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    Hello guys, I'm Sabre. I fly XP11 and P3D. I found you while looking for Delta's BA livery for FF320U. You have a great resource for XP11. Thanks, Sabre.
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    Hi Captains! I also run a 4K, Processor Intel (R) Core i7-6700 CPU @ 4.00GHz, RAM 16,0 Go ,Window 8.1 Pro 64 bits, Nvidia 1080GTX, Screen LCD Philips 4K 127cm (50 inches),resolution 3840/2160 60htz. I have no base for complaints in terms of performances, Active Sky XP in overcast, Xp settings to the right at 80% and I get 28/30 FPS over big cities, high autogen and objects... I downloaded the last version of Xenviro 1.10, the verdict is just like an uppercut in my perf: in overcast my FPS get hit so drastically that they go down to the ground at 10 to 15 fps when it comes to (only) SCT 4 oktas in the sky! 3D volumetric clouds, no doubt it's great but if I have the faster car in my hangar and can't go over 30 MPH not sure that I will be happy with that. I'd rather by a horse. There isn't any indication that we can't run Xenviro 1.10 with a 4K! The reply received yesterday from Xenviro was a little bit laconic imo : "xEnviro works nicely on 2560x1440 and below." Well, I was very surprised even "speechless" when I had to face this answer. Because technically I just can't go on the lower resolution as I've already mentioned without getting horrible pixels or even more: a screen divided! So I don't really understand the reason why I received that reply... If I wanted to be gently ironic, I'll say that if Xenviro works on Atari or a Xbox 3D clouds at 30 fps that's fine but where am I concerned that Xenviro works nicely on 2560*1440? Fine for those who run this resolution but how could it solve the issue for those who run a 4K? That what happens in the virtual world, we are beta tester after purchasing the first release even if we are just costumers at the end... Information are important: at least something like this: "Our product don't work on high resolution, please wait for the next update" (that can be considered positively) because I really don't care if Xenviro works nicely in window mode or whatever... If I land my plane in the real life as it happens every week and if I have a brake issue for instance, I will notify it (which is not bashing!), just at the end I hope that the aircraft mechanic won't tell me "look pilot, don't you know that the brakes work nicely on my car, do you? " Anyways, the good news somehow is that they are working on optimization code... I try to be patient again again and again but I should have knew from XEnviro that the current 1.10 don't work with a 4K, it's basic in terms of solid and constructive relation-ship between devs and costumers because we are their investors... That being said I really do support the team despite if I was worried about my "virtue patience expiration date" but I feel that it has to be extended because they bring new great features especially concerning turbulence effects and CAT, they did a good job (couldn't test turb in clouds or IMC because of extreme bad performances) however in CAT, in approach till the very touch down turbulence are often very realistic (based on my short flight tests), imo I've never seen that at this level of realism.. I (like many of us) just want to enjoy the product fully, the one we had purchased, just this, that makes our critics legitimate and respectful as well, period... Happy Landings honorable pilots! Lkn
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    Hi All. I have no loyalty for any sim .i Go with the sim that gives me the best vr experiences ,so far x plane is for me .Dave B.
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    Version 2.2


    My updated Southwest Airlines Heart livery pack, built from the ground up. Such livery pack is not compatible with the RG mod. Compatible with Zibo 3.31+ Within this pack, you will receive: N8642E: "Heart One" (First aircraft in the new livery) N8645A: "Heart Two" (Second aircraft in the new livery) N8671D: Standard Heart Livery N8652B: Standard Heart livery with a mismatched left bottom scimitar (This is rare as nearly all WN Heart scimitars are painted light gray/white on the bottom scimitar) N8652B (Factory): Standard Heart Livery in the condition as if it were leaving the factory (No satcom and unpainted blended winglets) N8301J: (Ex-Warrior One): The once illustrious "Warrior One" Canyon Blue aircraft was recently repainted into the heart livery; Has ETOPS insignia, and can be useful for future Hawaiian routes. N8677A: Per request, I've added N8677A; standard Heart Livery N8662F: Standard Heart Livery N8583Z: Last Next Generation (NG) 737 to be delivered to Southwest Airlines N8310C: Recently repainted/reconfigured -800; Features ETOPS insignia and can be useful for future Hawaiian routes. N8329B: Repainted Canyon ETOPS aircraft configured for Hawaiian routes. Flew the test leg to HNL in February. Note: Liveries come with their correct configurations, preinstalled; i.e. Heart One/Two do not have LED lights, whereas N8671D does, and so forth. N8652B (Factory) is supposed to have no satcom along with only blended winglets (no scimitars). I highly recommend you leave the configurations alone. You will be redirected to a Mediafire link in which you can download all ten (10) liveries at once, rather than individually -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks and credit to PepuPilot for his nose cone numbers and GPU idea. This livery includes fscabral's outstanding engine textures: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48065-white-engine-for-737-800-xp11-default-or-zibo/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free free to request liveries! Please do not redistribute this livery or parts of this livery without permission

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