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    Greetings! With the kind endorsement of @Captain Kitten, I would like to share with the community a number of fixes to the beloved Boeing b737-900 Ultimate. Please find below a list of the fixes: Working rudder Repositioning of the logo lights Alignment of the default ground services with the aft service and cargo doors Improved spoilers and airbrakes deflections based on the real plane Remodeled spoilers and airbrakes geometry in the Flight Model These modifications are brought with love and passion to the community, and I am grateful with the Threshold team for allowing me to share this. All the credit for the development of the wonderful b737-900U belongs to the creators. Please keep in mind that this modification is not intended to replace the Level Up project that is in the making, nor it could ever compete with it. This is just an addition aimed to improve our experience in the meantime the real deal is released. INSTALLATION Just unzip, and place the folder 737-900U_1910 in the directory where you have the plane installed. The latest version can be downloaded here: >>IMPORTANT<< Remember to install the upgrade for the Zibo system before installing this fix (737-900U_1910). The same can be found with the link above. Back up files have been provided, so feel free to overwrite the three files that come with this download. Thank you for downloading this file. Your feedback is welcome. Please let me know if you have any issues and I will take a look as soon as I can. Best regards, and safe flights!
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