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    b71 mid progress Whats going on? The team has been working non stop the last weeks. Andrey has been working an insane amount to squish bugs, implement remaining features and ironing out conflicts that occur. That man is imperessive! The bug list is getting vanishingly small, populated by few but hard bugs. Alongside and especially lately the layer mixing and channel adjustments have taken a much larger portion of the development process. This means that we are steaming ahead. Where are you on the Nürburgring? We're back on the track and we are full throttle on the straight towards the last bends before the finish line. We think we have passed Tiergarten and are on our way towards Hohenrain. It's still very foggy and we don't really know where the first chikane after the straight is. But we have confidence in the tools that were sharpened and we should be able to cut the corners just right. So give us an ETA! Slow down there Jose. We won't show them cachonas to the chikas just yet. Right now we need to test everything even deeper and try to keep an eye on performance and stability while finishing touches are applied. A clean shave must be confirmed before we present. But.. Enough metafores! Back to work. We can smell a release candidate on the horizon. Here have some screenshots *runs back to lab
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    Aerosoft and Maps2XPlane's popular Faroes4XPlane scenery has just been updated with fixes post-release of V2 in April. The update fixes bugs and adds a few new items. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more
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    Would love to see someone make an ANA livery!
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    Region-based scenery developer Map2XPlane has released new screenshots of a major update to their Faroes4XPlane scenery, including new dynamic traffic representation. | Threshold: Question the Answers. Read more

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