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I finally made a more complex lua script for optimizing performance and fix or tweak some other stuff. The script provides a graphical interface for high usability and can be controlled by keyboard or joystick button commands as well. 

You will need FlyWithLua Next Generation if you want to use the utility -  it WILL NOT WORK with FlyWithLua Core Edition!

FlyWithLua NG - X-Plane.org




Why do you need another tweak and settings script?

I know there are some settings and tweaking tools out there but none of them did satisfy me so I always kept tweaking myself with simple scripts for changing the parameters that really impact performance without sacrificing visual appearance to much . For making this easier and to have the possibility to use different tweaks and settings in different aircraft I wrote the tweak utility. All the settings the utility gives access to have an instant effect without the need of a scenery reload (except the extended DSFs switch, it initiates a reload when clicked) and I think they are more or less self explanatory. 


Features and Settings


  • Graphical user interface
  • Automatic loading and saving of all settings (except extended DSFs) on a per aircraft basis
  • Manual LOD control
  • Automatic LOD control
  • LOD control presets for 60 or 30 fps targets
  • Cusomizable fps target for automatic LOD control
  • FPS drop compensation for reducing frame drops
  • Customizable threshold value for fps drop compensation
  • Clouds tweak for faster and more natural looking clouds
  • White out control
  • Road traffic control
  • Water effect control
  • Water reflections control independent of X-Plane reflection slider
  • Fog control
  • Disable extended DSFs (including automatic scenery reload)
  • Fuel tank selector for automatically switching fuel tanks
  • Control for automatic barometric pressure and gyro compass adjustment
  • Quick access for weight and balance menu (incl. support for third party payload managers, currently Thranda, JustFlight, Carenado, vFlyteair)
  • FPS display with LOD level information 
  • Status information for all settings with auto fade out
  • Presets for quick access to some more usefull configurations (incl. XP defaults und utility default settings)
  • Most settings are accessible using customizable keyboard or joystick buttons
  • Nice looking user interface
  • Aircraft specific features (currently supported: Dmax3d Tecnam P2002)
  • GUI integration for XPRealistic
  • GUI Integration for X-Visibility
  • Shadow options
  • Joystick calibration (Nullzones, centerzones, sensitivity and stability)
  • Synchronization of most settings (no need to configure all aircraft from scratch)
  • Bird Strikes configuration





Update: X-Visibility GUI Support


The tweak utility now supports GUI integration for X-Visibility Dynamic Haze Control. If X-Visibility is installed the fog control button in the main menu will be replaced by a new button 'X-Visibility Fog Control' that gives access to a new advanced fog control menu where you can enable and disable X-Visibility as well as configure some parameters for adjusting the haze behaviour. Manual fog control can be brought back by disabling X-Visibility if needed.


Get X-Visibility here:


Update: Shadow control menu and joystick calibration menu

On request I added some shadow option in a dedicated sub menu currently supporting the following settings:

  • Switch on/off dynamic cockpit shadows (can have a huge FPS boost in certain aircraft, depending on graphics card used)
  • Cloud shadow intensity 
  • Cloud shadow resolution 
  • Scenery shadow distance 
  • Scenery shadow resolution

Further I added a menu for advanced controller calibration that allows to manipulate nullzones and centerzones. The X-Plane standard options for sensitivity and stability can be set from within the same menu to avoid the need of switching between two different menus when configuring the controls. 



Update: More shadow options and synchronization feature

There are now some more shadow options:

  • Cockpit Shadows Quality (replaces static/dynamic switch)
  • Cockpit Shadow Distance 
  • Aircraft and Scenery Shadows Quality

The synchronization works as following:

  • At first you have to setup your tewaks to your likings
  • Then, in the main menu, you find a new button 'Prepare Synchronization' in the bottom row
  • When you click the new button, a sync file will be created and the button will give new options
  • With 'Create New Sync File' you can update the sync file any time with your current settings
  • With 'Synchronize Aicraft' you can load the saved sync setting with just one click into any aircraft so you don't have to configure them all from scratch
  • It's still possible to use different settings with different aicraft



Update: Bird Strikes Configuration

Added Bird Strikes configuration with the following options:

  • Switch bird strikes on/off
  • Define altitude for bird strikes to occur
  • Define bird strikes intervall
  • Options for the damage by bird strikes
  • Switch damage on/off
  • Disable damage when on ground
  • Define minimum airspeed for recieving damage
  • Define chance to be hit by bird strikes, 10 - 100%



Update: Launcher configuration

The utility now has a launcher that allows the following options:

  • Utility can be switched off/on permanently
  • Utility can be manually launched on demand
  • Launcher menu provides some basic diagnostic information for the startup process
  • Utility behaviour for unconfigured aircraft can be configured (auto open menu, auto sync if available, do nothing)
  • Auto sync feature allows to automatically setup all aircraft if synchronization file is available


Further, the code has been restructured for most parts and there are changes to the bird strikes options:

  • Minimum and maximum altitude is now shown in feet instead of meters
  • New bird strike hit on screen message featuring a quick fix for damage when the message is clicked on (can be disabled)
  • Some bug fixes



Update: X-Plane 11.30 

There are some changes in X-Plane 11.30 which render some of the utility's features obsolete (white out control, water reflections) and the drop compensation does not work very well there so I removed them. If you're not using the X-Plane 11.30 beta please use the older version 1.03c which is working perfectly fine in X-Plane 11.26 - the new update does not bring new features so you will not miss anything. 


  • Presets no longer affect fog but only performance tweaks
  • Removed drop compensation for LOD control
  • Removed water reflections setting, the dataref does not work in a useful way in X-Plane 11.30
  • Removed white out control, this got fixed in X-Plane 11.30
  • Minor changes


Update: Extended aircraft persistance

I added many new parameters to the aircraft persistance featur so the utility now can restore most of the important things - the default C172 can be restored completely. Further I fixed a bug in the FPS target button which leads to a lua crash when reducing the FPS target.



Update: View Options

I added some view options for having control over the aircraft's default view (W key) without the need of editing the aircraft in planemaker. If you want to use this feature you should reassign the W key to a new command provided by the utility 'FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility/Default_View' in aircraft with modified default views. For completeness I also added field of view parameters to the new submenu - this allows for having different field of view settings in different aircraft.


  • Added view options submenu
  • Added 'default view' controller command
  • View options provided for default view modification: screen center, lateral position, longitudinal position and vertical position.
  • Field of view options: field of view, non proportional field of view, vertcial non proportional field of view
  • All view parameters can be stored per aircraft allowing different setups in different aircraft



Update: New white out control, sounds and some optimizations

I have reworked the white out control for smoother visibility changes, implemented some refinements for the 3rd party weather integration and created a sound menu for configuring additional sound effects now provided by the utility. 


  • All shadow options are now unavailable when UltraWeather XP is installed
  • 3rd party weather protection can be turned off in the launcher (makes all options available regardless of installed weather addons)
  • New white out control for smoother visibility changes
  • Sound menu currently providing wind and rain sounds with options for volume, pitch and airspeed for the wind sound and volume only for the rain sound
  • Minor optimizations


What's New in Version 1.09   See changelog


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