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    Why not have a look at the (video) tutorial? Should give you a good impression on that.
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    Hi Magnus, Today, I want to ask you about a subject about the environment of our flight experience. I think it's the first time this subject is evoked. it's a sim speed, or a sim display speed config. I take for example a 737-800 on starting climb phase initially from160kt to 180kt. when you look on the window forward left or right you feel a lot of speed not like in real life and if you set a speed at 220kt or 240kt you feel the plane flying like a rocket. I think the problem that the atmospheric and pressure conditions doesn't have any impact on a flight model of a plane. there is only the turbulence and wind effect. I don't know how to explain this but after many and many real life experiences and videos comparative. I'm sure that the speed rate of the x plane simulator is more faster than a real life speed sim rate. Other thing please, is it possible to add micro turbulence in places where no turbulence is reported, because in real life there's no linear vertical flight at 100%. there's always a micro turbulence from 0.03 to 0.07 max for feeling that we are flying. what do you think Magnus about this ?

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