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  1. We are proud to present to you the AMX A220 Development Topic. Here the development team will post pictures and status updates for our upcoming Airbus A220-300
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  2. Latest beta tester screenshots. We have a couple more items to get through and test. We hope these will be easy to fix and to move on to final beta sessions. RC is coming closer.
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    1. Lodz Lublinek EPLL airport for FS2020, 2. INSTALLATION: a. unpack the zip package. b. copy the "cmdesign-epll" folder to the \ Community \ folder in the main game folder Have fun flying. v.1.0 - added PAPI - improved taxiways, - approns fixed - runway improved - added vehicles - added lighting - ZL19 high definition airport photo-texture has been added If you want you can support me here. Thank you.
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  4. Systems Update PFD Here you can see the latest work done on the primary flight display for the Airbus A220, this is work in progress and does not represent the final product. update-pfd-09-20.mp4
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  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a current Abx Air livery (N219CY) for the Boeing 767-300F(BDSF). This livery comes with it's own normals, and has customized fuselage/engine textures. To Install simply drop inside your liveries folder for the Flight Factor 767. A special thanks to Cthulhus for the great cockpit floor textures.
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