NATURAL.zip file to your Custom Scenery folder .

PS. If you had previously installed my _LTFM_Istanbul_GWS110 NATURAL scenery along with it's overlay and ortho files you do not need to reinstall them, just unpack this new _LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0 folder from LTFM_NATURAL and place it in your Custom scenery folder, re-arrange your scenery_packs.ini file and start your XP 11 but you still need abovementioned libraries and plugin.

BUT... If you do not copy provided Overlay and Ortho folders or create your own high ZL tile using the provided "patch" file and add them to your Custom Scenery folder, the outcome may not be so pleasant. Therefore, please carefully read and apply below instructions. Also, the "Runways Follow Terrain Contours" option MUST be "selected" in the General Settings tab otherwise the scenery will NOT be rendered as intended and you may have an unexpected FLAT or RAW outcome.

Installation for Ortho4XP users for NATURAL version:

I am sharing the Overlay files off of Alpilot's HD Mesh v4 (yOrtho4XP_Overlays.zip) and also the ZL14 Ortho4xp files for the region (zOrtho4XP_+41+028.zip). Just extract the folders contained in these 2 zip files to your Custom Scenery folder along with the _LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0 folder. Finally you should have 3 NEW folders:
        zOrtho4XP_+41+028        and these should be added to your scenery_packs.ini file in similar order - see 
                                                   below example. There may be other items in between. Make sure that you do not 
                                                   already have ortho files for the mentioned tile and if so move them out to a safe
                                                   place before you proceed copying these - just in case. You should remove any 
                                                   other LTFM scenery package(s) or DISABLE them in your scenery_packs.ini file.

    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/_LTFM_Istanbul_Intl_v2.0/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/yOrtho4XP_Overlays/
    SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_+41+028/

For people who wants HIGH ZL Orthos:

You can also use the contained "patch" file to create your own high ZL orthos with Ortho4XP. For this, you need to copy the "Patches" folder to your Ortho4XP main folder and run Ortho4XP. The file location should look like this     ...\Ortho4XP\Patches\+40+020\+41+028\LTFM.patch.osm

If you understood what I wrote above, you should be able to create a high ZL tile with Ortho4XP without a problem, otherwise watch some YT videos.


    This scenery is NOT to be used in ANY type of COMMERCIAL simulators and the only way for this to happen is to obtain our written consent after making a minimum donation of €2000 (Euro Twothousand %00 or equivalent in local currency) to : LOSEV Leukemia Foundation for Children. https://www.losev.org.tr/v6/

    For those who intend to use this scenery in their personal computers for their personal joy, it is free of charge but they can also make ANY amount of donation they wish to make to the same foundation mentioned above. Based on the information in the website, all credit cards with 3D secure payment can be used.

We do not need donations for a cup of coffee or a pint of beer but those kids need that money for their treatment.

Our special thanks goes to
    Oscar Pilote for Ortho4XP 
    Everyone who contributed to JOSM tool 
    Marten for SAM plugin
and    Creators of all Object Libraries publicly shared.
Please respect copyright. Do not use and share Custom objects in any other scenery without the consent of the authors:
M. Ali Oguducu, Kamil Uzun (MXI) and Muhtesem Firtina Ozcinar.

Enjoy your flights in and out of Istanbul.

Hayri Buberci / M. Ali Oguducu / Kamil Uzun / Muhtesem Firtina Ozcinar

Oct 29, 2020


Edited by Argaeus
Changed font size, corrected minor grammar errors.

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I would like to thank you for this very beautiful scenery, but I have a question about it.
I've tried a lot of gates, but the gates don't dock with the planes. SAM is installed in the current version 2.2.9, all libraries are installed. What can be the problem?

Response from the author:

I honestly cannot think why they do not dock to your plane as long as yo start cold/dark or turnaround state. Pls send your log file if the problem is ongoing.

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Captain Atic YT

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I love the scenery I have it on my old computer but when downloading it on my uncles computer in Europe I cant see the terminal... Its just trees why is that?

Response from the author:

There must be a missing library (most probably SAM_Library), please check you have them all installed as per instructions.

If problem persists send the log.txt file from that computer.

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This scenery is beautiful, a tad bit more work and this is payware


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I am out of words... Amazing Scenery, Great level of detail and it is truly amazing that this is freeware. I seriously appreciate the developers who have spend there time to GIFT the Xplane community with this scenery.

Thank You 🙂  

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Great, I really appreciate the terminal accuracy and the jetways, but... for some reason, I can't see runway numbers.

Response from the author:

Weird, I will check. Are you sure you have extracted the complete package in one place in the Custom scenery folder? Check to see if you have all these obj files in place with  DirtyWhiteSet.png file.


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Thats very impressive. Ive never been to Istanbul, but when you compare it to pictures, it looks so amazing. But there is one minor complaint. The Marshallers arent leading me in right, thel lead me to the left, eventhough í am perfectly on the Line. Ive tested this with a few Stands and it has always been the same. Not sure if its the same with the Displays. Maybe you could help me with that?

Response from the author:

Thanks for your kind words.

As for the Marshallers, I never had problems with them and believe me I had tested all of them one by one. I will check once again for you asap. Can you specify any Gate/Ramp numbers that you see this problem?

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One of the best freeware-airports i've ever seen...this is definitely payware quality. Appreciate all the effort u put in this

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Thanks for this great scenery, level in detail and textures quality way better than others.

Only one issue for me trees on the beach of Karaburun village, If any chance to remove this trees next build it would be great.

once again thank you and safe flights.

Response from the author:

I will make sure to place a few exclusion zones to the beach in the next update, some people had also complained about this previously.

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can you add jetway inside yellow good, jetway color not match jetway building (is light gray) i made account special for this posting 🙂 and thank you

Response from the author:

Thanks for using LTFM. Some textures and 3D models have already been optimized and we will be sharing a new package shortly. As for coloring, I will ask my friend to try and match the jetway colors with the real ones but cannot promise to match 100%.

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Wonderful, amazing, so many hours to complete such a masterpiece. A big thank you


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Stunning scenery that many payware developers could study to learn a thing or 2! 

Great that this airport is offered for free is such detail. 

One small thing you may look at in the future:  The Ortho4XP patch provided does not seem to cover the easternmost runway, and when creating a patched tile all is good except the terrain/taxiways around the easternmost runway. No big deal as the included tile works just fine!


Response from the author:

I remember having a lot of problems with the new (Eastern) runway 18/36 area and found out that the area was not included within the airport border. I corrected it in OSM servers and shared the patch that was created after that correction. If someone else removed my changes or changed them afterwards then you may have this problem while creating a fresh tile. Here is the OSM data file I keep if you want to try again after copying the file (as is) to ....\Ortho4XP130\OSM_data\+40+020\+41+028. This might solve the problem for you. Just delete it if it is no use, I had created orthos for the tile more than once with this file and the patch provided 🙂


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