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    Version 1.1.0


    SAM is a native XP11 plugin offering different possibilities to animate sceneries with jetways, hangars, marshaller and more. Detailed information can be found in the Threshold Club.
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    Both are extensive, download wise but their utility FTXCentral does the heavy lifting. These are the best sceneries Orbx has produced and the third part, GB north, is coming shortly. Derwent Water, part of the Lake District in Cumbria, UK.
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    And i use it and i like it
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    Get outta here with all that beautiful weather.
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    Tried XP on and off over the years as I muddled along with '02, '04 and X. Nothing inspired a change until 11 came along. Always thought that P3D was like flogging a dead horse so took the plunge. I'm still amazed at how inventive XP owners are in their furtherance of the sim - to the point where, without their contributions this product would not have reached its current position in the sim world.
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    Hey guys! No the project is not dead. I'm very happy to say that the project has overcome one major hurdle- the completion of the cockpit window frames. It's a part of the plane that I've wasted my time finding someone to help complete it because I have near zero experience with cockpit modelling. (And witnessing someone turning against me, this project, and Threshold for some weird reason). So after an episode of backstabs and petty bloodshed campaigns, I've finished the rest of the 3D Cockpit. But I have to say that most of the work was done by "Betaknight", and of course Vittorio Greco who kindly modelled the preliminary mesh. I'm currently hopping between finishing the final details of the cockpit and UV mapping the completed parts. I've essentially finished the OH Panel UV mapping, with a few more buttons that require mapping, I've begun work on the Centre Pedestal UV Mapping. 3D COCKPIT Here is your first shot of the 3d cockpit imported into X-Plane, certain parts of the mesh will, of course, be refined to ensure a smoother finish. The control yoke and seats is yet to be remodelled to the same quality as the rest of the cockpit. Shot of the cockpit outside the plane: FLIGHTMODEL The flight model will be another highlight of this plane, we're about halfway with the flight model for the GE90-95B, and we're currently figuring out the 777's cruise params corrections, hopefully progressing to find a solution. As of the moment, many of the flight characteristics comply with the reference documents. In Airfoil-Maker, the current aero functions are incomplete and with very few control points, necessitating creating tricks/solutions in order to make the cruise parameters somehow simulate the real ones from the flight manual, but it's a long trial and error work. Our Flight-model developer has talked with Austin half a year ago about improving the control over various aerodynamic functions, but it seems we'll still have to wait until he will implement them. (If we haven't figure a workaround till then). He remains optimistic that he will figure out a workaround before Austin implements the changes he requested. THE PLAN The plan is to complete a simulation of the 777-200ER with GE90-95B engines first, then move onto other engine variants, and then other variants like the -300 series and the 777X when sufficient information is available. The Ultimate team has welcomed the opportunity to assist in the systems development of the 777, incorporating applicable systems from the Zibo 737 into the 777. And of course, AudiobirdXP will come to assist in bringing music to your ears. FINAL THOUGHTS As a footnote, I also want to address a recurring issue lately concerning an individual who's going on a world tour across public forums and discord preaching false allegations of this project, I just want to say to be vigilant and take the things you hear with a grain of salt. Some things that were claimed include: The utilisation of the POSKY 777 3D Cockpit Model The flightmodel is "crap" The usage of the entire TDS 777 model (Which TDS didn't produce... the latest 777 is under SkySpirit) The claim that I take credit for people's work (???) The project is dead Its a marketing ploy for Threshold to get attention when view count on the website drops (???) The individual even went as far as to ask the developer of another freeware project to join the 777 development team and import the FlightFactor cockpit walls to the existing custom mesh, to use that as evidence that we're stealing and we're not trustworthy. This person has an old copy of the 777, which his judgement is solely based on that copy. That copy was a bare-bones exterior only revision - the project has developed significantly from that last revision he obtained. He shared stuff of the plane which he shouldn't even share publicly. The flight model will be top-notch, systems are enough to satisfy middle-end flight simmers, and the visuals are competitive with many payware aircraft. PAWDA ceased to exist because the plan has changed, the plane will no longer be a bare-bones systems product. Most of all, it's done out of love and passion, so you'll experience each and every detail we've painstakingly crafted into the plane. ______ DRAMA ASIDE The visuals on this aircraft are almost completely custom modelled from head to toe with the exception of POSKY's landing gear, which I've heavily edited with new UV mappings and a refined mesh. Hiroshi Igami, the head 3d modeller of TDS, SkySpirit, and POSKY is a close dear friend of mine - frequently mentoring about modelling methods and small details that characterise the plane. I don't have the model of the POSKY 3D Cockpit, and I never take credit from other people's work. Lastly, Threshold has barely covered the project except for one news entry. Soon that may change, to consolidate all efforts into one group but we'll see. As I'm writing this, I still feel that this project's progress is hanging by a thread- once the 3D cockpit is finished and textured, more threads will be added (that is the help of the ultimate team bringing the flight deck to life). I also hope to bring awareness to the fact that the project is FREEWARE for a few reasons, one of them is that I'm less obligated to stick to deadlines and that this is my first project- which will obviously encounter many progress stopping events. The project is dead when I say so, otherwise please wait patiently for updates. And the 757? I'm pausing it temporarily, we need to get the 777 show on the road first now. Thank you to those who has not lost hope, I am just as excited to bring this out for all of you to enjoy! Kindest Regards, Peter Tram (Developer of the 777-project, also known as the "biggest scam" and "marketing tool" for and by Threshold)
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    At fur0r3 request. SAM – Scenery Animation Manager by Stairport By Freddy De Pues, NAPS A. SAM Installation in XP11 1) Install the library in Custom Scenery 2) Install the plugin in Resources --> plugins B. Objects Installation in WED 1) Place your ramp start in the exact position where it is needed. (It will help later on when you will position the safegates in XP11) 2) Install the jetway(s), the safegate(s) and the marshaller(s). (Since there are no specific instructions, I selected 4 m high midsize jetways) 3) Name your gates, A1, A2, ... B1, B2,... Notes: The jetways should be attached to the terminal. At this point, exact placement is not available, the position will be adjusted later on while in XP11. Make sure the marshaller is far away enough from the plane or you won’t be able to see him or her. 4) Export the scenery, save. C. Creating the .xml file using the authoring tool. In other words, implementing SAM to your airport. The .xml file containing all your input will be processed automatically, follow these steps: 1) Go to XP11, select the airport you are developing, go to the first gate. The aircraft is in a perfect position on the ramp. The jetway is in its initial position, exactly where you placed it in WED, in the same shape as in the SAM library. 2) Open the Authoring Tool in Plugins. 3) In Sceneries, fill in the blanks (2 sections) and hit Add SAM. 4) Under Jetways, select Add a jetway instance. 5) Identify the selected jetway using the Display Range tool, by Click and hold to identify jetway or go to Arrangement (further down) and select extend. Add a label, Save Jetway. 6) Load the correct jetway template in the Description tab (Load from template). Add a sound to the jetway’s movements under Description. 7) Place the jetway to it’s initial position under Add jetway --> Arrangement. 8. Save jetway. 9) Add a visual docking guidance (plugin’s main menu) using the same method. 10) If the aircraft is correctly positioned, click Copy current aircraft position --> Save. 11) Check jetway and safegate in Edit or get towed, quit and then reenter the gate again. Also @ https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48951-sam-autogate-simplified-tutorial/ ----END OF THE TUTORIAL----- I cannot get rid of these pix down here
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    Heh... me too... But I'm an EOS guy. I'd recognize those executor buttons / faders anywhere though.
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    I think this category would fit the mod perfectly! You can submit it here if you'd like https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/category/43-airliner-mods/ I tried it out yesterday and I can safely say it is fantastic. Thanks for the work you've done on this one.
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    the EAIP for hole Europe, you will find at https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/cms-eadbasic/opencms/en/login/ead-basic/ (Registration required)
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    Greetings, I found this forum through Asene's scenery link. I was on the other forum but left it because of various reasons. I will share some sceneries that I have made and let's see how it goes! Cheers Raffles I fly a B727 in Africa, this is a level D sim in Sanford, Orlando where I do recurrent training.

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