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    Taking the beta of the 737-700 for a spin in Adak, Alaska.
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    So, this is why you don't hear from me these days: Yep, we had to take a pit stop at the Devils diner and rethink a limitation we have been working with since day one of volumetric rendering: The base shape of the clouds. Let me paint a picture for you - you add a basic shape to 3d space, randomize it's appearence and scattering. Then you add a level of magic plus noise to further randomize the shapes and scattering of the clouds. The niose levels is one thing we have worked a lot on but we sort of lack the versatility of the resulting shapes. (Concerns all cloud types btw) In this game you need to finish with style - not just on best time. (obviously). So here is what we are doing these days (In the Devils diner) and will do probably do the rest of this week before we get back on the track to finish this race: These are the base cloud shapes we have had up until now (one type of the set of clouds). As I mentioned they get vastly more complex when adding the rest of the xEnviro layers. Base cloud shape from t01 until b57: So we add complexity to the base cloud shapes and get this: b58 and onward will probably get something similar to this: So again - we will be adding the rest of the distortion - noise and magic layers on top. This will be done with performance in focus as we have been all along. We haven't really decided on minimum requirements yet and performance will not determined before the very end of the development.
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    finalmente un simulatore che imita quasi la realta' non posso farne a meno
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    Nice new livery by @Peter Tram!
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    Fantastic livery courtesy of @KJO
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    Quick poster (Don't get your hopes too high bout release yet :P):

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