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    Hello one of the things i really miss while flying the aricraft is the ACARS and the CPDLC if you can make one of them it will be great Best regards Dor Bashan @zibo
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    I would love to see this beauty: Virgin Blue VH-VBY
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    With the Noise based cloud rendering technology, it has quickly developed over the last few months from a PROOF of CONCEPT -- into an already PROVEN CONCEPT before it even gets released. what I aspire to see is the team at xenviro continue to workout the real cloud classifications -- and beyond that to do a real 3d storm/tornado and lastly, i put my wish that xenvrio reproduces nature-like storms (as per below sample video) (maybe in 1.11) i know they can do that - as the platform has what it take to tap into the yet-to-be-proven edge of that new foundation technology. last not least, thanks for the love and passion made by the development team to make this peace of art handy. Keep up the good work.
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    Started with Microsoft FS on an apple computer 1990's?. Earned Provate pilot certificate back in 2004. Came down with vision and kidney cancer back in 2013.... And now you know the rest of my story.

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