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    1.10b2 / 1.10b3 screenshots by beta test team members
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    Version 2.5


    Please overwrite all the previous files with the new ones ! READ THE READMEs NEWS : - Updated and compatible with 0.10.x - Choice for cockpit colors and lights Cockpit texture bug ? When you copy and paste the 6 cockpit texture files, be sure to delete the same 6 .DDS files located in the "objects" folder, otherwise there will be a conflict ! Watch the video tutorial if you need more comprehension : Click here for the video & go to 4:30 min ! OR In the X-plane 11 graphics menu : Make sure to set your texture quality to "Maximum - No compression" Matavia Mod V2.5 for Flight Factor A320 I decided to improve it because it showed me really good potential but I wasn't totaly satisfied. Initially it was a personnal project but it became bigger and bigger so I decided to share my work with the community. LIVERIES : Follow this link to find all the actual Full Compatible Liveries for the Matavia Mod : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48937-matavia-mod-v2-ffa320/ PAINTKIT V2.5 : Follow this link to download the Paintkit : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48937-matavia-mod-v2-ffa320/ Update 2.5.0 content : - Compatible with 0.10.x version - Choice for Cockpit Colors Blueish & Greyish - Choice for Cockpit Lights Cold & Warm - Cabin Lights customized - Exterior Lights Adjusted Update 2.0.0 content : - New wing reflections - New cockpit reflections - New white wing base color texture - New improved external lights - New improved interior lights - External lights compatible for xEnviro users - BluFx plugin + matavia mod preset already configured Update 1.5.0 content : - New wing normals - New improved external lights - Message error resolved - Added all the missing textures and .obj Instructions : - Everything is explained in the readmeMataviaMod so please read carefully before asking any questions! - You can download the video tutorial if it's not clear for the installation. - Please overwrite all the previous files with the new ones ! For liveries creators : I have included the MataviaMod Paintkit so liveries creators can modify or create new ones with the "improved" (everything is relative lol) textures. I hope you will enjoy it ! © 2018 Matteo Avia. All rights reserved.
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    Hello guys, another fix has been released: There was a calculation error of the door rotation value in specific geographic areas which has been corrected. Get version 1.0.4 here. Greets Marten
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    Version 1.0.0


    Requested by LingaTV. go support him on twitch, www.twitch.tv/LingaTV
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    THIS IS A LONG ONE! This video does not represent how the final look will be of 1.10 in any way. This is a test build (t100) which is a dedicated build for test purposes only. Also the editing is done in a hurry. So no music matching or any respect for general video editing ethics... This flight is from ENGM (Norway) in snow/rain conditions to EHWO (Netherlands). Only addons used are: TBM900 from HotStart - one of the definitive best aircraft for X-Plane. ENGM by Aerosoft and Ortho4xp (Norway only) and xEnviro 1.10t100
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    Version 1.0.0


    MBL livery for the Boeing 737-800 (Default) XP11. Have fun! This livery is to celebrate my goal about 5.000 likes on my FB's page...thanks a lot my pilots, I'm proud of this community! Thanks, thanks a lot! Next step...10.000? Who know --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION1: Iif you noticed American Airlines's logo on your fuselage, even if you choose a different livery that is not American, you have to change the normal map (NML) that you have inside your objects folder. I suggest you to create inside the liveries folder, a folder for the American Airlines's livery and put inside all the files that the American livery uses: 738cfm56.dds 738cfm56_NML.png 738fuselage.dds 738fuselage_NML.png 738tail.dds 738tail_NML.png Now, you can select this file 738fuselage_NML.png from Qantas or KLM livery and overwrite it. Once you have done this step, you will not have that annoying American logo on the fuselage. N.B.: If you do this step while you are already in flight, it will not work. To see the fuselage without the American logo, you will need to reload the aircraft. ATTENTION2: To create an icon for each livery, you have to follow these steps: Load the aircraft in X-Plane, then go to the flight configuration menu, where you can change aircraft, weather or airport, click "customise" and click again on the button "Regenerate icons". Is not possible to create an icon for just a livery, so every time, X-Plane will create all the liveries' icon for that aircraft. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For many other liveries you can see here: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mbliveries Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/mbliveries/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donations: If you like my liveries, why not a donation? Donate it's optional, you can feel free to do it or not, but if you do it, is greatly appreciated. Donations link
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    Out of the VR Lab: Carenado PC12 HD You wanted it, you got it! Now featuring a fully working Autopilot for VR touch controllers, working yoke, and many other custom hand-tuned manipulators optimized to work with VR touch controllers. No more axis lines on the throttle and condition levers and those armrests. I worked very hard to make things just act and "feel" as right as they can. Manipulators that have been tweaked to work in VR are: -All Autopilot buttons working -Throttle -Condition Lever -Custom ADF inner and outer knob -Master Caution Warning button -Master Alarm Warning Button -Arm Rests -Oxygen Lever -Pressurization Knob -CRS 1 OBS dial -HDG dial -CRS 2 OBS dial -Decision Height knob -Altimeter baro pressure knobs -Altitude Selector knob -Parking Brake orientation corrected and hand tuned -Avidyne Page knob -Avidyne zoom knob -Instrument brightness knobs -VR Yoke added and tuned -Manual Override knob -Flaps New in v102: -Custom Transponder -Custom Audio Panel -Passenger and Luggage doors with custom manipulators inside and outside New in V104: -Transponder VFR button instantly squawks 1200 -Transponder CRSR button working -Detent vibrational feedback in throttle at the reverse throttle point so you can feel the transition -Detents in the flaps at each marked position, so you can feel them -Artificial horizon changed from axis to knob New in V105: -Window shades in the cabin are fixed. Before, axis were reversed and the shades slid up and down on a wrist pivot (unnatural). Now the axis is correct, and the shades slide up and down naturally as you would with your hands. Also, vibrations were added so you can "feel" the slide. Things that still don't work right: The visors are a mess. We may be able to fix those, but no promises. Installation Instructions: I recommend making a backup copy of your X-plane 11/Aircraft/Carenado PC12 folder. Just rename it to something like Carenado PC12 Old, so you can easily just revert back if you need to. Step 1. Unzip the file and you'll find 2 files. Add both the Car_PC12_vrconfig.txt file and the Car_PC12_cockpit.obj to your Aircraft's root folder, overwrite. Step 2. Enjoy! Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Carenado update, so don't expect support from them on it. If you need help you can always ask me or just revert to your backed up folders. If you lose the old files and just want to reset everything just reinstall the aircraft. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ You must be a member of the club to download any files so please go ahead and join up, otherwise you will get an error. SimVRlabs-PC12-V105.zip
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    Hi all! After the unexpected delay due to last-minute changes on the aircraft 3D (cabin, windows from the updated LR 737-800) the fuselage paint-kit for the 737-800 is now available. Please take a minute to read the "READ ME" layer and - if necessary - also the one about saving with transparency. Also, all liveries have been updated to the new standard and also updated / corrected concerning the base textures (the ones that ship with the 737-800 as well as the separately available ones):
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    Great Colours for Screenshots

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