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    Been using flight sims going all the way back to Microprose F117a on the Amiga. Pretty basic but we all have to start somewhere. I then moved through Flight Unlimited 2, FS2000, FS2004, FSX, X Plane 9 and then onto X Plane 11 when I started taking it seriously. It had taken until X Plane 11 for me to finally feel fully immersed enough. I still have a great fondness for Flight Unlimited 2 mind, There were some great adventures in that, including the Star Trek themed one with Kirk sat beside you.
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    Thanks, @Captain Kitten and @Xephyr for confirming multiple cloud types. I was a little worried, that the only cloud types, which would be depicted, would be the flat ones.
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    Excerpt of American Airlines Commercial from 1995.... I think this will be a great place to share our shots! (edit: totally forgot to include I use reshade. no fotoediting tho- this at 30fps! quite interesting!)
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    This is my favourite screenshot so far this year.. good place to share it too!
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    These are edited for notice. oh how fun we are having
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    Great list! Small correction for you: the A380 is now under the company name iniSimulations as of a week ago. Also you spelt our team member's name wrong (Peter Tram)!
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    The model and sound already exit. if we get round to it we will implement it.

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