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Once started as a simple performance tweaking script FlyAgi Tweak Utility has grown quickly and is now a very powerful tool to adjust and fix many aspects of the X-Plane simulation experience. The tweaking options cover performance and environment enhancements, aircraft tweaks and features, a simple sound engine bringing some new sounds into the simulator, an advanced controller configuration menu and fun features like bird strikes configuration. 

All functionality the utility provides is configurable and it does not force the user to use any of the options one does not need or like. If there are other scripts out there doing a better job in some regards just use them in addition and enjoy the features you like or need - every feature is completely optional and can be switched off.

The utility automatically detects if third party weather programs (SkyMaxx Pro, xEnviro, UltraWeather XP) are installed and configures itself to be compatible with these programs without interfering in any way. Furthermore the utility is compatible with many other lua scripts and if you find incompatible ones I will fix incompatibilty as soon as possible to make sure it can be used the way you need it. 




As the tweak utility is a lua script you need FlyWithLua to make use of it:

FlyWithLua Next Generation



Graphical user interface






Performance tuning

The tweak utility provides some simple but very powerful performance tweaks. These tweaks have a high impact on FPS performance and all of them can be adjusted on the fly - no placebos, no scenery reloads. 


  • Fast Clouds for dramatically reduced GPU load and better overall FPS performance
  • Switch off the X-Plane water effects for a huge gain in FPS
  • Switch off the road traffic which can also be an FPS killer depending on settings and location
  • Adjust level of detail (LOD) manually or use the autmatic LOD control feature for smoothing out performance changes


Environment Enhancements

There are many options available to tweak the environment visuals to your likings - you can optimize them for even better performance or enhance your visual apperance.


  • Advanced clound manipulation for optimizing the looks of clouds, very useful for optimizing the appearance of additional cloud texture sets
  • Manual fog and haze control or automatically changing haze based on weather situation with the additional and fully controllable X-Visibility plugin
  • Disable the white or grey out effect when flying through clouds
  • Many shadow options for optimizing shadows for better performance or visuals


Aircraft tweaks and features

The utility adds some features to all aircraft enhancing your experience with older ones or those lacking in some aspects.


  • Aircraft persistance - return to your plane and find it as you left it before
  • Automatic fuel tank selector changing fuel tanks based on imbalance so you are always on the fuller tank
  • Automatically set barometric pressure if needed
  • Automatically adjust the gyro compass if needed or use this feature to fix aircraft withou manipulation knobs equipped
  • Add crew oxygen supply to any aircraft


Additional sounds

The integrated sound engine privides additional dynamically controlled sounds - all sounds are highly configurable.


  • Wind sounds
  • Rain sounds with additional heavy rain effect
  • Rattle sounds for ground, turbulence or both
  • Save X-Plane sound volume independently through the utility - this allows for setting up different volume configurations for any aircraft


Controller configuration

The utility adds some useful options for simple and effective calibration corrections, nullzone adjustments and some tweaks.


  • Add nullzones to your controls without the need of complex response curve adjustment
  • Manually correct the controller's center or neutral position if needed
  • Adjust trim sensitivity
  • Correct weird or just unwanted roll/bank behaviour


Bird strikes

Bird strikes can be handled by the utility with many parameters to set them up the way you like. 


  • Enable bird strikes
  • Set conditions for bird strikes to occur
  • Use damage controls to define conditions for recieving damage from bird strikes


View options and aircraft dependent field of view

Modify the default view of any aircraft without touching the acf file. This also allows to have different field of view settings for different aircraft.


  • Modify position and view angle for the default view
  • Set aircraft dependent fields of view





Performance Demo

For demonstrating the performance gain I made a video flying around over New York City.





What's New in Version 1.14   See changelog


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Well... as mentioned, the utility does not work with the FlyWithLua Core Edition, please install the Next Generation edition - the Core Edition does not allow to manipulate private DataRefs.

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Just now, FlyAgi said:

Well... as mentioned, the utility does not work with the FlyWithLua Core Edition, please install the Next Generation edition - the Core Edition does not allow to manipulate private DataRefs.

ohhh ok thank u  sorry

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This is promising. Is there anyway you can add lighting control? for example make night lighting more brighter and increase the LOD for users who have a fast computer for lighting autogen so we can see it from distances?

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The LOD DataRef controls visibility distance of all the autogen buildings including streets and light objects - street lights are part of the streets and when when a street is not displayed because it's out of the LOD range the corresponding lights aren't displayed either so I think it's not possible to increase LOD for the lights only. Regarding the general brightness of all the lights displayed (lights inside the LOD range) there are DataRefs for controlling so this part should be possible, Ultra Weather XP does something like this with it's lights slider. 

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Just a quick note: with version 1.10 did X-Visibility become Atmosphere + Visibility GUI as a tab name??  Can't seem to control the Haze... or its likely though just humane error as there is a sub tab to control Visibility which does seem to emulate Haze Control?

Thanks for your creations; they are appreciated by myself.

EDIT: Newbie still... likely always lol.

Edited by Kris Thorsheim
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The X-Visibility menu is now named 'Atmosphere + Visibility'. In there you find all the X-Visibility controls as before, the menu has just another name and has more atmosphere related options now. 

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Just did my first flight with this utility enabled, and now my lights won't load until 2500ft AGL. Which setting do I increase so I have lights all the time ?

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Actually the utility should not do anything to the lights but I can imagine this could have something to do with the lod control. If this is true setting fixed and higher lod values (this means no auto LOD) should solve your problem. If this does not solve your lights issue pklease report back so I can have a look into it. 



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@FlyAgi I set the LOD to max ( see attached pic) but the lights still load very late at around 2500ft AGL. I removed the FlyAgi plugin from X-Plane, and in the same scenario, the light loads are around 9000ft AGL. Could you take a look ?


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In Atmosphere + Visibility check the DSF visibility buttons and set them to default values:

min 20.000, max 100.000

This is the only utility setting affecting the lights because the lights depend on the DSFs to be drawn. 


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