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    Here's a compilation of my videos from the past year. Hope you'll like it
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    Hello all! I made this list of all aircraft that will be available for X-Plane in the future. If I missed anything or if you are a developer wanting to add something, please message me or comment in this thread. If you have any questions or advice, you can also comment on the thread. This is updated daily! Hope this is useful and happy flying! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XGZ1udkLuOAkECU8Sgi2An-CknJCqIGdEcncTVgfUqI/edit?usp=sharing This is NOT a support thread. -doudoualexou
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    *IF you wanna post this, post it on a Friday (Or make it a no money Monday) * The infamous Zibo mod. It took the entire flight sim community by storm and is still going full steam ahead. What started as an FMS modification of the default X-Plane 737-800 blossomed into a community built masterpiece. Since its release in January of 2018, the Zibo 737 mod has become a plane people like to compare to the likes of the study level PMDG NGX. The Zibo mod has even set the quality bar for other payware aircraft in X-Plane. Throughout its uprising, the mod received a custom FMS and systems, FMOD (3D) sounds, a custom flight model, a tablet & terrain radar, scimitar winglets, revamped textures, and a stretch into a 737-900. The best part, it's all free! Not a single penny leaves your wallet (unless you're kind enough to donate to them of course). It's too good to be true, and that's not even the end of it. The 737 Ultimate Project stretched the 737 into a 737-900, but they're also working on making it into a 737-700, and the 737 MAX family. This mod is simply put, a gift that keeps giving (It's not even the Holidays for another 11 more months!). Link to the Zibo mod: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/138974-b737-800x-zibo-mod-info-installation-download-links/ Link to the 737 Ultimate Project: https://forum.thresholdx.net/clubs/7-737ng-series-project/ Link to donate to the Zibo mod developers: https://www.paypal.me/zibomod & https://www.paypal.me/audiobirdxp
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    Version 1.2


    Fictional liveries for HotStart Socata TBM900. They're all based on the default designs but they have been custom modeled, some things (wingtips on one of the designs) were added and little details were altered to my liking. INSTRUCTIONS READ THEM IN THE READ ME FILE. THIS TIME THEY'RE IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! MORE REGISTRATIONS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST - SEE README. ALL LIVERIES WILL WORK WITH THE AIFRAME REGISTRATION GENERATOR BUT FOR BEST RESULTS USE THE NOREG VARIANTS OF GIVEN LIVERY (note that you won't have registration on the wings, flags, etc.). CONTACT If you come across any issues, don't like something in particular, want something changed, added or want to have different registration write me on forum.x-plane.org, Threshold forum or put it in the comments. For reference LIVERIES USING THE SAME DESIGN ARE: OK-OMG = D-FSBG OK-SBG = N900BT = OE-EMG = N214TK (brown instead of orange) OK-YWG = 68502
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    What's your opinion on liveries? Tell us your opinion in the poll!
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    Good day, everyone. I got into flight simulation back in the 80's with Flight Simulator by Sublogic. Since that time, I used every version of it for Atari, PC, and other platforms. I continued through the transition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, through every version to FSX. When I saw X-Plane, it intrigued me. I saw the original version and got it. I have followed it now to version 11.30. The reality is incredible, and the addon aircraft, scenery, navigation information, and so much more help immerse you into the "real world". I have also followed Prepar3d, but do not have the latest version. Thanks for listening, vpilot

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