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  1. Atmosphere work: Visibility 1000m (picture above) 2000m (picture above) 3000m (picture above) 5km (picture above) 10km (picture above) 20km (picture above) 30km (picture above) 50km (picture above)
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  2. Same place, same time. Different conditions. Atmosphere work has begun. Ticking off the last boxes before beta one by one.
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  3. The HUD module test script is incompatible it seems. Asthereare lots of compatiblity issues because of dataref access conflicts I can't fix them all easily but have to rewrite the whole thing. I'm planning to do this step by step but this will not happen anytime soon, next step will be removing some non-essential features and decreasing the need for datarefs as well as code complexity to reduce compatibility conflicts but I can't say when I get this done right now.
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  4. The clouds formation in 1.14 are clearly looking much better than 1.13 -- when viewed from above ... As overall tuning is still in progress, cloud shadows need be a bit less intense. Also, I am loving as well the weather depiction for low-level clouds in the airport (version 1.13) - as demonstrated by this video, and hope to see snapshots for similar weather environment similar to this video ... I hope XE also to provide water-shader presets ... really the water shading in x-plane belongs to 'DirectX 9' old days... and completely outdated. Also the sun-flare is v
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  5. Shadows? Let's talk shadows! How Andrey does some things sometimes is beyond me. His code math is plain magic. And with almost zero performance impact on top... Cloud on cloud shadows is a thing in X-Plane now. No, we won't release yet. We won't release something that is worse than 1.13 visually. Yes, there is a way to go for that still - in regards to grain and artifacts - which we will be able to handle. There will ALWAYS be grain! Question is how much. And no, we don't give ETA's Deal with it
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